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March 28, 2011

Coupon sites in Europe Grow by 162%

The total number of people using coupon sites in Europe in a month grew 162 percent to 34.9 million visitors in December 2010 when compared to the prior year. The sizeable growth can largely be attributed to the emergence of Groupon, which was not a significant player in Europe in 2009. Groupon, buoyed by its acquisition of its leading competitor in Europe, was able to establish a presence in more than one hundred European cities in the past year and now reaches more than 12 million visitors a month, approximately one-third of the total coupon market.

March 19, 2011

Latin American Internet Growth Up by 15%, Brazil leads Growth

ComScore reports that the "The Internet population in Latin America has increased  by 15 percent to 112.7 million visitors." According to the latest results from a study of the growth in the Internet audience in Latin America based on data from its comScore Media Metrix service.

Latin America has experienced strong growth in Internet usage throughout the region.Consumers are turning to the Internet for a variety of activities including communication, social connection, information and commerce, as the web becomes an increasingly valuable resource for consumers and marketers alike.

In January 2011, 112.7 million people age 15 and older accessed the Internet from a home or work location in Latin America, representing a 15-percent increase in users from the previous year, as the region continued to show strong growth in the numbers of consumers gaining access to the Internet.

Brazil, the largest online market in Latin America, grew 20 percent in the past year to 40.5 million users, while Mexico’s online population surged 21 percent to 18.1 million. Venezuela, which represents a relatively small online market at 2.9 million, achieved the highest rate of growth in the past year at 27 percent. 
Latin America Market Growth by Total Internet Users
January 2011 vs. January 2010

Total Latin America Internet Audience**, Age 15+

Home & Work Locations

Source: comScore Media Metrix
  Total Internet (000)
Jan-2010 Jan-2011 % Change
Latin America 98,139 112,659 15
Brazil 33,789 40,528 20
Mexico 15,005 18,109 21
Argentina 12,626 12,850 2
Colombia 10,007 12,416 24
Chile 6,792 7,304 8
Venezuela 2,295 2,910 27
Puerto Rico 1,132 1,228 8

*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

Brazilians Lead Region as Most Engaged Users 

An analysis of user engagement found that an average Internet user in Latin America spent 24 hours online during January 2011, consuming 1,795 pages of content and visiting the Internet nearly 50 times during the month. Looking across individual markets, Brazilians were the most engaged users averaging the most time spent online (25.8 hours), the most pages of content (2,077 pages) and the most monthly visits (55.5 visits). Argentineans and Mexicans both were more engaged than the regional average, with an Internet user in Argentina spending an average of 25.5 hours online per month and an average user in Mexico spending 25.3 hours.

Internet User Engagement by Market
January 2011

Total Latin America Internet Audience**, Age 15+

Home & Work Locations

Source: comScore Media Metrix
  Average Hours per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor Average Visits per Visitor
Latin America 24.0 1,795 49.5
Brazil 25.8 2,077 55.5
Mexico 25.3 1,628 46.9
Argentina 25.5 1,875 53.8
Colombia 21.1 1,634 42.7
Chile 22.0 1,652 45.2
Venezuela 21.1 1,684 46.2
Puerto Rico 18.0 1,410 41.4
*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

January 13, 2011 Traffic Grew by 116%

ChaCha, the #1 free real-time answers service that has answered over one billion questions, today reported that by every measure, traffic to its website grew explosively during 2010. comScore's December 2010 report shows that traffic grew 116 percent and was the 8th fastest-growing website in its top 100 domains versus the same period in 2009. 
Additionally, is closing in on a top 50 Quantcast ranking, vaulting past companies such as, MTV, NYTimes, TMZ, Zynga, and Yelp. Last month, hit a record high 28 million unique web visitors and mobile users according to Omniture reporting. It is estimated that over 32 million unique users will visit by the end of January.

ChaCha stands Tall powered by $14million venture Funding ,
Last Update Oct 10th,2013


Largely QA ( question and answer sites) have not been successful till date,and  has largely failed to live up to that promise. Although there are a number of players who are battling out , there will be very few Winners. However one exception is, which has been growing and getting funding...
"In 2010, we had massive growth, with our monthly web traffic jumping from 17 million last January to nearly 32 million this month," says Scott Jones, ChaCha's CEO. "Now that we have added more topical and visual content to match user questions, creating a richer more interactive experience online, our page views are in excess of 40 million every month and growing."

According to comScore, ranks 69th out of all domains in the US and is 49th among those reaching the 12-34 year old audiences based on unique visitors. The company is also ranked as the 77th leading domain reaching 18-34 year olds, growing 166 percent against this age group over the past year.