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February 24, 2014

Daily Charts :Direct Marketing, as important as digital Marketing :

 The above data shows the increase in digital ads and decrease in Traditional ads  compared between August 2011 to February 2014

More than 9 in 10 companies believe that some form of data is essential to their marketing success, reveals a recent reportfrom Experian Quality Data. But, obviously, some forms of data are simply more essential than others. Not surprisingly, contact data is considered essential by most respondents connected to data management – who hailed from the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany and France

July 24, 2009

Online Retail Ad Spends on Search Marketing up by 55%

No matter how much buzz Microsift's Bing manages to create it seems that they have a lot of catching up to do in terms of brands spends on search is concerned.In terms of ad spends by advertisers across major search engines. Google is way ahead.

Retail firms spent 36 percent more on paid search engines than in 2008's second quarter. Spending just for the month of June shot up 55 percent from June 2008.
Meanwhile, Microsoft's one-time acquisition target Yahoo lost ground in the second quarter, with only 17 percent of the market. But top dog Google continued to rise, grabbing a 77 percent market share for search engine ad spending.

March 31, 2008

US Online Ad spends grows amidst slowdown

It seems not all is lost yet for those who could only see gloom and doom in US advertising spends. Amidst the sub prime crisis and the housing bubble, rising oil prices, another impending recession in making,Gold hitting records highs ,increase in unemployment data,tumbling NASDAQ and DOW Jones..and an increasing slow down in Offline advertising spends.. It seems Online advertising continues to show more resilience and even grow.

Emarketer reports that online advertising spends will contribute 10% of the total media spends in 2009.

US Online and Total Media Advertising Spending, 2006-2012 (billions and % of total media spending)

The biggest piece of good news for all online marketers is that even if internet penetration flattens out in US, or the growth rate declines through 2009, overall Internet ad spending increases will remain in positive territory—in the mid-teens or higher through 2011.In 2008 US Online ad spends will contribute around 8% of total US media ad spends.

One of the reasons why this is likely to happen is the growing realization among marketers cutting across industry, is that while traditional media ad spends tends to decrease in a market undergoing slowdown since marketers do not see the rational of increasing ad budgets in times of recession. However the internet provides an economic and value centric model that can target the right kind of audience with the perfectly designed sales pitch that is only possible through a pay per click/pay per acquisition marketing model.

Online ad spends definitely gives more value per cent specially in times of trouble with the economy. During these stingy times it makes more sense for marketers and advertisers to focus on online sales since they know precisely how their ad budgets are being spend. This online model also provides the advertisers to cut down their spending that is not being much productive.. something that is never possible with off line advertising.