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October 13, 2013

Comparison Chart : Standard Email Services vs Bulk Emailers

 Mass emails vs Standard email comparison chart

 The chart above shows  " a standard email mailers which most of us receive on  a daily basis. Emailers which are sent to their users  if they have 1) either subscribed  for a newsletter, Alerts, Notifications on something which you have opted in, ( This also includes  payment receipts, invitations,

Transactional Email Service :Transnational email is an expected email because it has been triggered automatically after a transaction or a specific event. Common examples of transnational email is : account opening and welcome message, order shipment confirmation, shipment tracking and purchase order status, registration via a contact form, account termination, payment confirmation, eCommerce purchase and many more. 

Bulk Emailers are used by publishers and this can be sent to a third party  which   sends you a have opted for such a service . Examples include a " Newsletter which offer a coupon or a gift card which you can redeem (  at a store , a Holiday sales discounts, etc)

The basic difference is that while B2c users are  transnational  and sent for a service which you requested at some time by consumers

These services help you to send these emails without having to configure and manage mail servers, ensuring you to have state of the art configuration to ensure email deliverability. Your application can usually use SMTP protocol using their SMTP Relay, or use a specificAPI.

While Bulk Emailers are meant for most often that  for business or lead generation . These  emailers  are normaly send as a promotional  offer,  for  a third party. However   the veracity of these emailers  cannot be ensured, as it migh land up in  the junk box,  or the email service provider might not recognize the message