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November 14, 2015

paid users across the streaming music market: apple music vs spotify vs pandora vs rhapsody

"apple music  by numbers"

"paid users across streaming music market"

Apple music vs Rhapsody vs Spotify s Pandora comparison chart

July 1, 2015

digital streaming marketshare in crowded US market :

" state of music streaming marketshare in US"

Apple begins its newest s quest to shake up the music industry with the launch of its highly-anticipated streaming service Apple Music. 
The service will complement features similar to those of competing services such as Spotify and Tidal with elements of human curation and a 24/7 global radio station named Beats .According to a survey by Adison Research (before the launch of Tidal). Pandora has a marketshare of 45%.Pandora is the most used music streaming service in the US followed by iheartradio and itunes radio followed by spotify

June 26, 2012