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September 18, 2014

Why Procter and Gamble are Hiring Rocket Scientist from NASA

The Biggest Brands of Procter and Gamble
1)One consumer durable giant is looking for solutions from NASA to make TV commercials and online videos . Yes you read that right.. P&G has been  seeking a rocket scientist, to help the Company  navigate and stay the leader when it comes to its visibility  across the digital space In the post, P&G said it is seeking a way to produce video with costs "significantly lower" than today's average of $273,000 for beauty and $364,000 for household products" TV ads, citing the latest American Association of Advertising Agencies survey data.
a)This comes from Procter and Gamble , the company who spends a record  30% of their marketing budgets online.  Now you know why " Procter and Gamble approached NASA.This could be the biggest technology breakthrough.. both advertisers as well as the Publishers might have been waiting for.While brands continue to invest in digital ,the online video is all set to witness a lot of action with skyrocketing demand and high marketing spends 

b)With the Broadcasting industry's production costs, not every marketer would care to venture or would have budgets to spend. In contrast the reach of "online video" led by the growth in mobile web, increasing smartphone adoption, which in turn are increasingly becoming Device Agnostic ( that is the same content can be played across smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles,TV, and Desktop)..The miniaturizing of hardware device and standardization of OS has made sure .. Online Video reach has more than increased 700% in the last 2 year.