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November 21, 2007

Product Shelf Space Vs People Shelf Space

All products irrespective of their quality and perceived value tend to have a shelf life . Most marketers will tell you that even the best selling products are not immune to PLC ( product Life Cycle ) curves

Most marketers fight against shelf life by either giving the product a new packaging or changing their logo , or by changing the design and look and feel and labelling it as " new' . This is something most Indian FMCG marketers are adept at doing quite well.

Others resort to changing their ad agencies which whom they have built a relationship for the last few years beliveing that changing their ad agencies and giving their brand personality a new avatar could change their fortunes too .

Likewise people too have their own shelf Life within an organization.Most Organizations have their own key people whom they have more trust and faith. As new people jostle for the top position , the pyramid becomes increasingly competitive. Old people are shunted out or force to shunt out, while fresh faces emerge from their shell.

However many of us refuse to believe that the PLC ( product Life Cycle ) applies to people too. While the fate of the product is determined by the market forces, The fate of employees in an organization is often determined by along with other forces , the whims and the fancies of their immediate reporting authority or in some cases the CEO .