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August 16, 2015

Where are the worlds biggest Ikea stores located

Ikea inforgraphic

The Making of  "Ready to assemble "furniture brand  IKEA 

The world's five largest IKEA stores are: 

1)Gwangmyeong, Seoul Capital Area, South Korea: 59,000 m2 (640,000 sq ft) 
2)Stockholm Kungens Kurva, Sweden: 55,200 m2 (594,000 sq ft) 
3)Shanghai Baoshan, China: 55,032 m2 (592,360 sq ft) 
4)Shanghai Pudong Beicai, China: 49,400 m2 (532,000 sq ft) 
5)Wuxi, China: 49,117 m2 (528,690 sq ft)

  The  Lesseer known 10 facts on Ikea 
  1. The founder or Ikea  was Ingvar Kamprad in the year 1943 
  2. Number  of people that went to an IKEA store last year in 2014 : 522 million 
  3. Number of IKEA stores worldwide 301
  4. As  June 2015, IKEA owns and operates 353 stores in 46 countries 
  5. The first Möbel-IKÉA store was opened in Älmhult, Småland, in 1958, while the first stores outside Sweden were opened in Norway (1963) and Denmark (1969)
  6.  Number of countries that have an IKEA 41 
  7. Total number of BILLY book cases sold worldwide 41 million 
  8. The number of products the website of ikea contains : 12,000
  9. Number of home furnishing articles carried by IKEA 9,500 
  10. Number of meatballs served at IKEA every year 150 million 
  11. Revenue made by IKEA in the U.S. annually :$2.9 billion 
  12.  Number of IKEA employees worldwide 120,000 
  13. Number of IKEA workers in the U.S. 11,000 
  14. Average number of new IKEA stores that open each year worldwide 15 

May 15, 2012

Product Placement Case Study: Coco Cola

The above infographic is from  AnyClip  which put together a  showcases just how many films have used Coca-Cola as product placement over the years. As with last year’s epic infographic about Apple product-placement in film, this infographic was created using AnyClip’s excellent tagging technology. AnyClip tagged on-screen products and extracted film metadata to discern how much time a Coca-Cola product spent on screen.
Interestingly, AnyClip was able to find a direct correlation between the size of a film’s budget and the frequency of a Coca-Cola product placement. As movie budgets have increased, so too have product placements for Coke products.

Source: via Sumit on Pinterest

May 15, 2011