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February 25, 2013

Instore Activities of a Smartphone shopper :Infographic

Depending on what type of store a customer is in and what they’re shopping for, they use their phone differently according to research conducted by Nielsen in Spring 2012.  Couponing is tops with grocery store shoppers while reading reviews  is all the rage among smartphone shoppers at electronics stores. This infographic tells the story of how mobile shopping behaviors vary from store to store.

source : Mobile Thinkers

April 8, 2011

Display and Mobile Advertising Top Priorities For Brands

Bizo, the leading solution for reaching and engaging business professionals online, today unveiled the results of an online survey of leading marketers from both businesses and leading advertising agencies. The results show display advertising topping the list of marketing priorities this year and more than half of marketers spending more on display this year than last year.

Display tops the priority list in 2011
When asked to rank their top three priorities for marketing initiatives for 2011, marketers revealed that Display was most important (65%) followed by Mobile (60%) and Search Engine Optimization (56%). The survey also indicates an emerging focus on social media (46%) -- video and content syndication 
Nearly all marketers (90%) report that Display is more important to their marketing mix than last year and almost half of marketers (49%) plan to spend more on display advertising 

More than two-thirds of marketers (67.5%) plan to invest more across Cost per Impression (CPM ) or digital display advertising over the next 18 months, and  59.0 plan to invest more in mobile marketing  over the same period, 

Paid search and SEO (55.4%), social media (48.2%), and email (31.3%).were the most important  focus activities  planned for the next year

These data source(via  Bistro) Findings are from a survey of 130 marketers, consisting of 29% in-house marketers and 64% ad agencies during the week of March 25, 2011. Some 45% of respondents reported annual revenues of $10 to 100 million, 30% revenues of under $10 million, and 25% revenues of over $100 million.

increased site traffic (52.9%), and generating more conversions/ leads generated are among the benefits  of  display advertising according to those surveyed.

Roughly one-third of marketers cite increased ad clicks (31.4%), increased site traffic of specific business segments (31.4%), and improved search results (30.4%) as a benefit of their display ad efforts.

Measurement ROI  from Digital Marketing

Most marketers (62.2%) say measuring effectiveness is the biggest challenge to implementing a successful display campaign, while fully one-half (50.0%) cite directing such ads to the right target..Around 62% use  Google Analytics to monitor  their web site

 The detailed Presentation can be viewed Here