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February 25, 2013

Instore Activities of a Smartphone shopper :Infographic

Depending on what type of store a customer is in and what they’re shopping for, they use their phone differently according to research conducted by Nielsen in Spring 2012.  Couponing is tops with grocery store shoppers while reading reviews  is all the rage among smartphone shoppers at electronics stores. This infographic tells the story of how mobile shopping behaviors vary from store to store.

source : Mobile Thinkers

May 26, 2011

Global Airports By Country: 50% Airports Owned By US,Brazil,Mexico


Data : CIA World Factbooks 18 December 2003 to 28 March 2011 
This map shows the total number of airports or airfields recognizable from the air around the world.

Total number of airports in the World: 43,982 (Year: 2010)

The runway(s) may be paved (concrete or asphalt surfaces) or unpaved (grass, earth, sand, or gravel surfaces) and may include closed or abandoned installations. Airports or airfields that are no longer recognizable (overgrown, no facilities, etc.) are not included. Note that not all airports have accommodations for refueling, maintenance, or air traffic control.
The US Leads  by big margin with a total airports of 15, 2079   as on 2010  , followed by Brazil and Mexico. fourth in the list is Canada with  1104 Airports
The following airports make claims based on objective volume measures that are defined above:

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, United States:
Largest number of passengers annually (1998–present);
Most arrivals and departures (operations) annually (1999–2000, 2005–present);[6] In 2007, Hartsfield again set the world's record for most aircraft movements in one year with 994,346.
Most flights (2006).
Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China
Most cargo traffic by weight annually (2010).