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November 15, 2016

top 10 Android shopping apps by percentage of installs

" top 10 Android shopping apps by percentage of installs"

This data compared the top 10 Android shopping apps by percentage of installs. Amazon takes the first spot followed by ebay,walmart and groupon.According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, shopping app usage grew faster than any other category of apps. Sessions on shopping apps on iOS and Android devices increased by 174% year-over-year, including 220% on Android alone. That’s up from 77% last year.

Utilities and productivity apps were the second-fastest growth category, up 121%, while messaging and social took third place, with 103% growth. Overall app use was up 76%, so all three app categories outpaced the total marketplace (as did apps for health & fitness and travel).

November 7, 2016

retail stores that topped annual sales by sector;2015 vs 2016

Retail Sales by Sector - In Billions
"retail stores that topped annual sales "
Charts from the NRF Foundation’s Retail Insight Center. To access this data and more research please visit the Retail Insight Center.
Annual Retail Sales by Store Type - in Millions
" national retail sales data on retails store sales"
Charts from the NRF Foundation’s Retail Insight Center. To access this data and more research please visit the Retail Insight Center.

Food and Beverage retail stores followed by warehouse clubs and superstores and electronic mail order retailers topped annual retail sales by sector .In August both year 2015 and 2016 saw grocery stores raking up as the biggest sector by retail sales. in 2016 August , electronic mail order stores and pharmacy stores  saw higher sales compared to  August 2015 

February 9, 2016

how much is the physical retail sector growing as compared to online retail

"physical retail store shopping vs online store shopping"

Online Retail might be  the flavour of most shoppers, however  physical retail stores need not panic about their shutting down of stores.While shopping online is clearly growing exponentially, it is important to remember that it is still “only” about $1 trillion, or less than 20% of the global retail market. Read more below

In fact the cross pollination of  online retail  with brick and mortar retail has only made the physical retailers more aware and savvy about  using digital  and mobile strategies  to improve in store shopping,targeting the consumers using gps enabled technology to push mobile alerts and messages across users smartphones.
According to TimeTrade a leading retail consultancy 92% of responding millennials plan to shop in-store in 2015 as often or more than they did in 2014

March 6, 2015

Online Retail Sales Set to Drive 7% European Economy by 2017

UK,  Germany, Spain, France and  Netherlands retail sales as part of their economy
By  2017 online  retail sales in   major European nations make  will up  7.5% of  their Economy . UK online retail sales is among the largest in European nations and by 2015 ,  15% British Economy would be  represented by online retail , In  Germany   10%  of its economy would be represented by digital shopping followed by Netherlands and France with 7% of their economic growth coming from mobile/online shopping 

This is according to the latest datest data by Forester research shows in 2007  online retail  constituted  5.5% of  EU economy which is expected to rise  by  2% to form 7.5%  of EU Economy 

August 3, 2014

Mobile devices to form 19% US Retail Sales,iOS users

Mobile to make up for 19% retail shopping  purchases

Emarketer predicts that 19% US Retail purchases is said  to be made via a mobile device  and by 2018 this number will grow ro $20bk
Mobile retail to excee $100 billion in sales

In 2016 25% of purchase will be made by Moile devices and in about one year mobile sales would skyrocket to about $1billoim[[
kind of goods to be mostly purchased during mobile commerce

The mobile part though plays very  small role in the entire ecommerce spaece

This chart is an important  reminder that " inspite  of the mobile hype, Presently Mobile 
economy consists if a minuscule of " the total eCommerce Market.

ISO users and why the spend more on oci

November 25, 2012

Brisk Start to the Holiday Season" as retail sales jump 20%

Top 500 - Black Friday brings a 20.7% sales bump for e-retailers - Internet Retailer: E-retailers enjoyed a robust Black Friday, with online sales increasing 20.7% over last year, according to IBM's final report on full-day sales Friday.

Online consumers  spent 7% more on Thanksgiving than in 2011 and most of those are happening via mobile devices. IBM says that 24% of traffic to retail sites on Black Friday came from smartphones or tablets, up from 14.3% last year. Consumers using mobile devices accounted for 16% of  purchases, up from 9.8% last year. Consumers using iPad tablet computers converted at a 4.3% rate, higher than the rate for other mobile devices, IBM says.

Home goods retailers led the way in sales growth posted a 28.2% increase in sales during 2012 Black Friday Apparel retailers came in second with a 17.5% increase and department stores in third with sales up 16.8% over last year. 

For the full day Friday, IBM says 0.34% of the day’s online sales came from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, down 35% from Black Friday last year. That compares with 0.63% on Thanksgiving—a rate that increased as the day progressed, says IBM, which bases its findings on the online retail activity of 500 merchants.