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December 13, 2015

internet speeds across the world: 50 nations compared

The global average connection speed saw a 3.5% increase in the second quarter of 2015, to 5.1 Mbps. According to Akamai state of the internet 2015 report.The below chart compared 50 nations and their internet connection speeds.Globally web speeds increased across the board for the top 10 countries/regions, with the exception of South Korea, which saw a 2.1% decrease from the first quarter. Japan saw the largest quarterly gain at 7.8%, while the remaining eight countries saw modest gains ranging from 1.5% in Hong Kong to 4.6% in Switzerland.

On a global basis, 107 of the 143 qualifying countries/regions saw average peak connection speeds increase from the first quarter, with growth ranging from 0.1% in Trinidad and Tobago (to 34.9 Mbps) to 100% in Egypt (to 23.4 Mbps). Other than Egypt, four countries—Uzbekistan, Mauritius, Ghana, and Tunisia—saw quarterly increases of over 50%.

June 9, 2015

apps form 86% of mobile ad impressions in Romania

Romania state of mobile app usage"

In Romania smartphones share of mobile ad  impressions is 79% as  compared to  17% in tablets.Also  Ad impressions across mobile web is merely 14% as impressions across mobile apps stand at 84%

This means more smartphone  users  outnumbers tablet users  by almost 4: 1  and more s users users in Romania interact with their  native  mobile apps  to go online  as compared to  those who visit the mobile web

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May 6, 2015

which nation in europe tops fastest web downloads

Romania tops Europe's fastest  internet download speeds
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The east european country  of Romania tops  internet download speeds with a  record download speed of  an amazing 67.66 megabytes per second. Sweden takes the second place with 57.04.mb per second The Netherlands completes the top three with 51.73. ( data : Ookla,) Lithuania , Latvia and Switzerland ranks 4th,5th and  6th rank  respectively.