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February 25, 2016

how search engines use historical and temporal link data for ranking

5 ways how search engines use historical and temporal data to determine SERP ranking

while we know that links are the basic bedrocks to ranking a site and count them as a vote for the site. This concept was actually based on " citation" where an established thesis was often cited during researching for another topic, which meant that the original thesis was a vote for further research.However how do search crawlers use these links as an information ?Know more below or click here

Index inclusion :Search engines need to decide what kind of information and pages to include in their index .They do this by discovering web pages by crawling the links, if the site has more links it crawls through those pages and this  process continues as the crawlers jumps from one link to another 

In short links are used to index most parts of the world wide web, by which  search spiders collect all the relevant information which is stored in its index .The second way how search engine discover webpages with links is through Xml site maps

However one caveat here is that " search engines" do not include links to webpages which it considers to be a low value  page.. They do this as  cluttering up their index with  low quality pages impacts the search results for the user.

Crawl Rate Frequency :The search spider crawls  a portion of the world wide web every day. How do  search engine decide which sites they need to visit, where to begin and where to end 
Google has publicly stated that page rank is an indicator in which order it starts to crawl . According to Google, it starts their crawl in reverse Page Rank order. So they visit the PR 10 sites,followed by PR 9 and so on and so forth. A page with higher page rank also gets crawled much faster and more deeper

Ranking :Everything being equal , the site with the highest number of backlinks will be ranked first 

Source independence : A link back from your own site to another site run by you is not an editorial vote for your site. A link from 3rd party independent site is seen as an " actual link" which  is a vote for your site.

Among the temporal factors used for ranking are 

1)When did the link first appear.
2)When did the link disappear or become a broken link
3)How long has the link been there: A link for a larger time is a ranking factor
4)How quickly was the link added : should be organic and gradual
5) The context of the page and links pointing towards them
6)Page Placement : links at the body content  as compared to a link page at the bottom is considered more powerful and impacts ranking

February 21, 2016

5 tips on how to make your content management system friendly for seo

5  Ways to ensuring SEO benefits while deciding your content management system

While looking to publish a website many webmasters might wonder if the selection of CMS plays a role in seo and how to ensure that " you fine tune your CMS to make it SEO friendly
The truth is that CMS  does play a huge role in seo. The top 3 CMS  happens to be Jhoomla,Drupal and Wordpress, out of which wordpress has the largest marketshare
Lets take a look on the the basic things you need to keep in mind while deciding the CMS and how to ensure your CMS functionality plays a big role in ensure your search visibility

TITLE TAG CUSTOMIZATION : A search engine friendly CMS has to ensure that each title tags are customised based on the url not only at a page level but also enable rules for particular webpages Sites that run on blogger and wordpress often use the date as a url. xyz.wordpress/post/21-02-2016 . This is seo unfriendly and should be avoided. Replace the date in the url with the post title . The biggest issues CMS faces is not to customise the title tags with the url or the theme of the post
 For example if you have a site on cameras ..and your url is .www.a1cameras4 , and your CMS only allows you to create the title , where the tag always has to start with your domain name followed by a colon, followed by the article you post, Your on the brink of seo disaster

Lets see the example below. In the above site , a post on the top 10 cameras has a url which is If your CMS allows you only to create your title which starts with your website name for example in the above post ( the  title shows A 1 cameras for you  repeats for every ul and post , then you  are treading dangerously .You should be able to customize each url with customized title and meta tags

PAGINATION CONTROLS :Pagination can be the bane of website search rankings so controlling it with inclusion of more items per page and  more contextually relevant anchor text  is recommended .Instead of next or previous page at the bottom of   you can use titles like "more eCommerce news", or latest trends on online marketing

 301 FUNCTIONALITY: Many CMS lack this critical feature which plays an very crucial role in redirection of content when necessary.. Using 301 permanent redirection tells the search crawlers to treat a non www version and www version as the same url, therefore informing the crawlers to pass on the benefits and link juice to the same url. 301 redirection is used when you have a new domain or have a newer version and wish to pass on the search benefits to the new one, thereby helping to preserve the search benefits of the the older version.This also helps dodging from keyword cannibalization

IMAGE HANDLING :mage Handling and alt attributes:: alt attribute are a must have feature , which is used as an anchor text when you use an image link.( However remember on terms of search preference text links are more advisable than image links.) However if you are using it, ensure that the CMS have this alt tag functionality when helps search engines understand " the relevance the content of your image . Images in CMS navigational elements should preferably use CSS image replacement rather than merely al tag attributes

STATIC CATCHING OPTIONS :Static Catching options is a must for the CMS you are considering for your website: Many CMS currently offer caching options which makes perfect sense if a page receives consistently higher traffic from social or news portals. A bulk CMS often make extraneous database connections which may increase load and and overwhelm the server if caching is not in place.. This might affect and lessem your potential inbound links.

MULTILEVEL CATEGORIZATION STRUCTURE:.If your CMS does not allow you to nest subcategories into categories , subcategories to internal categories, rethink your CMS options. This limited functionality of the CMS will not allow you to use your site structure and internal hierarchical linking structure.

 META NO INDEX FOR LOW VALUE PAGES : even if you use rel= NoFollow for your internal pages , other sites might still link to you, or some low value pages might rank ahead of the pages you intend to optimize for . Check if your CMS allows to you use NoIndex  for those pages which have a low value, like about us, contact us or FAQ's 
This  iis a better way to handle these low value pages which you do not intend to show up in the SERPs

why should you stop commenting on blogs

Many site owners use Spam tactics by creating bots that crawls around the web looking for open forums and blogs  where its easy to add comment  and get a backlink to their website , which leaves behind automated comments bordering on spam, which are most of the times, not related to the content of the site in question
The great majority of these sites are deleted  by the  rel=NoFollow  tag or by the blogs software content management systems. however the spammers do not care as they operate on a huge scale

Reason number 2 why you should avoid comments across blogs and forums is most of the times, the comments do not have any relevance to the topic. If you do have to comment ,ensure you stick on the context and relevance, this way. For Example sites like quora and a  the seo forum  like webmastertools, has user generated content which is editorially very sound.While blog and forum site owners might use rel=NoFollow tag, as we saw in the previous post, Search engines can decide the quality of the post and the site which is linked too, while the no follow tag might be used, it only stops passing of the link juice to the page linked to and not the indexing

Link Farms  and Number of links: due to the nature of the blogs and forums, just anyone can leave behind a comment, irrespective of relevance or being topical. Over a number of time Forums and Blogs  acquire a huge number of links, with search engines viewing the links as not relevant or even ignoring  the links .Worse a webmaster that has many related sites , might ask a link back in exchange for 10 other sites he owns.  This way all links are interlinked and your site might be a part of the "link farms" which google penalises very heavily

February 20, 2016

5 facts about rel=no follow attribute to keep in mind before optimizing your search

In 2005 all 3 search engines,Yahoo, Bing an google agreed to support an initiative to reduce the effectiveness of automated spam
Unlike the meta robots version of NoFollow, a new directive was employed as an attribute with within an or link tag to indicte the fact that the linking site " does not vouch for the quality of the linked page.

With In short the rel=nofollow tag was intended for search spiders not to pass on the link juice to the third party link which the website is linking to originally this enabled to " stop automated links appearing o blogs as comments, forums and other user generated content siteswhere links were liberally splashed around, to fool the search engine to crawl and pass on the usual benefits of the search benefits

 In due course of time" it was seen" most website owners used content from other sites, but used the tag rel=no follow" to stop the link juice flowing to the linked page. However google guidelines say that " only paid links" or links attained through dubious methods should be used as rel=noFollow tag. Google also says that " when linking a site " which is editorially good" you should not be using the " rel=no follow tag.

Please note that although the rel=noFollow tag is used to indicate search crawlers from passing on the linking benefits, it does not stop indexing the link( despite the lack of semantic logic)
You can implement the no Follow link as follows a <a href="" rel="NoFollow">

In  2009, Matt Cutts wrote a post which suggests that" link juice " associated with NoFollowed link is discarded rather than reallocated , In theory you can still use rel=NoFollow  many times you want, however using it on internal links does not bring the type of benefit webmasters and seo preference which it once used to

One word of caution, is  using it many times across external links too many times,can be flagged as a site being overoptimized. the thumb rule here is out of 10 posts use no follow for 7 of them , while for posts which  you use from third parties" no do use rel=no Follow for sites which are editorially seen as very strong

February 18, 2016

5 best practices on creating spiderable link structure for search crawlers

Links are the bedrock of the worldwide web. Search engines rely on the links to  rank websites . Search algorithms depend a lot of the the link graph which are  created by human editors
The quality of a site and its ultimate chances in appearing on th SERPs is determined to a large extent by the search spiders which crawls these sites, picking up linking signals on who links to it . Each link is used as a citation and a positive signal for the site that is linked to

This means  you need your website to be search friendly to allow the  crawlers to spider your site. However  many site owners obfuscate their sites  navigation , which in turn obfuscate the links structure" to such an extend that the search crawlers cannot find them which, limits spiders accessibility and thus impacting SERP rankings

Described below are some  the best practices in creating a link structure for your website. Each of these factors affects the crawlers ability to spider your site.

 1)Link in submission required forms: Search spiders cannot read submitted content or forms which are accessible only via a form as they are invisible to search engines 

 2)Links in hard to parse java script : If you use java script for links , you may find that search engines either do not crawl or give very ,little weightage to the embedd links( In June 2014, google announced enhanced crawling of Java script and CSS . For a review on how your site may render, go to google search console- crawl- Fetch as Google ( you need to login to google webmaster tools) 

3)Link in Flash,Java and other Plugins :Links  embedded inside Java and plugins are invisible to the search engines.In theory the  engines are making progress in detecting links within flash, but don't rely too heavily on this 

4)Links in powerpoint, pdf are no different from Flash, java and other plugins. Search engines sometimes report links seen in pdf and powerpoints, but its not yet clear how much they count 

5)Avoid Linking  to  pages with"No Follow" or Robots.txt  . If your link is  pointing to pages blocked by meta robots tag or ,rel="NoFollow, it is almost equal to a dead link .Both these factors " prevent" search crawlers to " pass on the page rank juice to the pages which are linked from there as well as the "links ability" to serve as a citation for other websites

 6) Links on pages with hundreds of links : Google ( According to Matt Cutts) its guidelines on linking states that its crawler will stop spidering the page having more that 100 links" Though this is just an indicative number. Limiting your links to a number between 100-200 " on a web page will ensure that the crawlability of the page in question is not affected .

February 16, 2016

3 steps to get your site back after a google penalty

 While getting penalised by google is bad enough, getting your site back Google after you have been flagged and penalized can be a daunting experience.
But you dont have   to have many reasons to worry  if you follow these steps which are outlined below

What you need
1)Access to google webmasters tool
2)Access to a site to check domain authority website "bulkchecker"
2) Google Drive
3) Excel sheet to map your progress

Penalty are of 2 types
1) manual penalty :  due to unatural linking
2) Algorithm penalty: due to conflict between your site SEO and Google SEO algorithm

Today we will today cover only manual penalty

 MANUAL PENALTY  Manual penalty refers to the penalty which you receive by a real life human, after the site in question is flagged  by google spiders.This does not happen on whims and fancies of the google spiders  but based on both spiders and human intervention

HOW IS PENALTY INFLICTED :Any website that is online which can be found by a search engine is being evaluated by who knows who and who is recommending whom.. I know "Content is the King" has been a favorite for all webmasters for the last  15 years. and it  continues to reverberate across search engine forums and search gurus alike  But the fact of the matter is your content does not dictate to your site on how well you rank at Google. In fact it cant.Google has made sure of that that due to "lots of  gaming and content  manipulation  which has happened earlier..

 Google looks at your website  almost like a credit card report,checking who links to whom how important  the link is who is referring yous . To cut a long story short.. if you've come to a party , Google just wants to know to who has brought to you the party

Manual Penalty also called unnatural link penalty,as these are purely caused  due to  " unatural and artificial links which projects your site in a certain way links which are irrelevant, meant to manipulate and  artificially  pass link juice , links that are broken, irrelevant links ,   including buying  of links to  manipulate page rank
"DA checker for  incoming  link domain authority"

This tool helps you to understand your links with low domain and remove it from the links

This is the kind of email you will receive if  your guilty of unatural linking

PENALTY (1)if your site has been loosing a lot of backlinks fast  as compared to earlier Its time  for you to check if your link building .

(2)However if your site has indeed been flagged by google and its has been validated by the search team at California.. You will get a mail from Google asking you to  take a relook on your unatural or artificial linking, and will  ask you to resubmit the request to index your site once you have removed the links  in question

Step :1)solving manual Penalty : Go to webmaster and go to  tools,click  on search traffic  and then who links to your site . Download the entire list as CSV

Step:2)Now go to a site called  Bulkdachecker : This toll will identify which of the links you have at your site has the lowest domain authority. To to this  first download all the links of your site via Exel or CSV

Step 2:) Now upload your links one by one or  upload the entire list of links via a excel  or a CSV. Once you have entered and clicked on check , it shows you " all the links with their domain authority. Now check each link and their domain authority and remove all the links which has a DA ( domain authority of 25)

February 15, 2016

the highest cost per click keyword list in bing


"The biggest cost per click keywords in Bing"
Lawers and Attorney's and structural settlement are among the top 10 most expensive keywords in BIING.

worldwide indexed pages by google stands at 50billion vs Bings 5 billion

"number of pages indexed by google vs Bing"

Bing vs Google's Indexed Pages

The size  of the world wide web : Google index vs Bing Index .The chart shows The size of the World Wide Web ) indexed  pages  compared with last 5 years, 3 years, last 6 months. The above chart shows  how many pages has been indexed  by Google.for the last  2 years. So far Google has indexed over 50 billion webpages since 2014 to  15th February,2016.

The saffron color shows the number of pages indexed by Bing  since  2014 which stands at 5 billion as of February 16th,2016 .The Dutch Indexed Web contains at least 241.41 million pages ( as of Monday, 15 February, 2016

Number of Pages Indexed by google in the last 3 months

Tool to check  worldwide Indexed pages by search engines in Real 

5 linking tricks that search engines hates

The  5 linking tricks that search engine hates : Before you create your SEO strategy , you need to remember what are the linking guidelines which is preferred by Google and linking practices which are considered a very low quality by Google.We take a look at the best practices on creating organic links, identify how to look for quality links and how to understand if you unknowingly linked to a spam website
. Click here to scroll down to find out the best linking practices  and which linking tricks are hated by  search engines

WHICH SITES ARE  LINK SPAMS OR LINK FARMS  This is one of the most common and the biggest  mistake a site owner commits when you link your site to spam sites or link farms. You might do this unknowingly but the repercussions are huge and you might kiss goodbye to SEO for  the next 6 months to one year
Many webmaster falsely think that " any link  is good for your search rankings.However this thinking is flawed and completely the below linking guideline explains

1)What are link farms :Link farms happen when you link out to sites which might have a dozen other sites and interlinks them. Suppose a webmaster  asks you to link back to his sites , while he does the same. Now you  fall prey into a vicious cycle of interlinked sites which just link to others   and you do the same
This is a problem has this  webmaster might have 10 sites which originates  from  the same IP, which is easily picked  up by Google .Any search engine including  Google can  easily  find out i these sites have something of value to readers or has been created just to pass on the  link juice in order to rank better.By associating with such a site, you run the risk of being penalized or downgraded

2)  Not having relevant links :  Every site is based on 1) relevance , 2) Topical and 3) who links to you. A site on pet food  having links to  a movie review does not make sense. . Concentrate on your niche  topic and create relevant content , the relevant  backlinks will follow .

3) How to research for high quality and Relevant links : The best way to get the best links is to find your competitor links and soliciting for links from those sites . Finding the competitor sites is easy. All you have to do us use the operator in Google search ( replace competitor link with your domain
The reason  why  this will provide you non spam links is that Google has already penalized those sites and will not show those sites as they have stopped indexing them

4) Checking  the quality of your backlinks  and finding if your site has been marked as spam  There are many tools and sites which will help you to knowing   the quality of your backlinks  and check  your site and if they have been linking to  for spam

Backlink Sites/Tols

1 Yahoo site explorer  ( one of the best)
2)Majestic SEO tool

 Tools to check spam sites: There are many such sites that inform you if  your site link is  pointing to spam pages  or the quality of your  pages or  your link quality( However do not take them very seriously as , these are prone to error as they can only make an estimated guess)


February 14, 2016

the 5 biggest server and hosting issues that affect search results

Thankfull  only a handful of search and server issues impact search optimization . However when overlooked they spiral into big problems  and hence its worthwhile to  understand hosting issues along with server problems that can negate the effect of a well optimized site

Here are among the biggest web hosting and server issues which impact search visibility

1)Server timeouts :if a search engine makes a request that isn't served within the bots limited  time, your pages might not be included even in the google index  and will without doubt rank poorly for your given keyword.( As no indexable content is found)

2)Slow response time : response time are extremely vital for your search visibilty as the  search crawlers will have tough time indexing your page.If the response time is low,, its less likely the spider will continue to wait for your site to open as  the crawlers come yo visit your site for minimum and limited time, and non failure to serve your pages during that time will negatively impact your site's seo

3)Shared IP address . Basic concerns are speed, potential of being linked to sites that originate from the same IP also implies that you are a part of link spam or a spammy neighborhood .

"the 5 biggest server and hosting issues  that affect search results"
How hosting and server issues affect search
4)Bot redirection and handling Some system admins and webmasters  goes overboard with protection and restricted action to files  if a single visitor makes more than certain  number of request in a given time frame.. This will only serve to constantly limit the spider's ability  to crawl and will effect your search ranking

5)Server geography : Though this is not a major issue with search, but search engine does consider the location of the sever in determining if the site's  content  is relevant  from  the local search perspective . According to Google around 40% of searches have a local search criteria in terms of search results

5 ways to check duplicate content in your website

DUPLICATE CONTENT :.Duplicate content is one of the major reasons  for sites which  otherwise having  done a good job with  offpage and onpage optimization often falter


1) among the first thing you must do to ensure your site does not have duplicate content is to make sure that the non www versions of your page 301 redirect to the www version or vice versa.
This is often know as canonical redirect. Also ensure that you dont have  a https : page that are duplicate of  your http: pages

2)The easiest way to do this is to take unique string of  your major content  pages on the site and search them in Google . Make sure  you enclose the  the string inside double quotes. example "keywords that  have the most CTR on Google " This will help you to know "if your site has a duplicate content pages

3) You can also use commands such as "allinurl" and"intitle". For example if you have  url's for pages that have distinct components to them .
For example "1968 mustang blue" or "10974567" ) You can search for these with the operator inurl  and see  if they return one page or more than one page. To see more click  on the image below or scroll down

4)Another duplicate content task to perform  is to see if each piece of content is available at only one url. This probably trips more commercial sites as compared to others.However is the same content is found on   different url's  or multiple ways, it forces the search engines  and users to choose which is the canonical version,which to link to and which to disregard,
 As each search spider comes with predefined size to crawl and with limited time., a duplicate content  slows the spider down, as its not sure which is the original and which is the genuine content

5)Tools for duplicate content checker :  You can also use some of the free or paid tools available in the market to check for duplicate content, however  dont reply too much them, they are merely indicative and not exhaustive.See the post on  top 10 duplicate content checker,

10 advanced Bing search operators


Along with Google,Bing also allows a host of  quick search  search operators  and hacks to derive the most relevant search result. These SERP results  are difficult to find with conventional search operators
Here are  the top 10 Bing Operators to makes your search easier and  find sites which  you probably cannot find even  in vertical or visual search engines To read the  entire Bing Search Operators. Click on the link below

Operator : linkfromdomain : find all pages  the given domain has links to 
SEO application : find the most relevant and popular sites  your competitor links

Operator : contains
SEO application : find pages linking to a specific document type ( pdf,xls,)
Example:contains:pdf seo

Operator IP :IP  restricted search, shows sites sharing the common IP
SEO application : Helps you find if  your inbound links, are  from sites  having the  same IP address
example :ip:

Operator : inbody:
SEO application : find pages that has most "relevant optimized body  text"
example :inbody:online marketing

Operator :Location:/loc:location specific search ,
SEO application:helpful during local search
example :seo loc :Austin

Operator :feed
SEO application : Finds keyword and narrows search results to terms contained in the feed
example : hasfeed:seo

Operator :hasfeed:
SEO application :narrows search results to pages linking to feeds which has necessary keywords

February 12, 2016

how to measure the value of the link : 5 key metrics

one of the main asked question   is how to measure the value of a link. Among several factors,there are top 5 metrics which Google and Bing considers as holy grail.  Here are some important metrics to look at  to give you an idea  on measuring  link value ?

  • Linking Page Rank :Where does the linking page, rank for the term or phrase  you wish to rank for? If a webpage ranks no 1 for "  keyword" digital cameras below $100 across nevada" . This link is probably worth almost 10 times as compared to a link from sites that rank 20

  • Link Authority : A link from an authoritative site  is 10 times more worth as compared to just another site.For example if you have a news site, an inbound link  fom CNN is considered much more important than  just another  news site.
  • The number of links in a page . A link page which has 10 outbound links is worth more than a link page with 100 links.This happens  for the simple reason that every link passes on  the link juice to the site its linked to. A page having 100 links will need  to share  the link juice to 100 external sites, whereas  a site having 10 external links will be  sharing the link juice  only among 10 external sites 

  • Paid Links : Sites which has paid links, loses its ability and credibility  to share link juice, as most search engine crawlers now  are able to distinguish between paid links  and organic lnks . In addition Google may penalize a site  retroactively for buying links

  • Page Rank. Although the page rank factor has diminished over the years. Webmasters still cosiders the PR of the linking site . A PR of zero out of 10 might  mean either the site is new and google is yet to index or the site has been penalised. Read the 6th criteria below

 Inlinks  to the page or domain : It might be useful to check  the number of in links  for the  domain or a webpage  you wish to get a link from

While this criteria is not  a very important metric however a higher number of incoming  links for that page means that " the site " commands a leadership position in its niche and a gold standard  as compared to just any other site 4 -14 inbound links

 No Follow Links Be aware of "no follow" links. A" no follow" link means that google will not consider your "inbound  links  to pass on the link juice as  as the webmaster has instructed  crawlers   not to   treat the link as authoritative ,by using rel +"no follow"

February 8, 2016

when to use a sub domain vs a domain

" the argument of using a sub domain vs domain name"

When to use a subdomain instead of a domain 

  • The debate between a domain and a subdomain has been there for years. What most people do not understand is that creating a subdomain has no significance unless you create a totally different product line or your company has launched a new product and has a totally new content and would like to use a catchy subdomain
  • One good reason for using a subdomain is that you would look more authoritative to users However take into account that it is much less expensive to use a subfolder and and have slightly less panache that it is to educate through branding an advertising
  •  However a subfolder will work 99% of the time.Keeping content on a single root domains and single subdomain gives the maximum seo benefits as the engine passes on all the positive metrics , including the backlinks and the PR earned by the site
  • Subdomains are definitely not worth the time and  not a popular choice if SEO is a prime concern. Subdomain may iherit the ranking benefits and benefits of the root domain they are hosted underneath, but they do not always do Subdomains may be used when keyword usage in the doman name is of critical importance For example own, you can pull in quality search traffic for the specific term used toyota trucks with a microsite

How to display different content to search engines and visitors

A variety of strategies are used to segment content delivery. The idea is to serve content that are not meant for search engines in a un spiderable format( placing text in images flash files and plugins)

However dont use these formats for the purpose for cloaking, rather you should use them for if they bring substantial benefit to users If you want to show the search engines , you dont want visitors to see ,you can use CSS formatting( preferably not display:none) as the engines might have filters to track this
 However keep in mind that  search engines are very way of webmasters to use such tactics. Use  cloaking only if it brings substantial user benefits

 Tactics to show  different content for search engines and users  Robot.txt files : This file is located at the root level of your domain( which you can use to 1)Prevent crawlers form accessing non public from parts of your website 2) Block search engines from accessing index scripts,utilities or other types of code, 3) Auto discovery of XML sitemaps.

The robot.txt must reside in it root directory and should be in small case. Any other format is not valid for search engines

 Syntax of robot,txt file : The basic syntax of robot.txt is fairly simple. You specific a robot name such as google bot and specify an action. Some of the major actions you can specify are

Disallow : use this to specify google bot not crawl your certain parts of your website
NoIndex : Use this page for telling the bots not to iindex your site in its SERPs. ( this might be used when you wish to hide duplicate content pages in your site)

heres an example of "robot.txt file"

User agent : Googlebot Disallow: 
User agent :msn bot #Block all robot  tmp and logs directories ( the has symbol# )may be used for comments within a robot.txt file where everything after the # on that line be ignored 

One additional problem webmasters run into , is   when they have ssl installed so that pages may served v iaHTTP and HTTPS .
However the search engine will not interpret this as robot.txt file at as a guiding their crawl behavior on
For this you need to create additional robots.txt file at so if you want toallow crawling of all pages served from your https server you would need to implement the following FOR HTTP user agent: * disallow FOR HTTPS user agent:* disallow: