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March 25, 2016

5 ways of optimizing domains for search engines

6 ways of optimizing domain names and urls 

1)Brainstorm 5-10 keywords : before you set up a website, it is important for you to create few url's and brainstorm on the keywords you wish to target via your website :Once you have this list, you can start to pair them or add pre fixes and suffixes to create good domain names . For example if your about to start a website/blog on mortgage related domain. You might want to start with keywords such as " Mortgage , finance , home loan, house payment  

2)make the domain unique : creating a domain which is often confused with a popular website which is already owned by someone is a  recipe for disaster. Among some of the popular ways webmasters often tries to leverage the " popularity of an existing key phrases or urls  is to book domain names that are simply plural names,hyphenated or misspellt  version of already established domains

However this seldom helps, as a the strength of the site in question is always big enough ( assuming the site in question is really big) a misspellt  keyword will eventually lead users to the original site compared to yours as the domain authority of the page will be always be higher than yours

3)Make the url easy to sound and easy to type :  Any brand that has a trouble being read or even being written.. has already lost round one .Ensure you use a name that " is easily recognizable by what it means to users along with an imagery. 

Make your url easy to pronounce, be shared and passed around :Word of mouth remains the fastest way of bridging distances between 2 people 

4)Keep the domain short and sweet :Domain names should ideally should not exceed 10 words, unless you cater to very niche industries. Avoid repetition of numbers ,alphabets and numbers. Do not create a url that looks more like a password !

5) Not all names sounds familiar: consumers do not react to all names in the same way.Some names create positive vibes among users while some do not.. This is not due to any inherent even users are unaware of this.However neuro marketers has some answers to why this happens.Apparently they explain " human beings including consumers loves familiarity more than the unknown.The unknown has an element of fear". while the known has no fear. 
This is one of the reasons why domain names like autotrader., Realty,webmd sounds familiar as the user can guess the theme of the site by hearing their opposed to and 

6)Reject hypens and numbers : both hypens and numbers make it hard  to convey the domain name verbally .Also avoid roman numerals and large caps and small caps combination or being case sensitive

May 9, 2011

Asia Search Engine Marketshare:May 2011

In Asia its the Google story all the way. With more than 90% marketshare, Google  is way ahead  of others . Yahoo is the distant second with less than 5% Marketshare.Bing and Baidu ranks 3rd and 4th, with apparently very little difference.