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June 12, 2011

Web Usage in Hong Kong : Top 5 Trends

Via Sources: World Development Indicators database; IANA: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority;

This chart from Statscounter clearly shows Facebook the " undisputed leader" in Social Media " Activity with almost 85% marketshare followed by Youtube and Stumbleupon

The most influential social networking site in Hong Kong is  Facebook. Hong Kong users have has grown to 3,700,320 users compare to 2,930,660 last year. Online Penetration is up 3.85% to 75.85% and Facebook users is up 10.19% to 52.19% compare to April 2010. The age group distribution didn’t change compare to last year at all.
This statscounter chart shows Google as the market leader with almost 50% Marketshare , followed by  Yahoo with 40% (  Yahoo seems to have done  well at HK  ) followed by Bing with less than 5% marketshare

May 23, 2011

The Search Market Growth in Latin America

According to Comscore data  In March 2011, Latin Americans conducted a total of 18.5 billion searches, an increase of 21% from the previous year. Brazil, which accounted for the largest volume of search queries at nearly 6 billion, also had the strongest growth rate of 34%. Mexico ranked as the second largest search market with nearly 3.2 billion queries conducted in March 2011 (up 23%), followed by Colombia with almost 2.9 billion searches (up 28%).

May 9, 2011

Asia Search Engine Marketshare:May 2011

In Asia its the Google story all the way. With more than 90% marketshare, Google  is way ahead  of others . Yahoo is the distant second with less than 5% Marketshare.Bing and Baidu ranks 3rd and 4th, with apparently very little difference.

April 27, 2011

March, 2011 Search Engine Marketshare and Volume

  • For the first time in several months, both Ask and AOL gained some traction, with double digit percentage increases in MOM query volume driving incremental share gain for both engines

    Search activity picked up in March, with a 9.2% MOM increase in total query volume across the engines and all 5 engines experiencing query volume growth.Bing continues to gain share of the market, capturing 17.5% of web queries in March.  Among the top 3 engines, it experienced the highest MOM query volume increase of 12.6%.

    In terms of query volume, Bing also roughly doubled its figure year-over-year, rising from 1.22 billion to 2.73 billion. Unique visitors increased 57.5% year-over-year, from 63 million to 96 million. Bing suffered a slight loss in unique visitors month-over-month, dropping 3% from 99 million.

    Yahoo! also gained 0.3ppts in share this month, bringing the total share of Bing Powered engines to 31.7% of the market.Yahoo lost a significant 13.8% of its year-over-year visitor total, dropping from 90 million to 80 million, but gained 6.6% in year-over-year query volume. Yahoo’s market share changed little compared to the previous month or year.

    Google experienced solid 7.1% month-over-month query volume growth, rising from 9.28 billion to 9.94 billion queries. However, this figure was down 11.4% from 10.48 billion queries a year earlier. Its total of 136 million unique visitors was down from both the prior month (-4.2%) and year (-18.8%).Google, while still the leader at 63.8% of the market, experienced another decline in share in March dropping 1.2ppts