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May 22, 2015

Chinese smartphone players pocket 13% marketshare in India

" chinese brands make a killing in indian smartphone market"

smartphone shipments reached 81 million units in 2014, up 68.5% from 48 million in the previous year, according to Counterpoint Research. Chinese handset makers including Xiaomi and Gionee more than doubled their market to 13%. However the MNC's and global brands including Samsung and Nokia took the beating .. Indian handset makers led by Micromax gained.

March 31, 2015

FY 2015 to see Sony ship 38 million smartphones

smartphone  shipments by Sony this year to exceed 38million
Sony Mobile Communications aims to ship 38 million smartphones in fiscal 2015 (April 2015-March 2016), down slightly from 39.2 million units shipped in the previous fiscal year, according to sources at Taiwan's handset supply chain. 

 The lower shipment target comes as the Japan-based vendor is still overhauling its handset business and has also shifted its focus to the mid-range to high-end segment, said the sources. Despite the absence of new orders from Sony Mobile since the fourth quarter of 2014, Taiwan's ODMs have begun shipping some new models to the Japan-based vendor recently, including the Xperia E4 from Arima Communications, Xperia E4g from Compal Electronics and Xperia M4 Aqua from Foxconn/FIH Mobile.

September 14, 2013

Desktop PC set to Shrink below 5% ,as SMPT takes over (Smartphones,Portable devices And Tablets) by 2017

Smartphones And Tablets To Control 87% Of Smart Connected Devices By 2017 [STUDY]: "International Data Corporation (IDC) has recently forecasted that the worldwide smart-devices market, comprised of PCs, tablets, and smartphones, will grow by 27.8% year-over-year (YoY) in 2013, slightly lower than the 30.3% growth in 2012. The PC segment witnessed a tragic decline in sales earlier this year (second quarter, 2013), selling only 76.3 million units worldwide while the tablet segment showed an impressive 42.9% growth and is expected to surpass total PC shipments (desktop as well as laptop PCs) in the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13). "

October 2, 2012

Android's Dominance holds steady amidst iPhone 5 launch hype

Shipments of Android smartphones running  Android operating system seems to continue to to dominate other platforms by an overwhelming margin according to a new report from Statscounter  data for Mobile OS in Q3,2012.

Digitimes Research, the analyst arm of daily trade paper Digitimes  reported  that Android accounted for approximately 60% of all smartphones shipped in the first half of 2012. Despite the iPhone 5 launch on September,2012  which is on record to sell over  50 million units this year according to recent estimates from Baird’s William Power — Digitimes Research analyst Luke Lin estimates that Android’s market share in the second half will balloon to 70% of the global market

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile OS Market Share

June 9, 2012

Smartphone Market Comparison 2012: US vs Canada vs Europe

Smartphone Users Across European Markets Manufacturer's  Mobile Ad Share

 Smartphone Manufactures and Mobile OS Ad Impressions in  North America


 Canadian Using Smartphone will grow 100% in the next 2 years, to 14.8 million by   and Mobile  in  North America 2014

Recent sales stats (US and Canada):
  • Nielsen report that 46% of US mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of Q4 2011.
  • comScore estimate average US smartphone ownership at 41.8% of mobile subscribers or 98 million people for the same period.
  • They give an equivalent number for Canada of 45.3%.
  • A Pew Internet Project survey from May 2011 found 35% of US adults owned a smartphone.
Recent sales stats (Europe):
  • comScore put combined smartphone ownership for France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK at 44% of mobile users as of December 2011 (104 million users).
  • Kantar Worldpanel claim 48.9% of the British population have a smartphone.
  • Figures quoted in the FT put UK smartphone ownership at 46% as of August 2011.
  • According to Bitkom, 11.8 million smartphones were sold in 2011 in Germany, an increase of 31% over 2010. This represents 43% of the total number of mobile phones sold that year.