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November 23, 2016

snapchat's numbers and metrics in 3 charts: how it became the hottest teen destination

"social media usage in teens in US and snapchat"
" the demographics and metrics of snapchat"

How Snapchat evolved itself to become the hottest Teen Destination social media website 

As Snapchat , another  giant internet brand starts to prepare for its IPO, here are some numbers which show how Snapchat user base has grown over time . Snapchat presently has around 150 million daily active users globally,. Snapchat as of October,2016 has 60 million daily active users in the U.S. and Canada,  which makes up around a third of Facebook’s 175 million daily users in the same region.This region is the most lucrative advertising market, with  a very high average revenue per user for social networks. For Facebook  its  per user revenue across US and Canada is $12.43, which is 4 times its global revenue of  $3.34. Snapchat most recently closed a $1.8 billion funding round in May,2016  when investors valued the company at about $18 billion. and has been growing at a 30% annual growth rate.

In Alexa Snapchat ranks 2000 in US, and ranks 3973 worldwide.With a bounce rate of 40%,its daily page views per user is 2.7 who spends approx 2.56 minutes on the website.Around 30% of its users comes from Google, followed by 4% from Facebook,3.5% from YouTube and 3% of Instagram. In terms of demographic, Snapchat has a more progressive male tilt, with 55% user base,while female user base hovers between 30 to 35% The company is forecast to reach nearly $1 billion in global advertising sales in 2017, up from an estimated $366.7 million in revenue this year, according to a recent report by forecasting firm eMarketer. 

So how does Snapchat compare to Instagram , another photo social networking site ?..By comparison, Facebook-owned Instagram, with 500 million monthly users, will generate $1.5 billion in global ad sales this year and $2.8 billion in 2017.Snap Inc. launched its ad business in mid-2015. The company sells full-screen, vertical video ads in its “Discover” and “Stories” sections, which play with sound after users click them. 

Snapchat’s Discover section, which features articles and video from more than a dozen publishers such as CNN, iHeart Radio and Cosmopolitan, generates nearly half of the company’s total U.S. ad revenue, according to eMarketer. Snap Inc. also sells geofilters and lenses. Recently Snapchat unveiled its first hardware, $129.99 video-capturing sunglasses, and renamed itself as “Snap Inc.” to reflect its new direction

November 3, 2016

as snapchat and instagram see records usage ,consumers are actively ignoring branded content

Snapchat and instagram continues to rule of social media at least in US,its usage has been increasing at a faster pace as compared to the rest of the world .In the US, 34% of Americans polled are now on Snapchat, compared to 19% in 2014  26% in 2015 and 34% in 2016.However its a worrying sign for content providers as increasingly consumers are shirking and moving away from promoted posts and branded content

Snapchat and instagram continues to rule of sound waves in the United States. Snapchat users increased by almost 84% while instagram recorded 14% increases in usage in 2016 In the US, 34% of Americans polled are now on Snapchat, compared to 19% in 2014 .

While Instagram is even more popular: 43% of US respondents say they use it, compared to 29% in 2014. However, people are skeptical about branded content and ads on Instagram and Snapchat. In the US, 39% of respondents admit to 'actively ignore' content from brands –nearly 15% more than the global average. One three US users admit to feeling ‘constantly followed’ by online advertising and 43% object to the idea of their online behavior being tracked by brands.

However Kantar TNS has three top tips for brands to ensure they’re not actively ignored: 1. Get better at creating content which can be used across multiple channels 2. Work hand-in-hand with influencers as trusted sources of information and advice. 3. Get under the skin of what motivates and excites each of their customers..

May 27, 2016

with $19million valuation ,snapchat ranks 3rd among top 5 unicorns

5  The second coming of snapchat: sequoia,meritech, spark  invests $1.8billion as valuation jumps to $18billion 

"with $19 million,snapchat  among top 3 unicorn after  Xiaomi and Uber"

At $19 billion, Snapchat would rank third among all venture-backed companies in terms of value, behind Xiaomi and Uber

 Snapchat has recently secured $1.8bn in funding, increasing its valuation to $18bn. The startup received this round of funding from Sequoria Capital, Spark Capital, Meritech Capital Partners and Dragoneer Investment Group. This valuation is higher than the previous valuation of Snapchat given by its investors in March 2015, which was about $16bn.

 Previously, Snapchat had received $175m funding from Fidelity Investments for an overall valuation of $16bn. Shares of Snapchat were bought by the investors for about $30.72 per share. Experts say that the venture capital firms Sequoria and Spark are reluctant to invest in tech companies.
Reportedly, even Chinese company Alibaba also wanted to invest about $200m in Snapchat, after its $16bn valuation last year.
These companies are said to be investing in Snapchat as many investors believe the app firm has the potential to overtake other social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

snapchat's $19 billion valuation means that in terms of pure valuation among the unicorn companies , Snapchat would rank third among all venture-backed companies in terms of value, behind Xiaomi and Uber. If you took its reported valuation as a (very) rough proxy for what it would fetch on the public market, Snapchat would sit among some very big, and very profitable, companies listed on US stock exchanges:

December 30, 2015

snapchat and number of daily likes on facebook

"snapchat and number of daily likes on facebook"
As of 2015, december 31st, Snapchat has over  5.3 million likes on Facebook .The chart represents snapchat's users on Facebook  who have created a story on snapchat in a seven day period, which are aggregated across display news feeds.

the biggest investors and total funding rounds in snapchat

Snapchat is a photo  and video messaging app that allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to their intended recipients.Snapchat was created by  by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. Among its investors are 1)Alibaba 2)Benchmark 3)Fidelity Investments 5)General 6)Catalyst Partners7) Glade Brook Capital 8) HDS Capital 9)Kingdom Holding 10)Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers along with  Coatue Management SV Angel and Tencent Holdings  

Snapchat as of 2015, December 31st has made 4 Acquisitions with a  Total Equity Funding $1.17B in 7 Rounds from 16 Investors.Snapchat serves transient display ads to over 100 million daily active users on its platform,  for 10 seconds ( for the time range users can keep their recordings) after which the next sets of online ads are shown . Every ad disappear within 10 seconds, followed up the other set.Snapchat has succeeded in disruption the traditional CPC and CPM online ad models.
"investors behin the snapchat brand"

The success of the new model can be explained by the fact that Snapchat charges as astounding $750,000 a day.The company has experienced high user-base growth this year and has been one of the most compelling Unicorns in the tech industry. The firm has managed to raise over $1 billion in equity funding to date, which has valued the company between $15-20 billion.

December 13, 2015

Youtube ,Snapchat replaces Facebook as US teens favorite social destination

A new study by Forrester Research found that just 65 percent of U.S. online users between the ages of 12 and 17 consider Facebook to be cool—ahead of Tumblr (62 percent), Pinterest (58 percent) and Google+ (55 percent), but lagging behind YouTube (80 percent), Snapchat (79 percent), Instagram (78 percent), Vine (72 percent), Twitter (69 percent) and WhatsApp (67 percent).

However, Forrester found that more than 60 percent of respondents use Facebook the most of all social networks, with more than one-third saying they are on it “all the time.”

June 7, 2015

Facebook and Whatsapp active users exceed 2.5billion and counting

"As of January 2015, there are 829 million active QQ accounts, with a peak of 176.4 million simultaneous online QQ users"

Latest Social Media usage and statistics around the world

The above chart shows the latest social media users across the world. Facebook  continues to top global social media usage with 1.5 billion active users and is miles ahead of its nearest competitor QQ.Chinese  based Tencent holdings owned QQ is ranked no 2 with  829 million active users  with a peak of 176.4 million simultaneous online .

Whatsap with over 700 million users is ranked 3rd while Facebook's messenger  service with 500million + users is ranked 5th. Linkedin and Skype  ranks 7th and 8th with  347 and 300 million users .Google plus and Instagram takes the 9th  rank with  both standing at 300million users. Twitter ranks 12th with 288million active users

Facebook  with its messenger service along with whatsapp together exceed 2.5billion active users 

May 3, 2014

Snapchat steps up its war againts Whatsapp,Rolls out text and Video Chatting to its Mobile Vido App

Snapchat set to compete against whatsapp

In its biggest update yesterday, as it starts  to compete against the big boys of social web, by adding the ability  to add text messaging and  and video chatting to its photo and video sharing app.

The latest version of the app focuses on helping its users have conversations, rather than just one-off picture and video messages.Snapchat rolled out some big new features including the ability to send disappearing text-only messages back and forth, as well as the ability to video chat with other active app users.

The instant video chat feature is essentially a way to call someone without the phone ever ringing.  The instant video chat feature is essentially a way to call someone without the phone ever ringing. Snapchat's new video calling isn't a two way street. If a friend sees you on the app, they can video message you and their face will pop up on your screen without your permission. If it's an inopportune time, the recipient can flick the video screen away with his or her finger.