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June 24, 2014

Social Media 1.0 vs Social Media 2.0 : What has changed for digital branding

While social media during 2007 to 2010 had been about broadcasting and conversation, posting photos and videos. The 2014 Social media is becoming immensely “ one to one conversation, " in real time" .. where brand loyalty do not mean a thing.You are what  your Twitter hastag mentioned you till yesterday night.Brands are using social web to understand conversations.. Conversations which consumers are having about the brand.. 

To find out “ how a video” of the brand uploaded by an amateur Stand up artist” goes viral, while they continue to spend a million Rupees in creating that one big idea.

Just when they thought the new creative will de clutter the market, an Instagram post” makes you feel “ the finalized copy which you approved last week, does not seem to reflect the “ creative 

Welcome to the social media, where the only thing you are learning is unlearning.. fast and furious... Today, even as marketers are slowly figuring out their strategies for the Big Four social media platforms, they are struggling with a Q&A forum like Quora, Instagram, Foursquare..Vine and Snapchat Instagram and Vine.

Apart from  Facebook, its Pinterest, Foursquare, Snapchat are making theur presence felt Twitter recently signed a $230-million deal with advertising network Omnicom while French ad network Publicis Groupe signed a $100-million deal with Instagram, in addition to its multi-year $500-million pact with Facebook. Those are the kind of deals that the world’s biggest newspapers and television channels would die for