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January 25, 2016

state of venture capital investment across Scandinavian and nordic nations

"state of nordic nation venture capital investment"

The Nordic or Scandinavian nations of Norway, Sweden and Denmark  accounted for 2.1% of total global Venture Capital  invested in 2015  and  made up for 2.2% of the total  global VC deals
Among the largest deals recently in this region were start ups " SPOTIFY, TRUSTPILOT AND IZETTLE
In 2015 Nordic nations received 1.48billion euros of  venture capital investment , a growth of 40% over 2014.  Out of this  267 start up deals were funded  finally by the VC

lists of 10 start ups in france that saw the biggest vc investment

If you are looking at incubating a start up and not sure where to base you start up at Europe, look twice at France. France is the second largest VC market in Europe after the UK. If you take Scandinavia to be a single market then France comes in at 3rd place .

In France the government plays a very active role, at the national level, and it includes start up as a priority with  a cohesive policy (40 measures). These include a fiscal  tax freeze for all  start ups

France gov recently created  crowdfunding law allowing startups to raise up to €1 million and govt incentives to lauch start ups with grant of €30,000 to launch a new venture;

" 10 start ups in france that saw the biggest venture capital investment "


In 2015 France received VC and PE worth more than 2.4 billion Euro through 371 VC deals.The country  accounted for 2.1% of total global VC investment  and   represented 3% global VC deals

France also scores well in terms of " doing business".In 2014, only 4.5 days were required to found a company in rance, versus 6 in the UK and 14.5 in Germany (Doing Business, World Bank)

Among some of the French Govt incentives has been creation of
1) a €200 million French Tech Acceleration fund for Startup accelerator program;
 2)€500 million “Large Venture” fund for venture capital
3)€600 million of Regional Innovation Subsidies and another €600 million for the European Innovation Grants

January 23, 2016

the biggest start up investment by vc firms in united kingdom

"biggest UK VC firms investment across start ups"
The above chart shows the list of VC backed investment  in united kingdom along with the biggest deals and investment across start ups, which were backed by UK biggest venture funds  

the most active venture capital firms by start up funding : north america vs europe

5 biggest VC investment in north america

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) was the most active investor in North America in Q4’15, topping the most active investors for the third straight quarter. 

General Catalyst Partners ranked second, while Andreessen Horowitz rounded out the top three followed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield &Bayers and Greycroft Partners as the  most active North American VC firms.
Meanwhile Accel Partners, Foundry group,Google Ventures,Greycroft  Partners,first Round capital and Sequoia  Capital  rounded up the top 10 most active venture funds across the region

"most active top 5 venture capital investors by region

High Tech Gruendferfonds, Mercia Fund Management group were the top  most active venture fun investors across Europe.

They were followed by Earlybird  venture capital , NorthWest Fund for Biomedical  and Northzone Venture Capital  to form the top  5 most active venture fund investment group in Europe.

Meanwhile others which  made up the top 10 list were Index Ventures,Octopus Ventures, Point Nine Capital,Draper Espirit, 500 start ups and Wellington Partners

ecommerce, consumer internet ,mobile apps emerging as fastest start ups growth story in India

"top 10 sectors in india seeing highest investment funding"

Data from NASSCOM predicts by 2020, India will be home to 11500 startup which would employ 2,50,000 jobs. Currently, India’s has 3,100 startup 

"indian cities with highest start ups"

"biggest top 5 VC investments in indian start ups"


Bangalore accounted for more than 55% of total start up business in India.India's capital and financial centreDelhi and Mumbai were no 2 and 3 . But Bangalore was ahead by miles , when it came to start up ecosystem and VC interest and ease of doing business in the city along withe other  intangibles of emerging start up business

Bangalore attracted $2.43 billion (Rs15,189 crore) worth of funding in 2014, of which as much as $1.7 billion was invested in e-commerce. Meanwhile Consumer Internet,mobile apps and ecommerce have emerged as fastest growing  start up sectors going by VC interest and  the number of deals that has been gone through 

The 3rd chart shows the list of prominent venture capital investors who have invested across Indian start ups.Among them are Helion ventures ,Sequoia Capital, Blume ventures,Kalaari Capital , Accel Partners, Matrix Partners,Tiger Global, IDG ventures, and Softbank who have invested in   Indian  start ups  across  diverse sectors such as eCommerce, Online services, Mobility, Enterprise Software and Outsourcing.

January 22, 2016

top 5 vc investment across fintech sector by deals size

VC Investment  across Financial Technology sectors by deal size and country

Among the financial  technology  start ups who were able to get funding by  venture capital firms
US accounted for 64 deals  with a cumulative total investment of $792 million

United Kingdom accounted for 11 deals across financial services  sector with a total investment of $127 million.

Meanwhile India was the third most important market as VC firms invested a total of $54.5million  in that country with 9 deals being finalized

January 20, 2016

top 10 venture capital investors with a stake in the billion dollar start up unicorns

"the movers and shakers of VC funded billion dollar star ups"
SEQUOIA  CAPITAL, KLEINER PERKINS ,ACCEL PARTNERS AND GOLDMAN SACHS are among the biggest 5 VC investors  who have a investment across the world's hottest billion dollar unicorn start up clubs

"the top VC fund houses invested across billion dollar start ups"

This chart sums up ' the hottest VC investors" who have their hand on the pie of worlds top 150 billion dollar start up clubs.The combined valuation of 2016 biggest 150 unicorns exceed $525 billion . Incidentally all the VC funding players are the ones that have invested early,spotted a potential start up early and have stayed invested..The chart also shows which are the top 10 VC funding firms have,    surprisingly good hit rate when it comes to "spotting businesses with sustainable revenue model.

January 19, 2016

8 out of 10 asia's biggest billion dollar consumer internet start ups are chinese

biggest asian internet start ups with highest valuation"

80% Asian Consumer Internet Start Ups are Chinese and rest from India

8 out of 10   Asia's biggest consumer Internet start ups, with over 1 billion USD valuation   are from China  and the rest from India

No 3 : Didi Kuaidi :Apart from Xiaomi and China Internet Plus .. China has its own equivalent of uber and ola. Didi Kuaidi  which is ranked 3rd biggest consumer internet start up in Asia is a company made up of China's two largest taxi-hailing firms- Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache as result of a merger in Feb. 2015.

No 4: Flipkart is India's biggest ecommerce marketplace and  the country's biggest unicorn, which is currently valued at over $15billion

No 5: Asia's 5 largest Unicorn is chinese peer to peer lending Lufax  which us valued more than $19billion recently.Lufax was   launched in 2012  and the company is a  part of An Insurance group ,which is  china's  largest insurer by asset

No 6 : Asia's 6th largest start up is  chinese technology company DJI  valued in excess of $8 billion . DJI manufactures commercial and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for aerial photography and videos

No 7 : Zhong An Online is among the first insurance company in china to sell all kinds of insurance policy as well as handle claims online .Zhong On is valued over $8 billion and it is  China’s first truly digital insurer.Ranked 7th as Asia's biggest start up across consumer Internet space

No 8. :Ola Cabs is India's  cab booking along with aggregation  service is ranked 8th biggest asian  consumer Internet unicorn .Ola's currently valuation  is  $5  billion

No 9 :Snapdeal  is India's 2nd largest e commerce marketplace after flipkart, and valued over $5billion

No 10 :UCar provides a chauffeured car service in China, located at Tianjin china and founded in 2014. Ucar  is valued currently at  $3.4 billion

With the exception of British Airways, the European brands in the table have seen minimal growth or a decline in their brand values. Iberia has been the worst affected, its brand value has fallen 23% to $951m. Southwest Airlines achieved a 52% growth in brand value Airlines 50 Sector Analysis – Airlines after a strong financial year and American Airlines’ brand value soared 39% to $3,649m, moving it up to 5th place

January 18, 2016

vc investors pumped in $58 billion across 4380 start ups,with 74 megadeals

" top 10 biggest VC investment in start ups"

The biggest VC deals 

In 2015 software was VCs’ favorite sector in 2015 ($23.6 billion invested in 1,763 deals), followed by biotech ($7.4 billion across 475 deals).

"global vc investment and start up funding in 2015"
latest data on  Start up Funding shows that VCs invested $58.8 billion across 4,380 deals in 2015. The dollar total eclipsed the 2014 mark by $8 billion, but investors did 61 fewer deals last year, according to the end-of-year MoneyTree Report which was  prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. Also according to  data from Thomson Reuters. VC and equity capitalists poured more money into private companies last year than they had since the height of the dot-com boom in 2001  ( VC investment last year was the second highest amount sunk by Venture Funds in the last 20 years .source )

2015 also saw  megadeals megadeals” (deals of  $100 million or more) . Last year here were 74 such deals in 2015, up from 50 the year before)

the top 10 VC investments across integrated payments industry

" list of VC investments across payments start ups"

list of start ups across online  payments and apps"
The chart above shows the biggest  Venture Funding across Integrated Payments ecosystem.
Also shown here are the  start ups along with the " investment details"   including the amount of funding  these top start up  payment companies  have received from the  VC investors

Almost all payment start ups accounts for  a significant portfolio of  VC investments
Leading the table is SQUARE with over $716 million investment led by Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins , Sequoia and Tiger Global Management

For example Index Ventures has invested in 4 out of the top 10 companies: Zuora, Adyen, iZettle, and TransferWise. Some of the other investors who have funded multiple top 10 companies include Andreessen Horowitz (3), Khosla Ventures (3), Greylock Partners (2), and Sequoia Capital (2).Bitpay

the biggest 10 start up leaders across e-payments

biggest online payments start ups ranked by insight score

SQUARE,MOBIKWIK , TRANSFERWISE,STRIPE AND WEPAY  are among the biggest start ups across the e payments vertical. These are ranked by  CB Insights’ Company Mosaic score(s public data and predictive algorithm),  names in the  electronic payment industry start ups. Most of the start ups above fall into one of two categories: point-of-sale solutions or secure payment-processing.

Traditional online payment solution involves the combination of a merchant account and a payment gateway (like, CyberSource, Merchant One, and eWay amongst others).The next evolution of payment solutions (like PayPal) combined the merchant account and payment gateway into one solution.

However both of these above solutions often redirected off of your website to pay for an order, creating a less favorable checkout experience. This is where companies like Square,Mobikwik and Stripes have started to disrupt the market.Both Stripe and Square recently received multibillion dollar valuations and Stripe recently struck a highly publicized deal with Pinterest, in which Stripe will power Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” feature.

Affirm offers loans and payment plans for large purchases, while MobiKwik aims to serve as a mobile wallet.Square and iZettle  both offer credit-card readers and point-of-sale solutions for small businesses

January 17, 2016

the revenue model of uber's explosive growth :

" uber valuation compared to other unicorns"


" how uber revenue model works "

Uber’s rise has been extraordinary, from  start up in 2012 to worlds biggest unicorn in  2015, In less than 4 years years Uber has  created and nurtured a  commodity like " Taxi hailing service"   and made it into one of the most envied start up giant in less than 4 years

  • Today the uber economy straddles  the  most parts of the world which powers the $40 billion ride-hailing  aggregator service 
  • Uber was founded as "UberCab" by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009 and the app was released the following June. 
  • Uber expanded internationally for the first time
    in 2012. In 2014, it experimented with carpooling features  Klout ranked the San Francisco-based company as the 48th most powerful company in America in 2014
  • By the end of 2015, Uber was estimated to be worth $62.5billion. Uber has received  funding worth  8.61B in 13 Rounds from 52 Investors.( crunchbase data)
  • Among the early investors were Google Ventures who invested $258 million in 2013. The Chinese search engine Baidu has invested over $1.2billion and Fidelty has invested a further $1.2billion in Uber

periodic table of 144 start up unicorns whose valuation exceed $400billion

" periodic table of the start up unicorns"

"15 biggest start up clubs with over one billion dollar valuation"

The year 2015 saw 16 new start up companies which became a member of the exclusive unicorn club, the elite league with over one billion dollar valuation. Out of the  16 unicorns ,5 of them have international operations.

While every US unicorn raised money in a late-stage financing round at their $1B+ valuation, 2 of the 5 international unicorns raised at a mid stage round.

In 2015 there were a total of 144 Unicorns, which is arranged in the form of periodic table, whose combined valuation  exceeds  $400 billion

January 15, 2016

top 10 venture capital fund that spotted the highest number of unicorns

"top 10 venture capital fund that spotted the highest number of unicorn's"


These are the top VC firms who invested  at the right time   and spotted these multi billion ideas ahead of everyone else . Union square venture,,Sequoia Capital and Benchmark Capital are among tj top 3 Venture funds which invested on the  business model which  has today become a unicorn ( multi billion valuation ) . Their hit rate of spotting them is showed as  percentage

January 12, 2016

10 fastest growing products category start ups with highest return

" verticals with the fastest annualized growth across start ups"

List of start up  services with highest return on investment 

The above chart shows the product categories which has seen the highest  growth and return on investment by VC funds and equity investment .Among the list of start ups,products related to  Bitcoin, Photo Sharing and cloud has seen the highest annualized growth since 2012-2016. Bitcoin has seen its annualized growth jump to 151% compared to 150% across Photo sharing and 145% across cloud storage Space Travel, Transportation and Hospitality are other areas which" are among the fastest growing top 10 services vertical

January 11, 2016

30 years of start ups that led job creation: 1985 to 2015

The above chart show the percentage of new jobs created by start up companies in US. since 1980 onwards. Apparently 1986 saw the highest percentage of jobs created by start up companies in the last 35 years ith start ups creating 3% of total US jobs . In 2013 the lowest percentage of jobs ( 2%) were created by start ups. This data is provided by US census

December 12, 2015

Hottest technology start up cities across the world

The chart below shows a global start up map,across the world with the hottest start up market by nations .Berlin jumped an impressive six spots to #9 overall and had 20x the average growth of all startup markets. Zalando, Europe’s largest online-only fashion retailer raised $668 million in an IPO to value the company at $6.8 billion overall. Meanwhile, Rocket Internet had the biggest IPO since 2007 in Germany, raising $2 billion.

 "The Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015"
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
 The Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 report ranks the top 20 technology startup ecosystems in the world based on Performance, Funding, Market Reach, Talent, and Startup Experience
Performance is based on the funding and exit valuations of startups headquartered in the ecosystem, and Funding represents the amount of investments by venture capitalists and the time it takes to raise capital.

November 8, 2015

Funding Foursquare : 5 insights on the investment patterns

" Foursquare overall  funding pattern"

Foursquare Has Raised $162.3M In 6 Rounds From 8 Investors Its earliest disclosed investors include O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and Union Square Ventures, both of whom invested around 2009. Over its lifetime, Foursquare has racked up these financing stats: Largest round: $50M Median round: $27.5M Average round: $27.1M The total amount raised they have raised is 11,915% higher than the average for a company in the Other Technology category.

November 1, 2015

five hottest digital music discovery start ups :

the list of music discovert start ups

Music Discovery, Recommendation and Creation start ups:Every year, at conferences like Midem and Berlin Music Week, latest music start ups and music discovery engines make their debut as latest start ups as the digital music newcomers Here are the most promising  top 5 music digital music startups

1.)Audioshot (USA) An iPhone app that gets people to send songs to friends via other messaging apps: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for example.

2.Fusic (Israel) An iOS and Android app that “takes the selfie to the next step” according to its app store listing. That means getting people to film videos of themselves singing, lip-syncing or dancing to their favourite songs, with that footage then being integrated with the song’s original video, for sharing.

3.)Mixcloud ( London) founded in 2008, positions itself as the “home for on-demand radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts”. The service, which counts about 10 million monthly users, recently introduced subscription plans in an attempt to  monetize itself

 4.)Deezer ( France )Music streaming service Deezer, founded in 2006, is live in more than 180 countries around the word. The company is backed by approximately $150 million in financing. Deezer claims to have 16 million active users and 5 million paid subscribers.

5)SoundDrop (Norway)Founded in 2011, Soundrop offers a social music discovery app as well as marketing tools for artists and labels to promote their music. The startup has about $6.4 million in funding to date . It has offices across Oslo, New York, Los Angeles and London.