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May 10, 2012

Smartphones in India: Web Browsing is for Men, Texts are For Women | Nielsen Wire

Smartphones in India: Web Browsing is for Men, Texts are For Women | Nielsen Wire: "Nielsen Informate  Mobile Insights notes that in India, women spend the same amount of time on their smartphones as compared to men. However, there are sharp contrasts in how they use their phones.

Men spend 50 percent more time browsing the web on their smartphones than women.
Women spend 3 hours more on calls every month as compared to men.
Women spend 4 times the amount of time men spend on Instant Messaging (Chat) applications.
Men experiment more with apps – they install, on an average, 16 applications in a month compared to just 11 by 

Calls & Messaging
Women spend nearly 20 hours a month on calls and messaging which is almost 33 percent more than time spent by men on the same activity. Also, incoming and outgoing calls both last longer among women.
Web Browsing
Men spend 50 percent more time browsing on their smartphones than women. The average number of websites visited by men is 20 in a month compared to just 14 among women. However, women prefer social sites more than men as 43 percent of web pages visited by women are social networking sites, compared to just 32 percent for men

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Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile vs. Desktop Market Share(Nov 2011 to April,2012)

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile OS Market Share(Nov 2011 to April,2012)

January 11, 2012

Mobile OS Marketshare in Argentina :Android Vs Symbian

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Argentina Mobile OS Market Share

Argentina Mobile OS Marketshare was led by Symbian and Android  and the above data shows how  Android has managed  to wrest  the market leader position  from Symbian in 2010 to Android in 2011 December 

Till end of 2010 Symbian had a comfortable marketshare in Argentina , however September and October  2011 saw Android  marketshare increase  from  30%,  to 43% in November, 2011, as Symbian continued to decline .Till 2011 December, Android with 44%  dominated the Mobile OS market followed by Symbian with  32% and the third place is taken by iOS with 12%

source : Estimates based on Global Statscounter data

December 30, 2011

With 33.5% Mobile OS share,Nokia Dumps Symbian

As Symbian, continues to being  dumped by that Nokia, which  is refocusing on  its Smartphone strategy around Microsoft Windows Phone, It appears that Symbian is doing quite well ,according to the latest Mobile Platform OS marketshare  report compiled by Pingdom

As Nokia  slowly  starts to dump the symbian OS, by  replacing its aging symbian  warhorse  with Windows Mobile ,one important  data  on Symbian which  has caught the attention of of the Mobile Industry   is the apparently  impressive performance   by Symbian . It cannot  get more ironic than this.That  the  Symbian, the mobile operating system that Nokia is abandoning, is the leading mobile OS worldwide. ( till dec 2011)


December StatCounter metrics, compiled by Pingdom, show Symbian with a 33.59 percent share of the global mobile OS market. That’s more than Apple’s iOS, which claimed a 22.56 percent share that same month. And it’s more than Android, as well: Google’s juggernaut mobile OS accounted for just 21.74 percent in December

October 9, 2011

How iPhone 5 Rumors Might Affect iPhone 4s Sales

United Kingdom Mobile oS Marketshare

United  States  Mobile OS Marketshare  August, 2011 ( comscore Mobilens  report

Numbers Analysts had  predicted before iPhone 5  ( 4s ) launch
The iPhone 5 has had an "unprecedented demand" ever since news of its upcoming release first broke.Countless rumors and projections about the smartphone have circled ever since.Many reports suggested that  Apple will ship 84 million iPhones in 2011 and 27 percent more in 2012, which will equate to approximately 107 million handsets sold between now and the end of 2012.

However   today apple finds itself in a position  where they are not sure is the iPhone 4s would be accepted in the same fervour as its first launch. iPhone 4 sold a whopping 1.7 million handsets in just three days after its June 24, 2010 release and  many had expected the iPhone 5 to easily break that record.
While its too early to suggest that the iPhone 4s sales have not been steady. However there are still many consumers who don't have the iPhone experience, and Apple still has a lot of markets and carriers to enter, so when there's a new model with better specs, it helps to lift shipments. The iPhone 4S targets users who are expiring on their two-year 3GS contract. Apple has been very clever positioning iphone 4S and the cheaper versions of Iphone 4s.

They know the competition. More people are buying Android smartphones than iPhones. This is a fact and no one can argue against . According to recent estimates from comScore, Android’s U.S. market share is 41.8% to Apple’s 27%. In Europe, where Symbian still reigns, it’s 22.3% for Android vs. 20.3% for iPhone.
Worldwide, some analysts now think Android as having nearly 50% of the smartphone market. So will they reach this number : Apple to Sell 107M Handsets by 2012?

August 15, 2011

Android Marches Towards 50% Marketshare, Symbian down by 50%: in Q2,2011

Android today makes up almost 50% market share across 35 countries across the Globe.According to Canalys Research study, which was conducted to across 56 countries.
Android  is the number one for 35 of those countries, and not by a small margin. Android’s total is 48 percent of market share, with Apple, the second place competitor, holding only 19 percent. Nokia and Samsung placed third and fourth respectively.

Another report  by Gartner claimed that Android grew phenomenally tand continue to lead the  smartphone operating software with a market share of 43.4% worldwide in Q2, 2011, an increase of 26% in the last one year.Symbian marketshare  shrank from 18% to 22%. In terms of total mobile phone sales, Nokia continued to be the leader with a market share of 22.8%.Apple's iOS more than doubled to 19.629 million units, and Research In Motion  saw an 8.8 percent increase to 12.652 million.

Of the 107 million smartphones that were sold worldwide in Q2, this year, a bit over 43% were Android with 46.7 million units having the Android OS.This is an improvement over 17.2% in the same quarter just a year ago. Mobile sales increased from 367.99 million units to 428.66 million units.Last year, it was Symbian that dominated the Smartphone space with 25.4 million unit sales and 40.9 percent share. But in just 12 months, that platform's market share has dropped to 22.1 percent on 23.9 million unit sales during the last quarter, Gartner found. Apple's iOS platform came in third with 18.2 percent market share on 19.6 million units sold.

August 3, 2011

Economics of Mobile App Development : Key Trends

The Developer Economics 2011  report is based on  Vision Mobile research  which was conducted between January and April 2011. The research is based on a large-scale online developer survey, developer interviews, and interviews with industry executives working in commercial organisations and digital agencies.

Among the 900+ participating developers, 850+ took the online survey. These
developers represented 75 countries, across eight major platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java ME, MeeGo, mobile web (HTML and JavaScript) and Qt. Each platform was represented by at least 50 developers who reported spending the majority of their time on that platform.

source :