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May 2, 2011

Does Tablet Size Influence Tablet Buying

The consumer tablet space is heating up with rivals racing to market to grab market share from Apple’s iPad. Major players are lining up to release tablets to the masses, in some cases multiple models in an attempt to catch the buyer’s eye. OEMs are building tablets in different sizes to try and compete, and conversations about them keep coming back to which size is optimal for consumers.However there is actually no Tablet size that is ideal, and it depends on consumption patterns .If you ask five people what size is best for tablets, and you’ll get several different answers.

While the most common size of tablet PC has been based around a 10-inch display, there are actually a wide range of tablet sizes. In general, there are four typical display sizes available or coming to market. Below are the average size and weights for these tablets to give consumers a general idea of what to be looking at. Note that extended travel will typically require that a small charger be carried with the tablet and is not factors into the weights below. All numbers are listed in portrait mode for height, width, thickness and weight:
  • 5-inch Tablets: 6" x 3.2" x .4" @ .75 lbs.
  • 7-inch Tablets: 7.5" x 5" x .5" @ 1 lbs.
  • 9-inch Tablets: 9.3" x 6" x .5" @ 1.2 lbs.
  • 10-inch Tablets: 9.8" x 7" x .5" @ 1.4 lbs.

According to Zdnet The personal nature of tablets makes size one of the most important criteria for a purchase decision, and one size doesn’t fit all in spite of what Steve Jobs believes.The iPad started the tablet craze with its unique 9.7-inch display that fell between the small smartphone screen and the bigger notebooks. This size was a good fit for displaying web pages in the browser, a frequent task performed on the tablet. Samsung stepped in with the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, and the smaller screen appealed to many consumers

HP, LG and Samsung are introducing another size in the mix, the 8.9-inch form. This is close to the size of the iPad’s 9.7-inch display, but a bit more portable. This size will appeal to those who prize mobility above other criteria, yet find the 7-inch display to be too small .Dell Streak has   tossed convention to the winds with its  5-inch screen is a tablet, but many would classify that  in  PDA category. 

The aspect ratio of the height and width are also another thing to consider. A tablet that is really wide in landscape mode may be more beneficial for those who want to use a tablet primarily as a portable media viewer. A more balanced height to width ratio is typically better for those that want to use the tablet like an e-reader as it provides a more comfortable way to hold it in portrait mode similar to a book.

So, coming back to the  question that does Tablet Size influence Tablet Buying ? The answer is No, it does not ...   Personally I think Tablet Buying  is influenced by factors like 1) Work Application 2 ) Features and Function 3) Portability 4) Memory Upgrades .

 If you wish to share your views on the subject, please let me know .