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January 22, 2012

30% Tablet Sales Led by SMB's,as Shipments Set To Cross 150 million by 2015

The above infographic sponsored by Lenovo and Qualcomm shows the adoption of  Tablet consumption  and reveals that the number of shipped tablets is set to jump from  16.1 million units 

(of which, around one million were bought by businesses) in 2010, to 147.2 million in 2015, thereby representing around a third of all online US consumers, according to Forrester. The infographic projects  45 million tablets will be purchased by small businesses and enterprises, which would form 30%  of total Tablet Consumption
State of Tablet Usage across Enterprises

Web browsing was the most popular action (73%), followed by email (69%). Approximately 67% of business people used their tablets to work remotely, while 46% and 45% used their devices for sales support or customer presentations. In contrast, gaming was the most popular usage (84%) among consumer tablet owners, followed by browsing (78%) and email (74%).