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October 11, 2011

iPads Driving 97.2 percent of all tablet traffic in the U.S.

comScore has determined that the iPad now accounts for more US internet traffic than the iPhone for the first time. 46.8 percent of iOS device traffic now comes from iPads, while 42.6 percent comes from iPhones.

If you look at all iOS devices versus all Android devices, Apple's position in the market looks far less "precarious" than various reports might lead you to believe. iOS devices account for 43.1 percent of the US installed base for mobile devices, with Android accounting for only 34.1 percent. The gap is even wider when you look at how much people actually use their mobile devices; iOS accounts for 58.5 percent of mobile traffic compared to 31.9 percent for Android.

Source: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Month Ave. Ending July 2011
*An index of 100 represents the national average.
Key findings highlighted in the report include:
  • Mobile phones drive digital traffic around the world, while tablets are gaining steam.

    The share of non-computer traffic for the U.S. stood at 6.8 percent in August 2011, with approximately two-thirds of that traffic coming from mobile phones, and tablets accounting for much of the remainder.
  • Increased WiFi availability and mobile broadband adoption in the U.S. are helping drive connectivity.
    In August 2011, more than one third (37.2 percent) of U.S. digital traffic coming from mobile phones occurred via a WiFi connection. This percentage grew nearly 3 points in just the past three months. On the other hand, tablets, which traditionally required a WiFi connection to access the Internet, are increasingly driving traffic using mobile broadband access. In August, nearly 10 percent of traffic from tablets occurred via a mobile network connection.
  • Today, half of the total U.S. mobile population uses mobile media. The mobile media user population (those who browse the mobile web, access applications, or download content) grew 19 percent in the past year to more than 116 million people at the end of August 2011.

  • iPads dominate among tablets in driving digital traffic. In August 2011, iPads delivered 97.2 percent of all tablet traffic in the U.S. iPads have also begun to account for a higher share of Internet traffic than iPhones (46.8 percent vs. 42.6 percent of all iOS device traffic).

  • In the U.S., tablet users display the characteristics of early technology adopters: The Ipad consumers are typically young males in upper income brackets. In August, 54.7 percent of all tablet owners were male and nearly 30 percent were age 25-34. Nearly half (45.9 percent) of tablet owners belonged to households earning $100K and more.

  • Nearly half of tablet owners made or completed a purchase on their tablet. Tablet owners exhibited significant use of their tablets s throughout the entire online shopping process –including, searching  and researching the  product making price comparisons, to finally transacting. In the past month, more than half of tablet owners looked up product or price information for a specific store (56 percent) and read customer ratings and reviews while on a tablet (54 percent).

  • Nearly 3 out of 5 tablet owners consume news on their tablets. 58 percent of tablet owners consumed world, national or local news on their devices, with 1 in 4 consuming this content on a near-daily basis on their tablets.
 source : Comscore