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September 18, 2011

HTC Top UK Mobile Handsets with 51% Marketshare

More than half of the Android phones in the UK are from HTC, according to the latest ComScore data, with HTC pushing Samsung into a distant second place. The Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has increased its share of the British smartphone market to 20n percent.HTC takes the first place  with a whopping 50.9 per cent of the market, with Samsung on 21.6 per cent.

Top 3 Handset Marketshare in United Kingdom
  • HTC is no 1 with 50.9% marketshare 
  • Samsung  is    a distant no 2 ,  and  trails  HTC by two times with 21.6% marketshare
  • Sony Ericsson is no 3 at 14.2%
  • LG has a 3.5%
  • Motorola 2.1%

Those above figures suggest that HTC has provided in excess of 3.2 million handsets in the UK, with Samsung on around 1.3 million and Sony Ericsson on 894,000. and  LG with around 220,000 and Moto on slightly over 132,000.

However in other EU Countries, France has Samsung holding top spot with 42.3 per cent of its market, and the Korean company is also top in Italy, Germany and Spain.

Almost 20 million Android handsets are being used in those countries (UK, Spain, France, Italy Germany), with the UK the biggest market with 6.3 million users.

HTC's market share in Britain was 15 percent in the first quarter, up from 7 percent a year earlier, according to research firm IDC.

June 9, 2011

UK Leads in Apps Adoption in Europe

Europe's smartphone users   has seen the most fastest  explosion of apps adoption  along with growing smartphone usage across their countries.Smartphones continue to become an increasingly important segment of the European mobile phone landscape in 2010. According to Comscore ,Smartphone penetration in the EU5 (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy) increased by 9.5 percentage points to 31.1 percent, placing it higher than the US (which saw smartphone penetration increase 10.2 percentage points to 27.0 percent).

According to new figures  from mobile analytics company Flurry, around a fifth of people in Europe’s biggest countries are already rabid app users, with appetites that show no signs of slowing.
Britain leads the pack with 17.2 million people — that’s a third of the adult population — using smartphone apps: the highest penetration in Flurry’s survey. France (population 65 million) and Germany (81 million) come next, with almost the same number of app users in total, while Italy and Spain trail.

The chart show the smartphone app audience as a percentage of each top European country’s population, again ages 13 and over.  The UK leads in penetration with a whopping 33% of its population using apps on smartphones per month.  France places second with a sizable 20%, next followed by Germany, Spain and Italy coming in with 14%, 9% and 10%, respectively.

The chart above shows just how quickly the base of devices running smartphone apps is growing by country.  While the UK and France are the most penetrated to date, as a percentage of their countryies' populations, the laggard countries are closing the gap in terms of growth.  Spain leads in growth of its active smartphone user base with a monthly growth rate of 14%. Germany and Italy’s active smartphone bases are both growing at 11%.   Additionally, France and the UK continue to grow, month-over-month, by 7% and 6.7%, respectively.

The graph below shows how consumer usage varies by app category across the top five European markets.

source :Flurry which gathers information by anonymously tracking data from millions of apps — monitored usage in the five largest European economies: