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April 6, 2015

LTE / 4G Coverage in Europe to exceed 83% of population by 2020

LTE / 4G Coverage in Europe  to exceed  83% of population  by 2020
4G to cover 83% of european households by 2020


The chart shows the  adoption of LTE ( Long term evolution or 4G )By 2020,according to  GSMA  83% of European population will  be covered  by  this technology

4G/LTE networks offer the consumer a robust data connection, as well as higher data transmission speeds and reductions in latency.There is growing evidence of a change in consumer behavior when presented with the greater opportunities offered by these new applications and services, particularly with regard to video content. Consumers with 4G/LTE  tend to use their mobiles more to interact  specially on social media and does it more frequently than laptop or other devices. LTE/4G  starts  encouraging more data intensive sessions with more pictures, video and downloading

Ratio of digital vs mobile budget spends in Europe by country

"digital and mobile ad spends in  Wetern Europe by countries"


Western Europe’s developed economies and high smartphone usage will help push advertisers in the region to allocate larger portions of their budgets toward mobile throughout the forecast period. Across Western Europe, mobile’s share of digital ad spending will climb to 22% in 2016 from 6% in 2012. By 2016, 28% of digital ad spending in the UK will be devoted to mobile advertising while digital  ad will account for  45% of overall budget spends.In 2012 this was 36%. a growth of 9% Meanwhile more  than 18% of total digital dollars in Denmark, Germany, Italy and Norway will come from mobile

French advertisers are likely to spent 23.5% on digital, and  15.5% of this on Mobile .Digital spends  for Italy  would account for 19%by 2016, while 18.7% of this would be on mobile 

April 1, 2015

Share of media spends in US, UK, China and Germany : digital vs mobile

Share of Ad Spending, by Channel

 Offline spend vs digital spends vs mobile spends : US, UK , China and Germany

Ad Spending by Channels (source: emarketer)

The above chart shows  traditional Ad Spending channels compared with digital  and mobile spend. (mobile spends as a part of digital spends). Media Spending across US , UK, Germany and China have been compared.

 US tops in digital spending, with  $50 billion out of which  almost $19 billion  is spent on mobile .Mobile spends as a percentage of digital spending is38%

China comes 2nd with  as Traditional marketing spends  tops $39billion,while digital spending reaches  $23.8 billion ,out of which mobile spends forms 29% with $7.36billion

UK stands out as the only country where traditional adspends is lower that digital spends.

March 31, 2015

European users who are most likely to pay for digital news

nations that are willing to pay for digital news

This chart  shows the willingness to pay for digital news content in seven countries including the United States, France, Italy, Spain Germany and the United Kingdom.

March 25, 2015

Global monthly Active Twitter Users by country

 Twitter global users  by percentage
The above chart shows the global distribution of active  Twitter users. This  does not include total Twitter usage across the world, but only monthly  active accounts  .  the United States accounted for 24.3 percent of traffic to to Twitter   and ranked no 1 , followed by , Japan's active Twitter users   which formed  9% of  global  active Twitter users . Indonesia have active twitter base of  6.5% of global population
  • 500 million Tweets are sent per day
  • 80% of Twitter active users are on mobile
  • 77% of accounts are outside the U.S.
  • Twitter supports 33 languages
  • Vine: More than 40 million users

Tablet ownership by nations : Top 5 countries with highest tablet penetration


This statistic shows the percentage of tablet computer ownership and usage among the populations of selected countries as of . In the U.S. tablet ownership and usage was found to be at 20 percent of the population. Spain, Australia both have 24% penetration in terms of tablets, Italy  ranks 2nd with 23% and US ranks 3rd. UK tablet penetration is 19%

have the highest penetration of Tablets with 24%

March 16, 2015

European Nations ranked by Online ad Spending per person

comparing total advertising spends vs online ad spends

 The chart shows The Internet ad spending per person in the Top 20 nations. The left chart shows online ad spending  per person, while the right shows  media  spends  per internet user

 An average Australian consumer  accounts  $209   for the total media spends in that nation That  means   on the average brands and marketers spends $209  as advertising spends  per  person .

The European nations have been highlighted in orange .Among European
 nations,  UK Norway and Denmark  are no 2, 3 and 5  respectively  spending  on an average $201, $191 and $163 as advertising cost person.Sweden :$118, Netherlands:$104 and Germany:$97 ranking 7th, 8th and 9th respectively

Meanwhile  the average spends on digital advertising is lead by Norway and  Sweden which ranks 1st and 4th , spending $582 and $404 respectively. UK ranks 7th,spending  $347 in digital advertising per  internet user 
The US ranks no 2 in digital spending per internet user with $540  while Australia tanks 3rd

March 7, 2015

Europe's Turbo Charged 5 Economies that are riding on digital ad Spending

Top 10 European nations  with biggest digital growth

The above chart from emarketer  shows  the Mobile Internet  Spends across Top 10 European nations (actual and  projected spends )  Mobile Media Spends include  display advertising,Mobile Search, Mobile , emailers, messaging,mobile videos 

The UK is Europe's biggest market in terms of Mobile Ad Spending   and is likely to remain so for a long time  with The UK  is expected to account for 52.5% of mobile internet ad spending in the region in 2013.. .Germany, France, Italy Netherlands make  up for the top 5  fastest growing mobile / web advertising market 

February 25, 2015

UK Blackberry Users drops to 700,000, as windows phone grabs 8.5% share

Global blackberry handset share
Blackberry sales in UK

Its been a long time we heard about Blackberry ,While BlackBerry’s market share has been slipping for several years now, eMarketer’s latest figures indicate that  in the  United Kingdom  Blackberry  now has as few as 700,000 users in the UK, with this number expected to fall to 400,000 by 2017. 

Globally as  of June 2014 blackberry sales  was down to 46 million , from 85 million  in  September 2013 . BlackBerry subscribers worldwide has been  dropped steadily and the UK market's rapid fall will  only serve to  benefit windows phone, which has been picking up marketshare steadily.Windows Phone, meanwhile, has seen its popularity grow  and estimated to have around  3.3 million users in UK as per eMarketer estimates , and a projected market share of 8.5%

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February 24, 2015

No of Insurance policies brought by British consumers online

Nof of insurance policies brought online

AAs of 2014, 21%   British users had purchases insurance  as compared to 18% in 2013 and  2012 In 2013 14% Uk users used online medium to  purchase " online Insurance policies  and 

September 23, 2014

How much does consumers in UK spend on Mobile Shopping

Spends  by UK consumer on Mobile
According to the The above chart shows  increase in Mobile Commerce spends in UK, with a breakup of spends . In 2014 Q2, UK users who have spent approx 10  pounds via  mobile forms around 10 million of the UK population.
  • Users who have spent up to 100 Pounds on mobile shopping  is  15 million  .This means that about 25 million   users  in United Kingdom  have spent from 1 to 100 pounds
  • Around 3million users have spent  upto 1000 British pounds on mobile  transaction
  • About 2 million Mobile Shoppers have  spent over 1000 pounds 
It was forecast that there would be 19 million m-commerce users in the UK in second quarter 2016 who spend up to 100 British pounds on their transaction. market in 2011

July 4, 2014

UK to record 27 million Mobile and 12 million tablets sales , 5 million less than last year

UK consumer usage by Device : Mobile vs PC vs TV

Around two thirds of the UK's mobile phone users (or 53.7 per cent of the total population) use smartphones at least monthly, compared to 65 per cent (51.4 per cent) of the US market, estimates market researcher eMarketer

  • In 2000, just half of UK adults said that they had a mobile phone. In 2013 that figure now stands at 94%. 
  • In Q1 2013 49% of adults used their mobile phones for internet access, up from 39% a year 

  • Fewer mobile devices to be sold in the UK this year , and its estimated that mobile phone sales will drop 11% this year  while tablet sales will fall 14%
  • Meanwhile, tablet sales, which broke all records in previous quarters, slumped 17%
  • According to PC Retail: "27 million mobile phones and 12 million tablets will be sold in the UK this year - some five million devices fewer than 2013, predicts CCS Insight. 

Top 10 geographical markets with highest retail ecommerce growth

Chart showing the  online retail revenues comparison report
The Global Markets   with highest Growth in ecommerce 

According to the latest  data from emarketer

  1. The US ecommerce market grew  sales grew 14.5% from $262.34 billion  to $300.64billion .
  2.  In comparison the Chinese " growth in the ecommerce in 2014  was an astonishing 76% higher than  the last year ..From $141.64billion to 249.38billlion
  3. UK ecommerce showed a 13% growth this year with online sales touching $77.84 billion  compared to $68.88billion in 2013
  4. Japan ecommerce growth showed an 8% growth this year as compared to last year with online sales  of $76.95 billion  as compared to $70.75billion in 2013 
  5. Germany online retail sales this year totaled  $47billion a 9% growth compared with last year at $42.6billion.
  6. France online retail sales grew by 12%  and expected to total around $36.38billion this year
  7. Canada recorded  a healthy 17% Increase in its online retail   to $21.61billion  in 2013 compared to $18.36billion it recorded in 2012
  8. Online Retail sales in Australia is expected to grow to $20.23billion  this year,a 6 percentage higher than $`19.16billion which it recorded  in 2013

June 16, 2014

How Devices play a key role in UK Consumers Travel Decisions

Device  and online travel usage

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role in  daily lives of UK consumers according to a recent study commissioned by Expedia Media Solutions and conducted by comScore, is  to be believed

UK Travelers are are an active, mobile-savvy group that utilise multiple devices and sources of information throughout the travel cycle. Using insights from MMX Multi-Platform, the study found that two-thirds of UK Travel category visitors accessed content via mobile devices during January 2014, with Ground/Cruise (66%), Online Travel Agents (53%), and Hotels/Resorts (53%) leading among subcategories.

"Further analysis into device usage patterns revealed that both phone and tablet usage for Travel category visitation peaks at night between 8 p.m. and midnight, while PC Travel visitation peaks in the afternoon between noon and 5 p.m

June 12, 2014

UK Online Users to spend $232.46 per year

According to the latest emarketing report this year UK digital ad spending per Internet user will increase to $201.59  Digital ad spend per user is expected to trend upward at a gradual rate year over year  In 2015, $232.46 will be spent per Internet user, while in 2016 this number will increase to $246.34Global
UK Online Shopping Forecast