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June 21, 2012

US Technology Shift 2012 and Beyond:Top 3 trends

2012 will be about curating, filtering and measuring that information to drive outcomes.The revolution will be televised, streamed, shared, tweeted, linked, posted, blogged, aggregated, curated, scanned…and measured. More than ever, marketers and retailers are under pressure to show that online, mobile and social media advertising provide a good return on investment.

Smartphone  other tablet computers
The number of iPad users in the US will rise by over 90% in 2012 to 53.2 million, as loyal users replace older models and new consumers purchase the device, according to eMarketer.

That level of growth is down significantly from last year's 143.9% jump, and will continue to decline; by 2015, the number of iPad users will rise by just under 12%. By then, more than one-third of all US internet users will have such a device.

US iPad users, 2010-2015:

- 2010: 11.5 million
- 2011: 28.0 million (+143.9%)
- 2012: 53.2 million (+90.1%)
- 2013: 70.5 million (+32.6%)
- 2014: 81.1 million (+15.1%)
- 2015: 90.8 million (+11.9%)

Compared to iPads, overall tablet penetration is rising more quickly and will reach 29.1% of internet users by the end of this year, but growth will still fall off to 11.9% by 2015.

In 2012, the iPad will continue to be in the hands of more than three-quarters (76.4%) of all tablet users in the country, but by 2015 the percentage is expected to fall down to 68.0%.