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January 28, 2016

US statewise contribution to hillary clinton for her election bid in 2016

which state in united states are the biggest contributor for funds  for Hillary Clinton . To know the details , hover your mouse onto  different US states..The contributions from each states  will be shown as you move along the country state by state 

which 5 states are contributing highest to donald trump's funds

These are the US states that are the regions which makes up the bulk of the supporters of Donal Trump. These 5 states are up the drumming up the highest funds for Donald Trump

These 5 states are  the biggest contributor to Donald Trumps fundraising.Data shown is for contributions from individuals of $200 or more.

January 27, 2016

2016 presidential candidate creating the highest buzz on facebook

"which US 2016 presidential election candidate has highest facebook buzz"


Among all the US 2016 presidential candidates in US, across both Republicans and Democrats  who is creating the  highest buzz on Facebook. ? This chart by  Wall Street Journal Shows its Mrs Rodham Hillary Clinton, who  is having the final word when it comes to interactions on Facebook .With 8 million interactions in just under a month she is right there on the top followed by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul,Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie  and Ben Carson .. all of them have had  between 2 to 4 million interactions. With the exception of  Ted Cruz  who is ranked no 2 after Hillary  having reached the highest with 4.84 millon interactions on Facebook

October 31, 2015

Ben Carson and Marco Rubio gained highest twitter followers during 3rd Republican debate:

Ben Carson and Marco Rubio  gained the highest twitter followers followed by Donald Trump.
The volume of of Tweets during the third Republican debate .

August 30, 2015

US funding Raising activity for 2016 US Presidential elections :Who has raised how much


HOW THE BIG 3 IS STACKED AGAINTS EACH OTHER WHEN IT COMES TO FUNDING RAISING Donations To 2016 Presidential Candidates, By Size Percent of candidates’ committee and superPAC donations from different donor groups. Charts are ordered by amount of money raised (largest to smallest — that is, Jeb Bush to Lincoln Chafee).

Fund Rausing Campaigns in US : Who Has Raised how much and how

The 2016 US presidential elections candidates have already raised more than $350 million combined. In comparison, the two political parties in the U.K. raised less than $13 million over their entire 2015 election. The staggering U.S. campaign fundraising totals come from three primary sources: campaign committees, super PACs, and other committees (including nonprofits like 527 groups).

April 21, 2011

Obama on Zuckerburg wearing a tie

He introduced himself as "the guy who got Mark Zuckerberg to wear a jacket and tie." "I'm very proud of that," President Obama quipped as he walked onto a stage at Facebook headquarters on Wednesday, and sat next to Mr. Zuckerberg. Both men then proceeded to take off their jackets. About an hour later, Mr. Obama, whose visit here forced Silicon Valley types to button down a bit, left with a far more casual item of clothing that has become de rigueur in some tech circles: a hoodie given to him by Mr. Zuckerberg. Of course, the Facebook logo was printed on it.

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