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April 1, 2015

Share of media spends in US, UK, China and Germany : digital vs mobile

Share of Ad Spending, by Channel

 Offline spend vs digital spends vs mobile spends : US, UK , China and Germany

Ad Spending by Channels (source: emarketer)

The above chart shows  traditional Ad Spending channels compared with digital  and mobile spend. (mobile spends as a part of digital spends). Media Spending across US , UK, Germany and China have been compared.

 US tops in digital spending, with  $50 billion out of which  almost $19 billion  is spent on mobile .Mobile spends as a percentage of digital spending is38%

China comes 2nd with  as Traditional marketing spends  tops $39billion,while digital spending reaches  $23.8 billion ,out of which mobile spends forms 29% with $7.36billion

UK stands out as the only country where traditional adspends is lower that digital spends.

March 31, 2015

European users who are most likely to pay for digital news

nations that are willing to pay for digital news

This chart  shows the willingness to pay for digital news content in seven countries including the United States, France, Italy, Spain Germany and the United Kingdom.

Revenues from e-book sales in US to reach 8.69billion USD,growing over 50%

ebook revenues in US since 2010 to 2018

Revenue from e-book sales in the United States from 2008 to 2018 

Revenue from ebooks in US is set to grow to  almost 9billion USD by 2018 ,, a projected growth of  52%  as compared to 2014 ebook revenue of 5.69billion USD. Ebook Revenue in Unites States in 2015 is expected to total 6.74billion USD a growth of  18%.. ebook sales revenue in US has grown 8 times since 2010 onwards

The Top 10 Brands in US Facebook by followers

Facebook brands in USA: top 10
Facebook brands in USA: top 10


 Walmart ,Subway and Samsung Mobile  are the biggest brands on Facebook in terms of total fans,  According to socialbakers the fastest growing brands   include Falken Tires, Meetville , Hills Pet and Corning

March 29, 2015

Search vs Display vs Video : Mobile spending by Category

search vs display vs video : Mobile ad spending by format


Mobile display dollars will continue to increase, outpacing mobile search Mobile display is expected to reach $14.67 billion in 2015 as compared to $9.65 billion in 2014, a growth of over 50%. This number is set to increase to $33.9 billion by 2019
Search advertising  is set to total $12.85 billion from $8.72, a growth of 47% in 2015 as compared to 2014 . Search is further expected to grow to $17.87 billion in 2016 . Meanwhile video advertising is set to grow to $2.62 in 2015  from $1.54 billion a growth of 70% in 2015 

March 28, 2015

The Least Trusted vs Most Trusted Companies in US

Most trusted vs least trusted Brands in US

2015 marks the fifth year of the Temkin Experience Ratings, and this year, supermarkets dominated the ratings.In terms of the most trusted Companies in American Publix earned the top spot, closely followed by Aldi and H-E-B. In addition to earning the top three positions, supermarkets also took five of the top 12 spots. Retailers also performed well, with both PetSmart and making it into the top seven. At the other end of the spectrum, Coventry Health Care, Fox Rent A Car, Comcast, and Fujitsu earned the lowest ratings. 

 Meanwhile, 9% of the companies measured had “very poor” (below 40%) ratings and another 22% were rated as “poor” (40-50%). Comcast languished at the bottom for its TV and internet service businesses, with other TV and internet services also among the worst. Many of the top- and bottom-ranking companies also appeared in similar positions in Temkin Group’s recent Customer Experience ratings.

March 27, 2015

US Mobile Ad Spending to exceed Desktop ads by 2016

Ad spending by device

Mobile Ad Spending vs Desktop digital  ad spending in US

Mobile ad spendingg will exceed  desktop spends by the year 2016, Presently  mobile share  out of total ad spends for, 19% as compared to 32% for desktop 

n 2015  desktop spends  is set o decline from an average  $30 to $26.59$  . While in  2016 mobile  online ads will make up $40 of total ad spends  from $28  a grow of 42% as compared to 2015

With strong spending growth predicted again next year – of 41% – mobile will overtake desktops and average 60.4% of digital ad spending and more than one-fifth (20.4%) of total media ad spending, per the forecast.

March 25, 2015

Global monthly Active Twitter Users by country

 Twitter global users  by percentage
The above chart shows the global distribution of active  Twitter users. This  does not include total Twitter usage across the world, but only monthly  active accounts  .  the United States accounted for 24.3 percent of traffic to to Twitter   and ranked no 1 , followed by , Japan's active Twitter users   which formed  9% of  global  active Twitter users . Indonesia have active twitter base of  6.5% of global population
  • 500 million Tweets are sent per day
  • 80% of Twitter active users are on mobile
  • 77% of accounts are outside the U.S.
  • Twitter supports 33 languages
  • Vine: More than 40 million users

Tablet ownership by nations : Top 5 countries with highest tablet penetration


This statistic shows the percentage of tablet computer ownership and usage among the populations of selected countries as of . In the U.S. tablet ownership and usage was found to be at 20 percent of the population. Spain, Australia both have 24% penetration in terms of tablets, Italy  ranks 2nd with 23% and US ranks 3rd. UK tablet penetration is 19%

have the highest penetration of Tablets with 24%

March 23, 2015

Google's biggest search advertisers and money making machines : Top 10 Brands

Infographic: The Biggest Google Search Advertisers in the U.S. | Statista

According to  Ad Age, Amazon alone spent almost $158 million on Google search advertising in the U.S.   making the online retailer the biggest spender on Google search ads by far. The second biggest advertiser is Priceline which spends $82million on search advertising on Google, followed by AT and T with $81million

February 19, 2015

Tablet Video or Mobile Video Traffic : Which market is growing the fastest

uengagement by media video channels

This is  the daily time US adults spend with digital media, including both desktop and mobile devices.US digital  users account for 16.7% of all video  usage time  for the average adult, and digital  video in particular accounts for 15.9% o.

The  chart  shows that  US adults spent nearly an hour per day watching video on digital devices, While the absolute amount of time consumers were spending watching PCbased video was stable since 2012, the amount of time spent with mobile video had more than quadrupled in the same time period to 33 minutes per day.

  1. TV viewership in terms of engagement time has remained almost the same ( 4.24 in 2010  vs 4.33 in 2014)
  2. Digital Video consumer usage has increased from a mere 6 mins in 2010 to 55 mins in 2014 
  3. Consumer time  spent with  Mobile video grew  fr0m 3 seconds in 2011 to 33 seconds in 2014
  4.  Online Video surfing  usage from Desktop and Laptop  increased considerably frm 6 seconds to 22 seconds  since 2010 onwards to 2014

October 10, 2014

America's Best Fast Food Chain :Big Mac vs Burger King vs Wendy's

Mic Mac vs Burger King vs Wendys : Comparison

Over 33%  people in the United States say McDonald's  is no 1 when it comes to the Country's best fries .. however a report  shatters the myth about the popularity of big Mac in US

Big Mac which trails the competition in the popularity stakes. Just 7 percent of people think McDonald's have the best beef burger - Burger King and Five Guys are in the lead with 15 percent each. 10 percent of people gave the green light to Burger King's fries

October 9, 2014

25% of overall internet traffic comes from Mobile Devices

25% of overall internet traffic comes from Mobile Devices

Mobile usage in Africa is growing at over 100% this year as compared to the same duration last year.If you compare mobile usage vs web usage in Africa clearly shows Mobile is growing at an unprecedented levels.  In 2013 the mobile formed 37% of  overall internet usage  

In Asia  Mobile web  accounts for over 37%  of total  internet usage (which includes PC +desktop )

North america and South Americans saw their mobile traffic form 19 and 17% of overall internet traffic, a growth of around 9% overall

Globally mobile forms 25% of online traffic  and by 2017 this is expected to cross 50%

September 25, 2014

B2b vs B2c ecommerce revenue :World vs China

Ecommerce sales from b2b expected to cross 1.5trillion dollars

ccording to eMarketer’s latest forecasts, worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales will increase by 20.1% this year to reach $1.500 trillion .Meanwhile a recent study shows that by 2016, global B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion.Growth will come primarily from the rapidly expanding online and mobile web specially from emerging markets

The  revenue of the B2B e-commerce in China from 2007 to  2013. In 2007, the B2B e-commerce revenue in China amounted to 1.25 trillion yuan

July 4, 2014

Top 10 geographical markets with highest retail ecommerce growth

Chart showing the  online retail revenues comparison report
The Global Markets   with highest Growth in ecommerce 

According to the latest  data from emarketer

  1. The US ecommerce market grew  sales grew 14.5% from $262.34 billion  to $300.64billion .
  2.  In comparison the Chinese " growth in the ecommerce in 2014  was an astonishing 76% higher than  the last year ..From $141.64billion to 249.38billlion
  3. UK ecommerce showed a 13% growth this year with online sales touching $77.84 billion  compared to $68.88billion in 2013
  4. Japan ecommerce growth showed an 8% growth this year as compared to last year with online sales  of $76.95 billion  as compared to $70.75billion in 2013 
  5. Germany online retail sales this year totaled  $47billion a 9% growth compared with last year at $42.6billion.
  6. France online retail sales grew by 12%  and expected to total around $36.38billion this year
  7. Canada recorded  a healthy 17% Increase in its online retail   to $21.61billion  in 2013 compared to $18.36billion it recorded in 2012
  8. Online Retail sales in Australia is expected to grow to $20.23billion  this year,a 6 percentage higher than $`19.16billion which it recorded  in 2013

June 12, 2014

UK Online Users to spend $232.46 per year

According to the latest emarketing report this year UK digital ad spending per Internet user will increase to $201.59  Digital ad spend per user is expected to trend upward at a gradual rate year over year  In 2015, $232.46 will be spent per Internet user, while in 2016 this number will increase to $246.34Global
UK Online Shopping Forecast