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July 28, 2020

US Smartphone sales in Q2,2020 falls by 25%

US Smartphone sales  : Q2,2019 vs Q2,2020


During the second quarter of 2020, US smartphone sell-through fell 25% year-over-year, according to Counterpoint Research’s preliminary US Smartphone Channel Share Tracker. 

Prepaid channels were hurt the most during the COVID-19 outbreak despite a higher percentage of stores remaining open compared to postpaid. Postpaid channels declined 20%, a steep fall but one partly offset by an almost doubling of the percentage of devices sold online. Commenting on Q2, North America Research Director, Jeff Fieldhack, said, “Mid-March through mid-April saw the weakest sales as it was the height of the first COVID-19 lockdowns in the US. April was the weakest month for smartphone sell-through as about 80% of smartphone sales channels were closed; sell-through volume was down over 50%.

 Smartphone sales for May through the end of June grew week-over-week. June 2020 sales were stronger than June 2019 sales, which shows the US smartphone market is resilient.” Fieldhack added, “US smartphone sales picked up when the first stimulus checks were received by consumers during the back half of April. Soon after, carrier stores and national retail began opening again which further helped the recovery. There was also a bit of pent-up demand created by the weeks of store closures. Many consumers who may have wanted a new device but still had a functioning phone simply put off their purchase. Finally, US operator net additions will probably not be as disappointing as smartphone sales due to spikes in sales of hotspots, other connected devices, and used smartphones being connected again.”

Talking about OEMs, the sell-through declined for all the major players, however, Samsung remained the strongest with only 10% drop followed by Alcatel at 11%. Whereas, sales of Apple and LG decreased by 23% and 35% respectively. On the other hand, ZTE was the most affected company with 68% dip. Similar story for Lenovo-owned Motorola (62%) and OnePlus (60%), both of which launched their most expensive flagship smartphones in the second quarter of 2020. Further, Samsung Galaxy S20 series activations were 38% less than that of Galaxy S10 series in the first four months. But Apple iPhone SE 2020 sold well as over 30% of buyers upgraded from either iPhone 6s or older models. Interestingly, 26% of new users were one who switched from Android, which happens to be higher than normal Android to iOS

January 17, 2017

14 million jobs to be generated by the technology companies in us in next 2 years

"infographic on the state of the united states technology market "

The technology industry comprised 5.7% of the U.S.private sector workforce in 2015, unchanged from 2014.  Tech manufacturing employment stood at 1.14 million in 2015, an increase of 3,700 jobs from 2014, and increase of 0.3%.In comparison, the overall manufacturing sector jobs in the U.S. grew by 0.97% during the same period Among the seven major tech manufacturing sub sectors, four experienced employment gains, while 3 experienced job losses.

  1. The computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing had the highest rate of employment growth at 3.7
  2. Jobs across the Telecom and Internet services sector totaled 1.3 million in 2015 up by 35,000 from 2014 .
  3. Meanwhile Software employment totaled 316,200 in 2015, adding 5,300 workers, representing an increase of 1.7%percent from 2014
  4. The IT services sector experienced the largest increase in jobs of the tech sectors growing by 105,400 in 2015
  5. The largest net increase in jobs for any tech sector in 2015 came in services, accounting for more than half the net tech jobs gain.
  6. The size of the U.S. tech workforce exceeds its construction workforce by around 400,000 jobs, and the financial sector by about 1 million jobs.( source:compTIA)

state of technology industry growth in alabama : top 3 trends

" growth of technology industry in alabama"

State of technology sector growth  in Alabama:employment trends and salary 

According to industry analyst CompTIA's Cyberstates 2016 report, Alabama added 454 tech jobs from 2014 to 2015. The state's total tech job employment exceeds 79,000, ranking Alabama 24th in the country.Alabama has 5642 technology establishments ( small medium and big ) that provides jobs to the state , with a billing of $6.4 billion in payroll.The leading tech industry which employs the highest number of people workers in Alabama are Software Systems and design,Engineering services,Telecom and R & D ( Research and development )

The bulk of those jobs are within computer system designs, an occupation that employs 23,000 Alabamians. Alabama has more than 40,000 people employed in key IT occupations. Corporate headquarters from BBVA Compass, Protective Life, Alabama Power, Regions Financial to software development companies such as Daxko and Platypi are based in the state. 

 In Birmingham, the state's largest metro area, some 12,000 people are employed in IT occupations. Those occupations grew by almost 5 percent in the past 5 years. That figure is projected to grow at a similar pace in the next 5 years and even more rapidly beyond that time frame.On average technology industry pay higher salaries as compared to other private sector compensation levels. The salary for a tech worker is $80,000 across tech industry which is 88% higher than other sectors ( compared to $42,600 across other sectors.see chart).Meanwhile Google’s announced $600 million data center in Jackson County may not bring the investment and jobs of an automaker or airplane assembly plant, but economic developers believe the image boost for Alabama’s technology sector could be just as significant. 

December 7, 2016

great britain and united states sees iPhone 7 as the fastest selling smartphone device,

Despite predictions to the contrary, Apple's iPhone 7 emerges as the top smartphone selling brand spot in Great Britain

Data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows that Apple's iPhone 7 has become the fastest selling and the highest selling smartphone device in Great Britain, and the US. Apple's iPhone 7 was the top selling device, pushing the previous top device (iPhone SE) to third, while iPhone 6s remained the second best-selling device for the 3 months ending October 2016

In the same period Japan stands at the top in the list of regions where iOS holds the greatest share, with 51.7% of smartphone sales,followed by 44% in Great Britain and 40.5% in the US. Meanwhile Android market share saw similar growth across a number of regions, declining only in the US (by 5.6 percentage points), and in Japan by less than a percent 

Europe's big five markets for android include Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. However with iPhone 7 launch, Apple's iOS achieved year-on-year growth across most regions in EU5 except Germany, where it fell 2.7% points to 16.5% of smartphone sales. iPhone 7 cracked the top 10 smartphones sold in all regions but Spain, which remains dominated by the Android ecosystem at 91.7% of all sales

This comes in-spite of projection by some reports that iPhone 7 might not be able to replicate its iPhone 6 success in United Kingdom as it did in 2015.The company reportedly sold 25% fewer iPhones during the weekend after its launch than it did during the same period in 2015, following the launch of the iPhone 6s .

Meanwhile, DigiTimes recently carried a report that chip orders for Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are likely to be 20% lower in the first quarter of 2017 than in the same period of 2016. The report further said that Apple reportedly asked manufacturing partners to carry chips for 50 million units of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the third quarter of 2016, but only 45 million units in the fourth quarter.The unverified reports contrast with initial indications from mobile operators in the US, which said that first-day sales of the new iPhone 7 were better than expected.


November 29, 2016

chinese buyout of american business this year exceeds 100 deals valued over $60billion

"chinese buyout of american business this year is over  100 deals  valued over $60billion "

"top 10 biggest chinese buyout of  foreign business"
Biggest Chinese Firms Buying out Foreign Companies

More money flowed out of China last year than in any year before, though it is hard to say exactly how much. Estimates vary from more than $500 billion to $1 trillion. In 2014, just $134.3 billion left China.In 2016, China's outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI) will likely grow even faster than in previous years,according to a report by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and a research firm Rhodium Group.A significant share of that capital outflow has already found a home in North America. So far this year, 72 deals (including merger/acquisition and private placement) valued at over $7.5 billion have closed and 27 new deals valued at over $33 billion targeting U.S.-based companies have been announced.That makes it exactly 99 deals that are valued at more than$60billion as of November 2016. 

This compares to 59 deals by Chinese Companies valued at $2.9 billion closing during the same period last year, per data compiled by S&P Capital IQ. The average deal announced so far this year is also much bigger this yeat, a whopping $1.5 billion, an eight-fold increase from last year. Bearish Stock markets in China has not stopped Chinese firms from going on a buying spree for American companies.Direct investments from China put over $15 billion into transactions in the U.S. last year, a near-30 percent increase compared to the previous year and a new all-time high

Moreover, of 27 deals announced this year, five are valued in excess of a billion dollars each and include high-profile transactions such as the acquisition of luxury hotel owner Strategic Hotels & Resorts by Anabang Insurance Group for $8.2 billion, Ingram Micro by Tianjin Tianhai Investment for $7.2 billion (upon completion of the transaction, Ingram Micro will operate as a subsidiary of TianjinTianhai, consolidated under HNA Group) and GE Appliances by Qingdao Haier for $5.4 billion

According to Dealogic data, Outbound M&A spending took a total of $90.6 billion out of China in 2015.Meanwhile the 10 (mostly state-owned) Chinese companies that spent the most money buying foreign businesses last year did $46.6 billion in deals, representing between 5 and 10% of the capital that left China’s borders.

November 24, 2016

top 10 cities which is home to highest mobile shoppers

"these 10 american cities has the highest number of mobile shoppers"

Houston,Seattle,San Francisco and Los Angeles are the top 5 american cities which has the highest number of mobile shoppers

For the second straight year Houston has claimed the No. 1 spot on the Interactive Advertising Bureau's U.S. Mobile Shopping Savvy Cities Index, which the IAB says is due to the city's mobile shopping versatility and dexterity. The rankings are determined by mobile usage patterns and the frequency of use among mobile shoppers in major U.S. cities. For the purposes of the index "mobile shopping" is defined as making purchases using a phone or tablet, and also using mobile devices to research products that are later bought at brick-and-mortar locations. Houston is followed on the list by three West Coast cities–Seattle-Tacoma, San Francisco and Los Angeles–with the highest-ranking East Coast market, New York, rounding out the top five.

November 14, 2016

retail industry and job creation by verticals

" retail industry job creation by retail sectors"

In America, the retail industry plays a big role in job creation.The retail industry in United States supports nearly 5 million logistics jobs. along with 4 million management and administration jobs.Another 2 million health care and service jobs.A 2 million finance, insurance and real estate jobs.Overall 98.6% of the retail industry employs less than 50 people .This data on american retail industry comes from the PwC report, The Economic Impact of the U.S. Retail Industry.2015

According to National retail federation stats,The United States retail economy supports 3,793,621 Retail Establishments which power 42 Million Jobs and around $2.6 Trillion in Total GDP Impact

November 7, 2016

historical holiday spending category by products:consumer purchase projection in 2016

" historical holiday season purchase over the years"
Food and candy spending is estimated to reach just over a 100 dollars, decorations will hover between $50 and  spending on greeting cards and flowers will  touch between $20 to $27 in 2016.Food, Candy, flowers and greeting cards is expected to  exceed a total of $207 in terms of consumer spends for this years holiday seasons 2016

"consumer holiday shopping purchase projection in 2016"

What Consumer Plan to Buy During Holiday Season Shopping in 2016

Holiday Shopping including  Family Gifts buying this year  is expected to touch  $461 this 2016 holiday shopping season. Approx 71% american consumers plan to buy holiday gifts  for friends and a 33% plan to do so for their coworkers.This year in 2016 consumers in US are expected to spend appprox  in total $590  for buying holiday gifts either offline or online including Thanksgiving and Black friday

November 3, 2016

16% US consumers own a smartwatch followed by western europe with 8%

With  the increasing  brands of smartwatches being launched, it would be interesting to see how much smartwatches the world has been buying. Post Apple and Samsung launched their own range of Smartwatches,North American and Europe has seen the highest number of smartwatches  being gobbled up.Significantly  one theory that many of us had predicted is coming true, traditional watched have been loosing out in this battle . Atleast recent data  from kantar media shows that for the three months ending July 2016, 20% of recent smartwatch buyers in the US made a purchase to replace a classic timepiece, rising to 30% in European Union

According to Kanta Media  data for q2,2016  shows that 15.2% of US consumers own either a smartwatch or fitness band, with the EU following behind at 8.1% penetration.
Within the smartwatch category only, excluding fitness bands, adoption remains low with 4.7% ownership in the US and 3.2% in EU.Apple dominated this segment with a 33.5% share, although that lead shrank slightly in the last three months as the market awaited the Apple Watch Series 
The EU4 countries show a similar trend to that of the US, with 38.6% of all sales coming in the smartwatch category, with Apple leading at 31.8%. Europe's big four markets include Great Britain, Germany, France, and Italy.

However shipments of smartwatches are likely to soar to double digits. Also coupled with the fact is that wearble's are sitting on a huge cash pile.  ready to witness a massive adoption. Recent Businessinsider estimates smartwatch shipments will rise by a compound annual rate of 41% over the next five years. Smartwatches will account for 59% of total wearable device shipments this year, and that share will expand to just over 70% of  the $126million shipments by 2019.

February 24, 2016

us states ranked by vc investments across saas start ups

California,New York and Massachusetts are among top 3 US states with the highest investment in SaaS  companies

With over $16 billion investment across Saas Companies, Calfornia VC investment exceeded vc investment of all US states combined by $6billion

US states Ranked  by   "SaaS" start up Venture Fund Deals

Caifornia VC firms have invested $16billion across saas start ups from 2011 to 2014. The VC deals in California was equal to all other US started combined. saas based VC firms invested a total of $11.7 billion,as compared to VC investment of $16billion in california. To read more click below

February 23, 2016

top 10 private equity firms investing across financial services

private equity firms investing on finance start ups


The list of  the top 10 PE firms across the fintech & financial sector with the highest fund size.Among the top 3 include  HML investments ,New York Life Partners and DB capital  

February 9, 2016

the vintage brands of america :the 10 oldest surviving brands

The oldest US brands countdown: No 1 is Bakers with Cranes and Remington at 2nd and 3rd position. Schaefer beer, Poland sping and scientific American make up the middle three position as Tiffany and NewYork times are ranked at no 9th and 10th respectively. To know more click on the image link below

"the vintage brands of america :oldest surviving brands"

American Vintage Brands : The top 10 oldest brands in United States.
The chart shows the ranking of american oldest surviving brands which are among the " top 10" list of most powerful brands.

February 5, 2016

how widespread will mobile advertising be in 2016 : 3 tips for marketer

"how widespread will mobile advertising be in 2016 : 3 tips for marketer"

" understanding mobile behavior"

By 2016 around 75% US consumers will use a smartphone, while 54% will use tablets.
47% of consumers use mobile on the go, 57% while shopping and 86% at Home

February 4, 2016

facebook advertising user growth and revenues faceoff : europe vs north america

"facebook revenues by geography"

"facebook's arpu by regional users"

"facebook's daily active users"

  • In terms of MAU ( monthly active users)  European markets contributed 323 million  with an Europe  ARPU of $3.47.
  • It’s 3rd time  Facebook crossed the $1 billion mark in ‘European revenue’ for the quarter and the first time Facebook crossed $1.1 billion in quarterly revenue.
  •  Facebook more than doubled its revenue in Europe in just two years.

  •  Monthly active users  was 219 million with an ARPU ( canada & US combined ) it was $13.54. which was 3 times of Europe
  • In the U.S. and Canada, it reported sales of $1.86 billion.. (source : techrunch)

February 3, 2016

10 corporations in america having the worst boards

Here is a look into the laryhest are among the worlds most valuable Airlines brand with a combined brand value of over$17.5 billion .The number one airlines brand with a highest brand value is EMIRATES.Emirates  continues to lead the sector with a 21% rise in brand value to US$6.6 billion. Formula 1, the French Open and most importantly football teams from PSG to Real Madrid and Arsenal to AC Milan all display the Emirates logo.

January 31, 2016

venture investors funding early stage telecom start ups upto $5-$20million

January 29, 2016

investment across the financial technology by deal size and valuations

January 26, 2016

obamacare at crossroads as insurance co-ops set to be abandoned

"obamacare health co ops plan now at crossroads"


A new breed of health insurers created under the Obama Affordable Care Act — was intended to create non-profit insurers is  on its last legs now ,with several of the ventures forced to close down around the  country. President Obama's much vaunted Obamacare — is on shaky financial ground in many of the 23 states where the plans began.

The nonprofit health plans were envisioned as a consumer-friendly counterweight to for-profit insurers, a way to provide more competition, greater consumer choice and better coverage in markets typically dominated by big commercial carriers. The government allocated billions of dollars in loans for them, Insurance co ops under health law received $1.17billion  in federal loans , which the government said its  working on recouping the funds

countries with per user highest spends on internet shopping

nations average spends on ecommerce"

NORWAY,UNITED STATES AND AUSTRALIA  lead among the nations whose users spends highest on ecommerce per user .Norwegians ranks 1st with $209 spends per user per year

50% global digital ad spending is accounted by us and china


US and China accounts for more than 50% of digital ad spending budgets with a total of $73billion  shared between the 2 nations last year. According to emarketer out of  a total of $146billion  digital spending  which is presently shared between   biggest top 5 digital markets of the world, which includes  Japan ,UK, Germany apart from US and China