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October 5, 2011

The Android Juggernaut Rolls On: Infographic


This infographic  is via have published a comprehensive infographic on the
Android OS ecosystem, including general usage patterns and demographics on the people that use it. What’s most interesting is the data on the Android users themselves, such as the fact that Android users 10% more likely to be male and that Android users are 35% more likely to have just one email address compared to other OS users.

Despite all the hoopla surrounding the Apple announcement, more people buy smartphones running Google’s Android operating system than buy Apple phones. According  to a recent Nytimes  article  day published  one day  prior to the iphone 4s launch, shows that the Android’s share of new smartphone sales is now more than double  and  shows  a striking change from  just a year ago, when the two were roughly even, and a reflection of how Android phones have improved and become more broadly available.