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November 21, 2015

VC Investors by category : biotechnology

VC Fund :Battery Ventures Israel Invests in Leading Biotechnology start ups. The below chart shows the list of Start upss, Battery Ventures has invested by valuation

November 18, 2015

total venture capital investments in last 5 years: china vs india

Venture Funding Investors and number of funding rounds in India and China
total investments by venture capital funds in India and china
India has seen 6 times lower VC investment as compared to China . The chart shows PE firms and venture funding in both countries since 2010 onwards

November 7, 2015

Trends in VC investment across the Healthcare sector

Healthcare costs in the U.S. have gone up over 130% in the last decade, and healthcare is currently 18% of the GDP.

In 2014, Venture Capital Investments in Healthcare Services was 360M US dollars. PE  and VC funding over the last 5 years for Healthcare  has been on an downward trajectory over the last 4  years now.However There have been more than 400 healthcare deals in the first half of 2015, and the year is on track for a five-year high in funding.

 After 2000 .when the healthcare sector VC funding's were at its peak at 3 billion, the next  biggest peak came in 2010-2011 where more than 1.5 billion ISD was pumped across different  healthcare verticals during the 2 years. At its most recent reporting value (December 31, 2014), the series was sitting down 36.92% from 2010. Over that span, it hit its minimum value on December 31, 2013 at 211M US dollars.

In 2014, heath insurance companies   also raised $308 million across 32 venture rounds, according to CrunchBase data — a 250% increase from the $88 million raised in 2013 and a 556% increase from 2012’s tota

VC funding statistics on media and entertainment sector around the years

"vc funding on media and entertainment in US"

The above data show how VC investment and PE investment has changed over the years across media and entertainment industries .In 2014, Venture Capital Investments in Media and Entertainment was 5.75B US dollars. Upward Trend Over the last five years, the series saw an upward trend culminating at 5.75B US dollars at it's most recent reporting value (December 31, 2014). This puts the series up 3383.58% from 2010.

Tesla Motors Road Map : Chart of the day

" Telsa motors road map"

Its sedan’s top acceleration mode isn’t the only thing “ludicrous” about Tesla Motors Inc.According to Wall Street Journal The company’s full-year delivery target  are between 50,000 and 55,000 vehicles.Based on preliminary figures the company released about the third quarter—it unveils complete results Tuesday—it has delivered 33,157 so far in 2015. Tacking on an additional 16,843 to 21,843 seems a tall order given likely teething problems around making its new Model X sport-utility vehicle.
However the chart shows the funding  details at Tesla motors and how it is planning to scale up. Tesla Motors plans to sell 70,000 model X by 2017 and 45,000 Model  S by 2017

November 6, 2015

with 2.2billion USD invested by VC and PE firms, Berlin pips London as Europe's hottest start up hotspot,

In 2014, for the first time ever, Berlin was Europe's  latest start up hotspot.Berlin start-ups attracted more venture capital funding than  London: VC & PE firms pumped in funds  worth 2.2 billion USD in Berlin compared to 1.5 billion USD in London and is now the top city for venture capital investment in Europe. 

"Berlin overtakes London as the latest start up hotspot"

During the first 6 months  of 2015, this trend continued with Berlin attracting funding upto  1.4 billion euros compared to 1.1 billion euros in London. (source )

Newer startups and existing Unicorn's are playing a huge role in ensuring Berlin's latest start up culture  is alive and kicking . The fact that " Berlin is among the radar screen of VC funding and PE firms" has to do with the fact internet companies and start up like  Zalando and Rocket Internet are not only thriving but also has started mentoring start ups to succeed by investing in promising business ideas.

Berlin’s digital economy alone employs about 60,000 people with one in eight jobs being created in the digital economy since 2008  and approximately 500 new digital technology companies are set up annually.Most startups are located in the former East Berlin across  the central district of Mitte, not too far from the main boulevard "Torstrasse," often referred to as "Silicon Allee."

 The latest  start up that's creating buzz across the world  after Berlin based " Soundcloud "is EyeEm, online community and marketplace for photographers, formed in Berlin. 
Unlike other  European technology market  where startup scenes are normally focused around one growth area like gaming apps in Helsinki, Finland  which is home to Nokia as well.However
 Berlin is more across the board, with a touch of emphasis on e-commerce,cloud based SaaS model, Gaming, Mobile Apps as well as b2b marketplace  

Berlin's emergence as start up hotspot is  largely led by  four companies: Zalando/Rocket Internet Project A and Soundcloud , as well as established delivery services like Delivery Hero, Lieferheld and Increasingly  Companies are beginning to notice this  trying to make berlin a hub of their digital ecosystem . Here are some examples
  • Recently Cisco has chosen to locate its “Internet of Everything” innovation center in Berlin.
  • Lufthansa launched its  “Innovation Hub”the Telekom with their T-Labs  in Berlin
  • Volkswagen  with the International Creative Lab etc., are based in Berlin to be closer to the start-up and digital technology scene.

"latest start up jobs in Berlin"

Berlin's hottest start ups

Among other notable technology start ups in Berlin  

  • Includes brands4friends - dawanda - 
  • DailyDeal - DigitaleSeiten - eDarling - 
  • Groupon (CityDeal) - 
  • hiogi - imedo - 
  • KaeuferPortal - 
  • Madvertise -
  •  mirapodo -
  •  MisterSpex - moviepilot - 
  • MyHammer - 
  • MySportBrands - 
  • SoundCloud - 
  • SponsorPay - 
  • studiVZ - 
  • Webtrekk - 
  • wooga -
  •  zalando

November 1, 2015

five hottest digital music discovery start ups :

the list of music discovert start ups

Music Discovery, Recommendation and Creation start ups:Every year, at conferences like Midem and Berlin Music Week, latest music start ups and music discovery engines make their debut as latest start ups as the digital music newcomers Here are the most promising  top 5 music digital music startups

1.)Audioshot (USA) An iPhone app that gets people to send songs to friends via other messaging apps: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for example.

2.Fusic (Israel) An iOS and Android app that “takes the selfie to the next step” according to its app store listing. That means getting people to film videos of themselves singing, lip-syncing or dancing to their favourite songs, with that footage then being integrated with the song’s original video, for sharing.

3.)Mixcloud ( London) founded in 2008, positions itself as the “home for on-demand radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts”. The service, which counts about 10 million monthly users, recently introduced subscription plans in an attempt to  monetize itself

 4.)Deezer ( France )Music streaming service Deezer, founded in 2006, is live in more than 180 countries around the word. The company is backed by approximately $150 million in financing. Deezer claims to have 16 million active users and 5 million paid subscribers.

5)SoundDrop (Norway)Founded in 2011, Soundrop offers a social music discovery app as well as marketing tools for artists and labels to promote their music. The startup has about $6.4 million in funding to date . It has offices across Oslo, New York, Los Angeles and London.

London's hottest 3 start ups in 2015

" London's hottest start ups"

Which  industry verticals  are venture funds most likely to invest in

London’s investors list an average of 13 market  verticals tags each and are most interested in the large general markets like  (404), Consumer Internet (367), Enterprise Software (266) and E-Commerce (215). The most popular markets for London’s investors:

1)DELIVEROO 76-78 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QS
 Deliveroo drivers collect the food and deliver it "usually seven to eight minutes after it leaves the kitchen".Its a QS food ordering system as well as provides logistical support to fast food giants as well as neighbourhood stores.Orders can be delivered only via tablet ( android and iOS app). Its present in ten UK cities -- as well as Dublin, Paris and Berlin -- Deliveroo raised £16m in January
and plans to expand into 30 cities by year end

Co Founders:Will Shu and Greg Orlowski

 2)IMPROBABLE 20 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3HE 

Improbable calls itself as an enabler of connecting gaming enthusiasts online . Its vision is to  create vast online games with thousands of players playing across virtual worlds.The company is using the " technique of "distributed systems" used in high-frequency trading and applying them to video games.
 the company recently announced $20 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

Co-founders:  Cambridge graduates Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead

3)WORLDREMIT 66 Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UD Worldremit is your typical money exchange services, much like western union. However WorldRemit makes the process easier while charging lower commission than high-street banks. The company already has raised fund to the tune of raised $100 million in February from Technology Crossover Ventures and Accel, with plans to expand into the US and worldwide The World Bank estimates that international money transfers will hit $646 billion in 2015.

Co-founders :Having a former UN advisor as a co-founder surely helps . Its founded by  former UN adviser Ismail Ahmed.

October 30, 2015

Start Up Focus :The making and funding of Spotify

" Start up Inc : Making of spotify"

CEO and Co-Founder of Spotify Daniel Ek became a multimillionaire at age 23 when he sold an online advertising company in his native Sweden in 2006.

Not many know that it was a rejection  from Google which made " Daniel what he has achieved today As a 16 year old he was turned away when he applied for a job at Google. This, daniel says was a start of a journey and a turning point  " when he undertook a resolution' of not letting age interfere with his knowledge and subsequently gave birth to an idea, which he has since never looked back 

The idea behind Spotify was " the opportunity" it gave to  the sputtering music industry to create an alternative to music-piracy services such as Napster. Spotify gives a cut of the revenue to record labels and music publishers, which in turn pay out their artists and songwriters at varying rates.

The major labels – Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group, Sony Corp.’s Sony Music Entertainment and Access Industries’ Warner Music Group – also own about 15%of the company, collectively. Spotify reported in November that its 2013 revenue was €747 million ($842 million) and it lost €57.8 million ($65 million).

 Spotify revenue model is based on a bait that " offers a limited, free version of its service", hoping users will eventually subscribe. The company counts 15 million subscribers to its $9.99 premium plan, and about 45 million active users of its free, ad-supported version – by far the biggest global user base of any subscription music offering

List of VC firms invested in Spotify

List of  VC  Funding and Equity Investments in Spotify; As of 2015 137 VC funding firms have a stake in the company 

top 10 european consumer internet start ups valued above a billion USD by VC firms

' start ups above a billion dollars in valuation in Europe"

13 European  consumer Internet start ups  are valued between 1billion to 10billion USD

  1. The number one consumer Internet brand  is SPOTIFY  with a valuation of $8.5billion  
  2. GLOBAL FASHION GROUP  ranks 2nd and is valued at $3.4 billion 
  3. DELIVERY HERO  ranks 3rd and is valued at $3.1 billion

 "start ups above a billion dollars in valuation in Europe"

Healthcare start ups unicorns with over a billion dollar valuations

"healthcare start ups with over billion dollar valuations"

Healthcare Start ups with over a Billion dollars valutions. 

The list is lead by Theranos. Theranos proposes to provide medical information at a very low cost. The company was founded by Elizabeth Holmes who was a student at Stanford University’s School of Engineering. The company is valued at $9billion with 3 rounds of funding which is  worth $400million. Their valuation to funding is 22.5 : 1

No 2 is Stemcentrix which is valued at $5billion, and has been funded to the tune of  $250million
Founded in 2008 by Bian Slingerland who is also a co-founder.Stemcentrx is one of a few companies looking to treat cancers by killing cancer stem cells, or cells thought to initiate tumor.

Ranked no 3 in valuation is Moderna with $3 billion, with investment of $675 million and was founded in 2010 by CEO: St├ęphane Bancel.  The company's funding to valuation is 4 : 1
The company has enticed investors with technology that promises to expand the market for biotech drugs with new kinds of medicines called messenger RNA therapeutics that can trigger cells to produce almost any protein

VC funding and Equity Investors behind Airbnb : 10 facts

These are the top 10 facts behind funding of Airbnb

Airbnb based out of California  is as on  October 2015 valued at   $25.5b  with   a total equity funding of  $2.3b , with a valuation-to-funding ratio of : 11.1 to 1. So far it has  been funded a total of 8 rounds

Airbnb was founded in 2008 by its  CEO & Co Founder : Brian Chesky

Competitors: HomeAway, Orbitz, Diamond Resorts, Wimdu

List of  Investors/VC fund Houses
  1. Andreessen Horowitz,
  2. Axel Springer, 
  3. Baillie Gifford, 
  4. China Broadband Capital, 
  5. DST Group,
  6.  Dragoneer Investment,
  7.  ENIAC Ventures, 
  8. Fidelity Investments,
  9. Founders Fund,
  10. General Atlantic, 
  11. General Catalyst Partners, 
  12. GGV Capital, 
  13. Greylock Partners,
  14.  Hillhouse Capital Group,
  15.  Horizon Ventures,
  16.  Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, 
  17. Sequoia Capital, 
  18. Temasek Holdings, 
  19. Tiger Global Management, 
  20. TPG Growth, T. Rowe Price, 
  21. Wellington Management,
  22. Y Combinator, 
  23. Youniversity Ventures

October 29, 2015

Lists of 36 US software start ups ,with a valuation of $1 billion and above

US Start ups based on cloud that are among the are the top 10 biggest software start ups with highest valuation

the complete list  of US based software start ups with equity and VC funding that are worth more a billion USD .Among the top 3 are PALANTIR and DROPBOX

As of October 2015:PALANTIR
Latest valuation:$20.0b (October 2015)
Total equity funding:$1.6b
Valuation-to-funding: 12.8 to 1

As of October 2015: DROPBOX
Latest valuation:$10.0b (January 2014)
Total equity funding:$607m
Valuation-to-funding: 16.5 to 1

October 28, 2015

start ups by US states and industry

"start up in US by states"

The Chart shows Decline in start ups in US

" which state in US has the highest start ups"

 Growth in "start ups" by US states and Industry .Only the  Fintech industry recorded a  growth in start ups by over 5%. While services, wholesale, manufacturing and transportation and logistics recorded negative growth rates

top 20 global billion dollar ecommerce start ups by valuation

These are the top 20 global ecommerce start ups

Billion dollar ecommerce start ups h
"VC invested billion dollar ecommerce start ups"

" biggest ecommerce start ups by valuation"

source : WSJ

list of ecommerce start ups with valution above  1billion USD

The billion dollar ecommerce start ups is led by Indian Start up Flipkart which is valued at 15billion USD.The chinese group company Meituan  ranks second with a valuation of 7billion USD which is a group-buying website specializing in localized consumer services. Snapdeal another indian ecommerce start up  ranks third with a valuation of 5billion USD

Luxemberg based Global Fashion online ranks 4th, valued at $3.4billion. Chinese based online  apparel brand VANCL ranks 5th and is valued at $3billion.

Fanatics, based out of jacksonville, Florida is an online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise ( which was acquired by Kynetic ranks 6th and is valued at $3billion

October 27, 2015

asian start up companies with over $1billion valuation : top 15 list


" asian only billion dollar unicorns"

These are the top 15 start up companies in Asia which has been valued above a billion USD.

" asian biggest start ups over a billion dollar valuation"

US top 3 billion dollar start up valuation exceed $95billion

These are the top 10 highest valued start ups
" US top 10 billion dollar start ups"

" start up valuation to funding ratio"
source : Wsj

The top 3 start ups  in US is now valued at a combined $95 billion. Uber leads the list with $51billion  followed by  Airbnb which is valued at  $25.5billion while Palantir is valued at $20billion
Snapchat and SpaceX is respectively valued $16billion and $12billion .

Meanwhile in terms of available funding these 5 top start up companies  has been funded combined upto the tune of $16billion. Effectively the  start up funding to valuation ratio for these top 5 companies is 5 times.

October 7, 2015

July 27, 2015

start up failures :how many start ups went bankrupt last decade : 2005 to 2015

" the list of businesses that went belly up by year"

source:Small Business Association, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Census Bureau Research 

This chart shows how many start ups went belly up and with how many employees it went bust
start up went belly up
start up went belly up

July 26, 2015

how startups fund their business : top 5 source of funding

" top 5 ways of funding a start up"
What are the most common methods of raising fund for a start up ? How many actually get funding from a equity firm or Venture investors? How many of them actually self sponsor? and how many use home loan or credit card loan.

Believe it or not, around 60% of  start ups businesses use their lifetime saving s from their bank . Investment by venture capital accounts for only 0.04% of  new businesses ,while a huge 10% actually use their personal credit card with astronomical  rate of interest for starting their venture. Infact business loan from Government   rank higher , in the 5th place .Home equity loan and  credit card forms 15% of  " how start ups invests in their business

source : U.S. Census Bureau Research Date: March 23rd, 2015
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