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January 20, 2016

top 10 venture capital investors with a stake in the billion dollar start up unicorns

"the movers and shakers of VC funded billion dollar star ups"
SEQUOIA  CAPITAL, KLEINER PERKINS ,ACCEL PARTNERS AND GOLDMAN SACHS are among the biggest 5 VC investors  who have a investment across the world's hottest billion dollar unicorn start up clubs

"the top VC fund houses invested across billion dollar start ups"

This chart sums up ' the hottest VC investors" who have their hand on the pie of worlds top 150 billion dollar start up clubs.The combined valuation of 2016 biggest 150 unicorns exceed $525 billion . Incidentally all the VC funding players are the ones that have invested early,spotted a potential start up early and have stayed invested..The chart also shows which are the top 10 VC funding firms have,    surprisingly good hit rate when it comes to "spotting businesses with sustainable revenue model.

January 19, 2016

January 18, 2016

the top 10 VC investments across integrated payments industry

" list of VC investments across payments start ups"

list of start ups across online  payments and apps"
The chart above shows the biggest  Venture Funding across Integrated Payments ecosystem.
Also shown here are the  start ups along with the " investment details"   including the amount of funding  these top start up  payment companies  have received from the  VC investors

Almost all payment start ups accounts for  a significant portfolio of  VC investments
Leading the table is SQUARE with over $716 million investment led by Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins , Sequoia and Tiger Global Management

For example Index Ventures has invested in 4 out of the top 10 companies: Zuora, Adyen, iZettle, and TransferWise. Some of the other investors who have funded multiple top 10 companies include Andreessen Horowitz (3), Khosla Ventures (3), Greylock Partners (2), and Sequoia Capital (2).Bitpay

January 17, 2016

start ups funding by industry and countries

"start ups fundings by industry and countries"

"list of start up funded by VC across the world"
Internet web services , consumer products and Entertainment are among the most  funded start ups ,followed by healthcare, lifesttle and Software.
New York saw the highest number of start up funding with 17.7% start ups being invested and backed by VC's, followed by California and Florida.
In terms of top 3 nations which highest number of start ups being  funded, US, India and France had seen the highest among  of start ups being funded  by VC investors ,followed by Brazil, Israel and UK.

January 13, 2016

whats behind the 400% growth in the fintech investment across asia pacific market

"asia pacific fintech investment chart"

What are the reasons for the spectacular growth of financial technologyg investment across Asia pacific region

Fintech investment in Asia-Pacific has skyrocketed in 2015 — from about US$880 million in all of 2014 to nearly US$3.5 billion in just the first nine months of 2015.

The largest share of fintech investment deals were in payments that made up 40 percent of total investments, followed by lending at 25 percent.his

The  rise in financial technology investment across the region was driven by investment deals made in and from China, including the  Alibaba Group Holding and its Ant Financial Services Group subsidiary, along with  Paytm, an Indian-based mobile payment and commerce platform; and fundraising efforts by Ping An Insurance Group venture Lufax.

January 12, 2016

10 fastest growing products category start ups with highest return

" verticals with the fastest annualized growth across start ups"

List of start up  services with highest return on investment 

The above chart shows the product categories which has seen the highest  growth and return on investment by VC funds and equity investment .Among the list of start ups,products related to  Bitcoin, Photo Sharing and cloud has seen the highest annualized growth since 2012-2016. Bitcoin has seen its annualized growth jump to 151% compared to 150% across Photo sharing and 145% across cloud storage Space Travel, Transportation and Hospitality are other areas which" are among the fastest growing top 10 services vertical

November 21, 2015