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December 1, 2015

the top 10 global power brands of 2015 by brand value

Apple remains the world’s most valuable brands, followed by Samsung and Google

"apple, samsung and goole among the most powerful power brands"

Apple’s brand  value (and those of rival tech firms such as Google and Microsoft) remains stronger than ever.. Among the top 5 Brands after Apple, Samsung is 2nd, Google 3rd, Microsoft 4th and Verizon 5th. All these brands have  registered reasonable brand value growth rates of between 4 and 12%. Walmart is the only brand whose primary application is not in tech or telecoms. Though it has grown 4% this year, what was once the world’s most valuable brand has slipped down the rankings again; now at 10th it looks set to drop out of the top ten next year

The above chart from BrandFinance shows the brand value change ( positive/ negative )

July 13, 2015

the best brands this year :The brand ranking index 2015

The power of a brands power"

BRANDS have a logic and meaning of their own right. All brands  have a rich heritage But how much are they worth? Three companies that measure brand value have healthy disagreements. There is a consensus that three technology companies—Google, Apple and Microsoft—belong among the top five.  And there are significant differences about big consumer brands. as Millward Brown and Interbrand think Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are top-ten brands; Brand Finance even doesn't think that

The only option is to go with the rating the brand itself  give them themselves based on third parties  study.  Economist's own unscientific study showed that Interbrand's brand value is highest (based on 515,000 Google search results), followed by Brand Finance (at 332,000) and Millward Brown (with 212,000). The BrandZ list has a stronger brand than the consulting firm that produces it, with 1.7m results. It would be interesting to see how the three firms rank their own brands using their respective methodologies.

May 12, 2015

The Verizon and AOL 4$4.4billion deal to create a technology media monolith

why verizon  is acquiring  AOL for $4.4billon"

 This chart compares dial up, broadband and mobile eras of the internet ecosystem.  against iphone 4G subscribers vs Netflix subscriber base in US. if you study this chart  for long enough.. you will realise why Verizon Communications is buying AOL for $4.4 billion

 The rational of Verizon’s $4.4 billion deal to acquire AOL is because of that one device that is changing the world in ways that was never though to be possible. MOBILE . 

Verizon needed arsenal at its command to build up its nascent video business and advertising across consumer's mobile phones .. and the best way to get them was AOL which has transformed itself into a media company and invested heavily in technology that automates the sale of online advertising process  

 Verizon's woes with 130 million subscribers has of late been typically those  of all legacy carriers , whose business is threatened by newer entrants and competitors  that are finding alternative means of connecting and hooking up to the internet via wi fi mesh networks and facing competition from giant players like  google  who have started to challenge them at their own game 

Read the full analysis of the Verizon and AOL Merger

March 8, 2015

2 Reasons why Verizon's revenue from wireless was twice its wireline business

Statistic: Verizon Communications' revenue from wireline and wireless services from 2010 to 2013 (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista

The chart shows the wireline and wireless  revenue for Verizon from 2010 to 2013
The revenue made by Verizon from its wireless services  is almost  twice as much from its wireline or landline services in US .The reasons why Verizon manages to get that kind of revenue mix has 2 components

a)due to the nature of the wireless  Industry in US ,along with its  own marketshare b) The Scarcity of Spectrum and the need to match demand with supply 

The wireless market in US  is intensely competitive, with the number of wireless subscriber connections (336 million) exceeding   the total population (316 million) and Verizon has the largest subscriber base in the U.S with around 32% in 2014. 

Along with demand  and supply constraints,  spectrum is scarce and  the demand for high speed wireless carriers with  4 5 times faster speeds than 3 G  Verizon has continued to invest  and build scale as ( Verizon was the first in US to deploy LTE )

The Fixed line business  consists of  home /Business land lines, leased lines,DSL, FiOS revenue  for  which demand supply constraints are not high nor can be scaled up rapidly.

Verizon Retail Subscribers Comparison Chart from 2006 to 2013

 Chart  of the days " 7 years of Retail Subscribers share for verizon

The chat from statista shows  shows the number of retail connections with Verizon Wireless from 2007 to 2013. The last 7 years till 2013 has seen  Verizon increase its retail customers from  approx 64 million to 103million users, an increase of 64% in  7 years  .  

Verizon business model is primarily based on its  mobile phone subscription plans for consumers and businesses. The company also provides land line phone service to residences, small businesses and large enterprises. 4G wireless, wireline broadband Internet and fiber optic TV services (FiOS) are growth areas for Verizon.

September 20, 2012

Samsung vs iPhone sales by US Telecom Carrier

Apple's share of the smartphone market dominated at AT&T and Verizon, but Samsung's share was growing, according to recent reports 
In the first quarter of 2010, Apple owned 60 percent market share compared with Samsung's 3 percent. The combined market share belonging to all the other phone makers equaled 37 percent. 
In the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple's share of the market had grown by 3 percent from the first quarter of 2010, while Samsung's had more than quadrupled to 12 percent during the same period.

The data was made public as part of Apple v. Samsung, the ongoing patent trial that has enabled tech fans to take a peek at some of each company's trade secrets

July 13, 2012

China Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone among top 3 Mobile Operators by Revenue

China Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone among the first 3 Mobile Operator  by Revenue ( 2012 April Data)

Around 30 percent of the world’s mobile users live in India and China. As of March 2012, there are now more than a billion subscribers in China, with India not far behind. Chinese and U.S. operators continued to dominate the list of global mobile operators by revenue, according to Wireless Intelligence. , but, most surprisingly, Verizon Wireless leapfrogged its corporate parent Vodafone in the fourth quarter in overall revenues  

Mobile  subscribers in China by operator April 2012
OperatorSubscribers3G users
China Mobile672.4 million61.9 million
China Unicom212.7 million51.8 million
China Telecom138.5 million45.6 million
Total1,023.7 million159.3 million
Sources: China MobileChina UnicomChina Telecomvia: mobiThinking
China Mobile further solidified its top spot in both subscribers and revenue   ( April 2012 Data)

 In 2011 China Mobile was  the largest mobile operator in the world by subscribers and revenues according to Portio Research (2011). something which it has maintained this year too

The Mobile Operator Data  in 2011 Dec Data

also shows that  China Mobile was  no 1, even  in 2011 , which shows that its the second time,these stats were taken in 2010, it has added 78 million subscribers to its base – see the April 2012 stats above.

Top ten operator groups by subscribers and revenues – worldwide
RankOperator group
(HQ location)
Proportionate subscribers
(millions, 2010)
Operator groupRevenue from Mobile
(In US$ millions, 2010)
1China Mobile (China)594.2mChina Mobile$71,571.6m
2Vodafone Group (UK)338.9mVerizon (US)$63,407.0m
3America Movil (Mexico)224.4mVodafone Group$60,779.7m
4Telefonica (Spain)216.9mAT&T$58,500.0m
5Bharti Airtel (India)199.2mTelefonica$52,729.1m
6China Unicom (China)169.3mNTT DOCOMO (Japan)$48,462.5m
7AT&T (US)148.8mDeutsche Telekom$45,694.5m
8SingTel (Singapore)133.9mAmerica Movil$29,940.4m
9France Telecom (France)129.5mFrance Telecom$29,718.0m
10Reliance Communications (India)125.7mSprint Nextel$28,597.0m
Source: Portio Research (2011)via: mobiThinking

March 12, 2012

List of Verizon Devices Using Ice Cream Sandwhich Update

Verizon has finally let a bunch of smartphone and tablet owners exhale, giving up the full list of current devices that will be getting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. There's 14 devices in all. See if yours made the cut.

HTC has announced that several of its high-end smartphones will get ICS upgrades in 2012, and that's sure to include HTC's Sense overlay, with its better social-networking integration and improved lock screen. No carrier is left out: You can choose from the HTC Vivid (AT&T), HTC Sensation and Amaze 4G (T-Mobile), HTC Rezound (Verizon Wireless), and the HTC EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G (Sprint).

Sony Ericsson has committed to ICS for many of its phones, but most of them aren't available from U.S. carriers. The only one we've seen in carrier stores has been the Xperia Play gaming phone, available in both Verizon and AT&T models.

Currently the Galaxy Nexus is the only Verizon phone with Ice Creamy Sandwich  but that's about to change. The full list is as follows:
  • HTC:
    HTC ThunderBolt™
    DROID Incredible 2 by HTC
    HTC Rhyme™
    HTC Rezound™
  • Motorola:
    Motorola XOOM
  • Samsung:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1
    Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.7
  • LG:
    Spectrum™ by LG

October 12, 2011

April 5, 2011

Dropped Calls : Verizon iPhone Vs AT&T iPhone

When Apple's iPhone was exclusively on AT&T it was the butt of endless jokes that went something like, "It's a great phone unless you want to make a phone call."

Now that it's on Verizon it looks like those jokes are moot.

According to Businessinsider A new ChangeWave Research study reveals Verizon iPhone customers are reporting fewer dropped calls than their AT&T counterparts. (ChangeWave survey people and asked them for their recollection of dropped calls in the last few weeks.)

The rate of dropped calls on the Verizon iPhone is right in line with rate of dropped calls for Verizon customers overall, says ChangeWave.

This is good news for Apple. Now matter how many people blamed AT&T, there was always a sneaking suspicion that the dropped call problem was Apple's fault. This chart suggests the blame truly lies with AT&T.

March 23, 2011

Infographic On AT&T and T Mobile Deal

The  T Mobile and AT Deal marks a landmark Deal . These charts providing Insights on the numbers   are courtesty Businessinsider.Who wins and who loses from this Deal.