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May 15, 2013

December 13, 2011

Top 5 Most Shared Yotube Videos in 2011

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial" (Volkswagen)

Shares: 4,713,179

2. "Ken Block's Gymkhana Four; The Hollywood Megamercial" (DC Shoes)

Shares: 2,028,238

3.Angry Birds Live" (T-Mobile)
Shares: 1,783,607

4.Royal Wedding" (T-Mobile)

Shares: 1,733,419

5. "Party Rock Anthem-Kia Soul Hamster Commercial" (Kia)
Shares: 1,424,110

source : Mashable

March 16, 2011

NetFlix Edges Out Youtube For Share of Mind

Netflix now owns consumer mindshare when it comes to web video, edging out YouTube, according to a survey by Goldman Sachs.

Goldman surveyed 2,000 US consumers asking them, "Which website do you prefer to use for watching video online?" Amazingly, more people said Netflix than YouTube.

On some level it makes sense since Netflix is all about long form video, which could make it preferable. But on the other hand, Netflix has just over 20 million subscribers. YouTube had 144 million unique visitors in the US in February according to comScore.

Netflix finished Q4 with 20.01 million subscribers, more than the 19.5 million the Street was expecting. During 2010, it added 7.7 million subscribers, more than the 2.9 million subscribers it added in 2009.