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December 2, 2016

demand for virtual reality headsets skyrocket this holiday season

'demand for virtual reality headsets this holidays skyrocket this holiday season"


While 2016 was supposed and touted to be the year of VR, demand for this decade's biggest technology distruptor is yet to show " considerable volumes " as modern technology’s biggest breakthrough is set to unravel, how does the holiday shopping trends reflect the growing " interest over virtual reality headsets ?. Despite the fact that several major players released virtual reality headsets over the past few months, many people still consider them novelty items rather than products that are ready to hit the mainstream in a major way. Reacting to the lack of excitement surrounding virtual reality on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Research data firm SuperData revised their 2016 forecast for VR headset shipments downward significantly. The company’s analysts are particularly underwhelmed by the launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR, which stands in the shadows of the recently released PlayStation 4 Pro both in terms of customer attention and Sony’s marketing efforts. Sony’s effort is also much more accessible to general consumers as it simply plugs in to existing PS4 consoles – and there are more than 40 million of them in homes already.

Meanwhile another report recently released by VentureBeat, shows the number of Steam users that acquired a HTC Vive only grew 0.3 per cent in July and was flat in August. Similarly, growth from Oculus  virtual reality product Rift’s Steam user base only reached 0.3 per cent in July, and 0.1 per cent in August.The HTC Vive, the Valve-powered virtual reality headset that is the darling of the PC VR revolution, is selling pretty well – for an extremely niche product that is.

It’s been revealed that 140,000 HTC Vive headsets have been sold since it launched in April. That number was confirmed to Chinese site 87870 news by the Taiwanese company’s co-founder and chairperson Cher Wang.

This is a concern because both months were the first where each device was from supply constraints, meaning anyone could go online or buy a headset on the High Street. As it stands, only 0.18 per cent of Steam owners have a VR set HTC Vive, and only 0.10 per cent have a Rift.Meanwhile reports indicate that  HTC virtual reality headset has been much better received by the tech press when it comes to reviews. 

Recent reports suggest that parent company Facebook wants to ship 400,000 units VR headsets by the end of 2016, although Oculus itself has declined to comment on any sales figures.Analysts are predicting a major boost in the VR industry over the next few years. CCS Insight states the amount of AR and VR devices sold will increase from 2.5 million in 2015, to a mammoth 24 million in 2018; with a VR market worth more than $4billion.

February 1, 2016

10 biggest investors if you are a start up on" virtual reality and internet of things "


The top 10 most active venture capital  investors who are most active across virtual reality and Internet of things

"The top 10 most active venture capital  investors who are most active across virtual reality and Internet of things"
If you are  a start up across internet of things or virtual reality, here is a ready  guide on the top 10 most active investors who are active across this space

January 20, 2016

3 biggest wearable device categories by shipments : infographic

"smartwatch, fitness trackers ,cameras top 3 wearable market"


Global wearables market will grow at a compound annual rate of 35% over the next five years, reaching 148 million units shipped annually in 2019, up from 33 million units shipped this year.The chart above shows the biggest wearable categories that will be picking up pace in the next couple of years. Smart Watches , Fitness Trackers and wearable cameras will see the biggest growth in the coming years.

The merging of wearable cameras and virtual reality (VR)  along with  integration of smart augmented reality (AR) glasses  will  be the biggest disrupter in the future of computing platforms.

January 12, 2016

the most popular VR headset with highest buzz across social web

" virtual reality headset marketshare "

2016 is supposed to be the breakthrough year for virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality is something that has generated a lot of buzz last year , but 2016 is when the products for VR starts to get launched.. 2016 will   will see  360-degree videos displayed on smartphones giving consumers a first taste of what’s to come

 VR  helps users get immerse and experience real life  environment, thereby allowing users to be on  the surface of a mount everest or moon or mars. The most crucial device needed to experience VR ( virtual reality ) is  head-mounted display (HMD) which helps the user immerse in the virtual environment

Leading technology  experts predict  2016 as the breakthrough year for virtual reality headsets. This data shows which company has done the best job of teasing its product to the public? According to a survey conducted by Statista earlier this year, Facebook’s Oculus Rift scores highest in terms of consumer awareness with 35 percent of the respondents having heard of it.

September 3, 2012

Nokia Augmented Reality App out of beta

Nokia originally launched its augmented reality app City Lens 
back in May, and now the app is finally out of beta. City Lens uses your device's camera to display nearby restaurants, stores, and other notable locations in augmented reality style, along with important information about each location — including reviews, directions, hours of operation, and more.

And when you're not in the mood to have your reality augmented, you can also check out the same information through both a list and map view. If you've got a Lumia Windows Phone, you can pick up the app by visiting the source link below on your device.

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