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November 5, 2015

mobile coverge and speed test in UK while travelling :

Mobile cells covering roads reach only a comparatively small number of customers. This makes the deployment of a mobile network along motorways a relatively costly affair.
  1. Nonetheless EE and Three managed to deliver results in connecting roads performance which were remarkably close to the benchmark results shown in small cities.On YouTube SD EE and Three show a 90 % success rate while Vodafone and Three stay below 80 %. Youtube HD makes things worse.( source :)
  2. The key performance indicators in the web-page download sessions showed a success ratio of 92.4 % (EE) and 89.9 % (Three) which are slightly lower than in small cities.
    a)Vodafone with 75.8 and even more Telefonica with 75.6 % had noticeably more difficulties covering roads. You can see download the entire here
  •  Vodafone and more so Telefonica again have issues with file transfer success ratios starting below 90 % and in many cases reaching around 80 %.

The Mobile Network Speed Test in UK :Vodafone vs EE vs Telefonica

While Telecom network providers take great care in covering the metropolitan areas, small cities often lag behind. Is this true for the United Kingdom too?

"mobile network speed test in UK"

How does Mobile Network speed in terms of web page downloads compare in UK .In 2015 the Mobile Network Test in the UK  compared  3  telecom majorsThree, O2 and Vodafone.The above chart shows the ranking of mobile Networks in term of web page downloads on their mobile
  •  In 2014  in a similar mobile network test showed EE as the clear winner followed by Three with the best voice performance. O2 and Vodafone followed almost head-to-head. 
1)The test also displayed much better performance in metropolitan areas than in smaller cities and on connecting roads. That fact and the population of 8.6 million people are good reasons to look at the results of the largest city London separately

2)One of the most often used services is web surfing which was tested with a mixture of 9 popular live and one static web-pages. The winner of last year‘s benchmark EE managed to improve its session success ratio for live web sites from 97 to 99 %.

a)The average session time to download a popular live web site decreased from 4.1 to 2.7 seconds.

 b)The other three operators showed almost identical session times between 3.1 and 3.2 seconds, but on reliability Vodafone clearly ranked second with a healthy success ratio of 97.4 %, while Telefonica followed with 96.8 %.

c)With an error rate of more than 5 % , all three telco network carriers needs quite catching up to do

July 13, 2012

China Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone among top 3 Mobile Operators by Revenue

China Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone among the first 3 Mobile Operator  by Revenue ( 2012 April Data)

Around 30 percent of the world’s mobile users live in India and China. As of March 2012, there are now more than a billion subscribers in China, with India not far behind. Chinese and U.S. operators continued to dominate the list of global mobile operators by revenue, according to Wireless Intelligence. , but, most surprisingly, Verizon Wireless leapfrogged its corporate parent Vodafone in the fourth quarter in overall revenues  

Mobile  subscribers in China by operator April 2012
OperatorSubscribers3G users
China Mobile672.4 million61.9 million
China Unicom212.7 million51.8 million
China Telecom138.5 million45.6 million
Total1,023.7 million159.3 million
Sources: China MobileChina UnicomChina Telecomvia: mobiThinking
China Mobile further solidified its top spot in both subscribers and revenue   ( April 2012 Data)

 In 2011 China Mobile was  the largest mobile operator in the world by subscribers and revenues according to Portio Research (2011). something which it has maintained this year too

The Mobile Operator Data  in 2011 Dec Data

also shows that  China Mobile was  no 1, even  in 2011 , which shows that its the second time,these stats were taken in 2010, it has added 78 million subscribers to its base – see the April 2012 stats above.

Top ten operator groups by subscribers and revenues – worldwide
RankOperator group
(HQ location)
Proportionate subscribers
(millions, 2010)
Operator groupRevenue from Mobile
(In US$ millions, 2010)
1China Mobile (China)594.2mChina Mobile$71,571.6m
2Vodafone Group (UK)338.9mVerizon (US)$63,407.0m
3America Movil (Mexico)224.4mVodafone Group$60,779.7m
4Telefonica (Spain)216.9mAT&T$58,500.0m
5Bharti Airtel (India)199.2mTelefonica$52,729.1m
6China Unicom (China)169.3mNTT DOCOMO (Japan)$48,462.5m
7AT&T (US)148.8mDeutsche Telekom$45,694.5m
8SingTel (Singapore)133.9mAmerica Movil$29,940.4m
9France Telecom (France)129.5mFrance Telecom$29,718.0m
10Reliance Communications (India)125.7mSprint Nextel$28,597.0m
Source: Portio Research (2011)via: mobiThinking