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February 2, 2016

size of the biggest US govt vehicle contracts given to volkswagen AG

The US army tops in the list of  govt contracts  signed between Volkswage AG and  US Govt for a sum of $700,00 (contract details: ProcurementID: DAJA377840010 )signed between US Govt & Volkswagen AG
The Contract Issued by Department of the Army was to provide vehicles  like passenger cars, army trucks and truck Tractors for the US defense (Department of Army for an obligation  amount is $701,742 to be paid to Volkswagen AG for the successful delivery and installation of the vehicles) 

November 29, 2015

global companies with biggest staff worldwide

The below list shows the top 5 global companies with the biggest staff worldwide.Along with having global operations  they also have with multiple locations and diverse workforce Some of the biggest companies in the world also sport the biggest payrolls

Among the top 5 biggest employers  list are 1)Walmart 2) Hon Hai Precision( Foxcon's subsidiary) 3)GS4 which is biggest security services in the world having presense in over 125 companies .4)Volkswagen and  oil and gas major 5)PetroChina .

These data is based on "Fortune's compilation on its first-ever list of the world’s 10 biggest employers among publicly listed companies, based on latest fiscal-year-end figures from FactSet Research Systems, annual reports, and other publicly available information. : Each of these top 10 companies are listed according to the size of their staff, the business vertical,country of origin, sales figures, revenues per employee

No 1:WALMART :Retail

 Employees: 2.2 million Counttry:
country of origin :United States Industry:
Retail Sales: $476.3 billion
Market value: $245.8 billion
 Revenue per employee: $216,500

No 2 HON HAI  : Electronic Manufacturing ( part of Foxcon Corporation )
Employees: 1.1 million
Country: Taiwan
Sales :$133.2billion
Market value: $47.3 billion
Revenue per employee: $120,000

 HON HAI is a part of Foxcon which is well knows as a electronic manufacturer component supplier who assembles everything from smartphones to display panels for customers such as Apple,Cisco, Dell, and Sony . Apple is among Foxcon's biggest client and contributes about 40 % of the company's

No 3 :GS 4:  security company
Employees: 618,000
Country: United Kingdom
Sales: $11.6 billion
 Market value: $6.3 billion
Revenue per employee: $18,800

No 4 : VOLKSWAGEN : Car Manufacuring
 Employees: 572,800
Country: Germany
 Motor Vehicles Sales: $261.5 billion
 Market value: $101.3 billion
Revenue per employee: $456,600

No 5 :PETROCHINA: Oil and Gas
 Employees: 544,083
Country: China :
Sales :$351.0 billion
Market value: $225.6
billion Revenue per employee: $645,000

walmart,volkswagen and yum brands among 10 largest employers

Walmart  is america's  biggest employer with 2.2million americans employed by the global retail chain.  Walmart   employs almost  four times the size of runner-up Volkswagen  which  is ranked no 2 with about  583,423 employees working for the German auto company   in the United States

  Meanwhile Yum Brands, which operates  the licensed brands Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet worldwide ranks 3 with 537,000 Americans employed with the company.Meanwhile, McDonald’s ranks seventh with 420,000 employees. Petrochina ranks no 4 with 534,652 Americans in its rolls .

July 17, 2011

Top 10 Best Selling Car Brands in UK : June,2011 Data

The Top 10 Top Selling Cars 

The Ford Fiesta was Britain's best-selling car in June. Sales of the Fiesta were up 7%. The #2-ranked Focus's gains were even greater at 17%. The Ford brand was up 3%.

UK Auto Sales By Brand - June 2011 & Year-To-Date

acquired 183,125 new vehicles in June 2011, down 6.2% from June 2010,
SMMT says. 13.6% of the 183K were Fords. 36% of those Fords were Fiestas.
The  British new car market was  at a 22% premium in June. In the United States, premium brands owned 11% of the new vehicle market.This is the twelfth consecutive month that the British car market has been in decline.

Ford, General Motors, and the Volkswagen Group sold more vehicles than any other auto manufacturing conglomerate in the UK in June 2011. The market share of each of those three groups, however, was lower in June than it was in May.

Strong BMW and Mini sales helped grow Munich's share of the British car market from 9.4% in May to 10% in June. Peugeot and Citroen improved from 8.2% to 8.6%. Renault and its Nissan/Infiniti partners gained a half a percentage point between May and June. Despite significant year-over-year losses, Toyota/Lexus increased their market share, too. Jaguar and Land Rover fell back from May's 2.3%.

source : Goodcarbadcar