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July 24, 2009

Bing off to a Good Start: Google loses 6% market share

With Bing, Microsoft is definitely trying to make a difference in the search engine market and for a change it seems that Microsoft has at last realized that a product (search engine) that works truly well is the greatest viral marketing a brand can ever hope to achieve

What is interesting, though, is that Bing is mostly taking market share from Google, while the stats for Yahoo Search and AOL have remained stable. According to StatCount, Bing reached a 15.6% market share in the U.S. yesterday (Live Search never made it past 7%), while Google's share was down almost 6%.

Worldwide, StatCounter also sees Bing ahead of Yahoo, but only by less than half a percent (5.17% vs. 5.56%).

Some of this new interest in Microsoft's search engine was definitely driven by curiosity, but unlike other (failed) entries into the search engine market like Cuil, Bing actually delivers as a search engine, which should help Microsoft to retain a good chunk of these users.

Of course, Microsoft's $80 million advertising blitz is definitely helping Bing as well, and based on our own experience, it is clear that Bing's marketing and PR campaign is reaching a lot of non-geeks and late adopters who would not typically go out of their way to try a new search engine."

Microsoft TV and print ads have made a big splash in the US.The campaign is led by ad firm JWT, the agency that took the baton from McCann Erickson in July '08 to man the company's business solutions ad account