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August 26, 2011

Top 10 Youtube Partners :Male Videos Usage

comScore Video Metrix recently announced the availability of YouTube Partner Reporting, providing a never-before-seen look at viewership across hundreds of YouTube partners and their channels.  This enhancement will undoubtedly have advertisers and agencies asking  important questions like:  Which YouTube Partners are driving the most video viewership, and what are the demographics of those video viewers?
Of the many metrics available in Video Metrix, “Videos per Viewer” offers a strong indicator of viewer engagement, providing the average number of videos that were consumed by a target audience in a specific time period.  Simply put, the more videos a user watches, the greater the opportunity to reach them with ads.
Below we unveil the Top 10 YouTube Partners by Videos per Male Viewer.  When it comes to Male audiences on YouTube, Machinima leads the way with an average of 18.5 videos per male viewer in July 2011.  VEVO ranked second at 13.3, followed by Maker Studios at 10.0