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February 9, 2016

global TV growth plunges to its lowest ever, as digital spends up by 14%

"ear on Year Global Growth  in percentage  between Traditional media "

Year on Year Global Growth  in percentage  between Traditional media  :The 2nd chart shows global percentage of TV spends  vs digital Spends : 2012-2016

"share of ad spends by offline media and online media"

Global Advertising Spends by Percentage across  entire media ecosystem. 

UK's pecking order of 10 highest spending brands spends :Bsky ,P&G and BT among top 3

Of the top 25 advertisers in UK .Around, 14 of them reduced adpsend in 2013. Most notably, EE slashed its spend by the largest degree by nearly 40% in the 12 months following its launch, from £87m in 2012 to £53m in 2013. Another big cut in spend came from Marks & Spencer, which, in 25th place, cut spend by 25% to £50.7m.
"UK biggest ad spends by brand"

top 20 ad spending by British brands"

" top 20 ad spending by British brands"

comparison of top 10 british brands compared with 2013 vs 2014

January 24, 2016

2016 to see 4.7% increase in global advertising spends,share of online jumps 26%

"global ad spends by region "


The latest Carat report on " global advertising spends"is based on the  data received from 59 markets across the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA,

Carat’s latest global advertising expenditure forecasts that global advertising spend will grow by +4.0% in 2015 to US $529billion, while  ad spends in  2016 is predicted to grow by +4.7%, accounting for an additional US$25billion in spending

Marketers will increase their Mobile and Online Video advertising spends especially across social media, with +51.2% and +22% year-on-year growth expected this year.Programmatic buying is also experiencing rapid growth at a rate of +20% each year.

"global top 10  advertising markets by ad spends"

Western Europe remains stable with consistent year-on-year growth at +2.6% in 2015 and +2.9% in 2016 driven by positive momentum in the UK and Spain.

The online & digital  media,  share of  2015 advertising spends was 24.3% which will increase to 26.5% in 2016..Digital continues to be the only channel which is seeing double digital growth, predicted at +15.7% in 2015 and +14.3% in 2016
  • Across 10 of the markets analysed, including the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia, Digital is now the principle media used based on spend, with the US market predicted to join this list in 2018 when digital advertising spend is forecast to overtake TV advertising by more than US $4billion.
  • The positive momentum of advertising spends  is expected to continue across the world at the 
  1. Western Europe at +2.6%, 
  2. North America +4.2%
  3. Asia Pacific  at +4,1%
  4. Latin America +12.7%

February 23, 2014

January 13, 2014

With Over 21% share of advertising budgets , FMCG emerges no 1 in Ad Spends

Global ad spends across industry verticals

 The FMCG sector continues to " spend aggressively "  in terms of advertising spends, with over 20%  share of advertising Budget which was 6% YoY increase in the fast moving cosumer goods (FMCG) , which has been the long-standing leader among the other macro sectors, held 21.3 % of ad spend, bolstered by a 5.7 percent year-over-year increase in ad spend."

Meanwhile ,ad spends across  Auto  sector slowed down, with a slowing economy, which resulted in  3.1%   the first six months of 2013, but maintained a  over 9%  share of ad spends

Health care ad spending began to recover in the first half of 2013, as expenditures grew 2.5 percent year-over-year.

April 22, 2013

46% of Consumer Durables Industry Using Mobile to drive marketer awareness

46% of consumer goods marketers use mobile ads for brand awareness | Econsultancy: "Consumer goods advertisers primarily use mobile advertising for brand awareness rather than driving site traffic or increased footfall in-store, according to new research from Millennial Media.

Almost half (46%) of consumer goods advertisers stated that their main campaign goal was brand awareness compared to an overall average of 14% among all industries.

Site traffic (29%) and ‘sustained in-market presence’ (11%) were the second and third most-common campaign goals for consumer goods companies, while just 5% aimed to increase foot traffic.

In recent study found that 43% of Google searches have local intent, so it’s interesting to note that relatively few mobile advertising dollars are spent with the aim of luring customers in-store.

However the report also states that in 2012 40% of consumer goods campaign spend on the Millennial Media platform was attributed to at least one of the many forms of real-time location-based targeting."

December 4, 2012

2013 Global Advertising Spends to exceed $518 billion, grow 4%

Global ad expenditure growth forecast to strengthen over the next three years, rising from 3.3% in 2012 to 4.1% in 2013 and 5.6% in 2015

According to recent research by Zenith Optimedia, Global ad expenditure will grow 4.1% in 2013, reaching US$518 billion by the end of the year.By 2015 advertising  spends is foretasted to grow 5.6%
Source: ZenithOptimedia
  • North America and ‘Advanced Asia’ is predicted to grow 4-5% annually
  • Eurozone to shrink 4% in 2013, stabilise in 2014 and grow 2% in 2015
  • Northern & Central Europe static in 2013, then to grow 2% a year in 2014 and 201
The Developing markets to contribute 61% of adspend growth between 2012 and 2015, and increase their share of global adspend from 34% to 37%

 Major media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, cinema, outdoor, internet)

July 26, 2012

Global Ad Spents grow 3%, in 2012 ,Middle East and Africa contribute 23%

Worldwide advertising spend rose 3.1% year-over-year in Q1 tao reach $128 billion USD, per new figures released in June 2012 by Nielsen. Ad spend gains were minimal in January, but picked up steam in the following months, with spending in March 4.5% higher than in the previous year. The report notes that the Q1 2012 gain might have come as a result of depressed spending a year earlier, when market conditions and political unrest were more pronounced. Nielsen earlier reported 7.3% ad spend growth in 2011, though that figure was limited to major traditional media (TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers).

The 3.1% growth rate reported in Q1 is slightly below the 4.3% rate forecast for 2012 by ZenithOptimedia and the 4.8% rate predicted by Warc.

The Middle East and Africa saw the most rapid Q1 growth, as spending grew 23.3% year-over-year. 

Latin America also posted strong gains in Q1, according to the Nielsen figures, with spending increasing by 9.6% from a year earlier. 

Meanwhile, Q1 ad spend growth in North America (2.1%) and Asia-Pacific (1.7%) was more muted,

April 26, 2012

Global Advertising Spends sees 7.3% increase

2011 Closed with 7.3 Percent Increase in Global Advertising Spend | Nielsen Wire: "ccording to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, global advertising in 2011 totaled USD 498 billion (mainly based on published rate cards and four traditional media types), and Q4 2011 closed with 131 billion, up 6.2 percent over the same period in 2010.

All traditional media types showed positive trends globally in 2011, with Television and Radio seeing the highest percentage increases of 10.1 percent and 9.7 percent respectively. Television ad spend, which holds a 65 percent share of ad spending, grew in all regions.

Spending for Internet, Outdoor, and Cinema also all showed increases in 2011 when compared with 2010. Internet ad spending, which grew by 24 percent in 2011 vs. 2010, saw increases in almost all markets measured."

According to Nielsen data , published in April,2012 In the U.S., advertising  declined by  0.2 % year-on-year during Q4, but increased 2 percent in 2011 vs. 2010. The European advertising market decreased spending by 0.4 percent in 2011 compared with 2010. Though many Northern European advertising markets measured marginally increased spending during 2011, larger decreases were seen in the Southern European markets of Greece (-13.1%), Italy (-4.0%), and Spain (-9.7%).

n Q3 2011 saw an increase in  many of the world’s biggest advertisers, as compared to Q4,. In the year  advertising  saw an  overall 7.3 percent increase in spending vs. 2010.

July 2, 2011

Advertising On Social Media : Facebook vs Others

Social Media Spending
Timeline of the launch dates of many major SNSs and dates when community sites re-launched with SNS features( via Jcmc

February 4, 2011

Global Advertising Spending By Medium

GLOBAL spending on advertising will grow by 4.5% in 2011, double the rate of the previous year, according to ZenithOptimedia, an ad agency. This will be led by online advertising which will increase by 16%. Television advertising will also grow, led by emerging markets, where it is an especially dominant medium. But spending on print advertising will fall by around 1%. Extending print-media brands online offers some hope of reversing the downturn, but digital ad revenue will not replace that lost by print in the foreseeable future, according to the World Association of Newspapers. (  source :economist )