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November 16, 2014

Top 5 forms of Advertising that Influences Consumers in Latin America

 The below chart shows how consumers react to advertising in Latin America and what are the action they take post advertising . Among the 10 kinds of marketing messages they receive recommendation from people they know forms the highest form of "acceptance" Ads on TV and Emails are the third most effective advertising messages that " consumers are. Branded web sites and micro sites along with print are the 4th and  5th most important influences that makes a consumer buy .

 Advertising  platforms in Latin American market

October 18, 2014

With 100% revenue growth ,North America Topples Asia Pacific as the largest Mobile Advertising Market

Mobile ad revenues by Regions :North American mobile ad revenues now exceed Asia Pacific

Mobile Advertising Revenue Hits €14.6 Billion ($19.3 Billion) in 2013, which is a growth of almost 100% as compared to 2012 ( nearly doubling compared to previous year( Based on  data from IAB Europe ,Latin America shows highest year-on-year growth in mobile advertising soaring 215%,.

Based on data from IAB Europe ,Latin America shows highest year-on-year growth in mobile advertising soaring 215%, with major increases coming from North America, up 122% and Europe up 90%. Meanwhile North American mobile ad revenues now exceed Asia Pacific revenues after the slump in "2012' 

In 2012 Mobile revenues from advertising in Asia pacific was 3362 million (UK Pound) which rose to 5666 million( Uk Pound ) in 2013, a growth of 68%.In comparison US mobile ad revenue in 2012 slumped to 2743million UK Pounds, a decline of 22% revenues from mobile advertising.

In 2013 however North American mobile ad revenue grew by triple digits to 6099 million (UK pound) ,a growth of 122% from 2012.In 2013 Asia Pacific revenues from mobile stopped at 5666 million ( UK Pound)..which is a 8% increase in North American revenue vis a vis Asia Pacific 

This is how the global mobile advertising market looks like by their global numbers of $19.3million or €14.6m for the year 2013 by share of regions global number

North America: 41.9% (€6,099m / $8,100m)
Asia-Pacific: 38.9% (€5,666m / $7,525m) -

Europe: 17.3% (€2,519m / $3,346m) -

Middle East & Africa: 1.2% (€170m / $225m)

Latin America: 0.7% (€109m / $144m) ..

October 16, 2014

Digital Advertising Report : 2014


The increasing digitization of marketing, retail sales and FMCG has completely changed the way we used marketing.  as one of our core  brand building strategy .While the digital economy has changed the way we use to market. What has not changed are the basic principles of marketing . Identify a need, try to see of any other business  are trying to t address it if yes... can you do better than them ? What are those value drivers you can bring which other cant ?

Digital marketing  has enabled us to help decide which part of our marketing dollars are effective. and what are those touch points  where we can engage them better , by Geo targeting , video marketing or a  "optimize the landing page  landing page ur marketry out changed fundamentally not changed the way we used to market, except that " it has forever changed the way we shop , led by the mobile revolution

October 13, 2014

On an average , US users spends 2 hours 51 minutes on their mobile device

How US Business are spending across Media :  Smartphon
UIS ad spending by Media, : Moblievs TV vs Print

Total US Ad Spending to See Largest Increase Since 2004 - eMarketer: " The mobile contines to redefine the marketing medium, as recent report from Emarketer claim  that  'US adults will spend an average of 2 hours 51 minutes per day with mobile devices . In terms of engagement across media,THe mobile media is far ahead that any other media . This surge in mobile advertising is chiefly attributable to the fact that consumers are spending more and more time with their tablets and smartphones compared to other media .. As compared to to 2013 ,daily time spent on mobile devices and on desktops and laptops was equal, totaling 2 hours 19 minutes, but this year, time with desktops and laptops will drop slightly to 2 hours 12 minutes, while mobile time will increase significantly. - 

As marketers realize "  that  steady growth in mobile advertising will push digital ads to represent nearly 30% of all US ad spending this year. Advertisers will invest more than $50 billion in digital channels in 2014. 2014 will also be the year when  for the first time,there will be an  increase of 17.7% over 2013 . By 2018 mobile will account for more than 70% of digital ad the US according to eMarkete

September 29, 2014

France Digital Spending accounts for 19% of total media spends

  1. Digital Spending in France grew by 22% from US$2.49 billion  in 2011  to US$ 4.4 billion  by the end of 2013. This accounts  for 19% of total advertising  across media.

  2. During 2009-2013, online advertising in the country has increased at a CAGR of 9.3%. This growth is expected to continue in 2014 with brands expected to spend US$4.8 billion, representing an increase of 8.5% over 2013.

  3. In France  online advertising is led by  Display advertising growth (+3%) video advertising which saw  exploding growth of the online video ad format (+34% representing €68 million in H1 2013, or 18% of the Display market). 

  4. The rise of the RTB buying model (+121% representing €57 million in H1 2013, or 15% of the Display market.

  5. French Companies spends a larger part of its  digital budget over the next three years on customer service (19% versus global average of 16%). French companies also spend the highest percentage of their functional digital budget on R&D – (21%), a figure it shares with the much-bigger Australia.

September 17, 2014

Bulging marketing budgets by UK helps push mobile spends to 21%,print declines to 17%


Print vs Internet spends in UK

Companies in UK  are all set to splurge on  marketing and promotion activities this year. 
Data from Big brands shows that in 2014  Companies and brands are putting aside more cash for marketing budgets alongside improving financial forecasts. 

The latest Bellwether report, a quarterly survey of 300 senior marketers from the UK’s top companies found that marketers were increasingly optimistic about the prospects for their companies and industry sectors. The growing market optimism is mirrored in the swelling budgets, with 40% of those surveyed indicating that budgets were on the rise – compared to 25.8% last year. Almost a third spent more than planned in the first quarter compared to 9% spending less than budgeted, This is according to a study by Brand Republic

Meanwhile Mobile Spending  in UK  by 2014 is set to reach £2.26 billion according to emarketer, which is  set to exceed the advertising that UK Brands spends on Print Newspapers
  1. Mobile  is expected to account for 15.1% of total media spending this year, while newspaper ad spend is expected to fall  by 5% to 13.8%, or £2.06 billion.
  2. In 2015, the trend becomes more striking, with mobile set to surpass all of print's market share including newspapers and magazines - Mobile is set to  form 21.0% of  ad spends spend versus 17.3% ad spends in Print and Magazines 

August 19, 2014

Mapping the Marketing Spends by B2b Industry : Top 100 Advertisers

biggest b2b Spenders by medium
analysis of  the media mix among  top 100 advertisers in  b2b segment
Top 100 B2b Marketing Spends by media /Adage/Mcharts 
Ad Spending for 100 Largest B-to-B Marketers Nears $5 Billion 

Ad spending by the 100 largest B2B advertisers grew by 3.4% year-over-year in 2013 to an estimated $4.9 billion.The media mix  data is as below
  1. Broadcast and cable TV combined to account for a leading 56% of that spending, up by 3% from 2012. 
  2. Spending on internet display ads grew most quickly, by 25.3%. 
  3. The only other medium to see an increase among the top 100 was outdoor (+2.4%), 
  4.  Print media, specially magazine  continued to remain relatively flat (-0.3%), newspaper spending came down by 9.4% and radio spend declined by 13.7%.
  5. Meanwhile, spending by B2B advertisers outside the top 100 dipped by 0.5% to $10.2 billion
  6. Apple was the nation's No. 2 b-to-b advertiser last year, spending $218.1 million on b-to-b ads, up 39.0%,around 65% which was on TV

Top 10 radio advertisers :The Highest revenue generating categories

Though Radio revenues fell by 3% year-over-year in Q2  this year as gains in digital (+9%) and off-air (+13%) were unable to offset a 5% decline in spot revenues,  While many of Radio’s top categories saw slightly diminished Spot spending in Q2,  a few categories saw small increases as well.
Ranked and  measured in  on dollar volumeThe only two top categories to increase spot spending for the quarter were Healthcare +1% and Professional services +3%
radio advertising :  winners and losers

 “The list  of Top 10” list  of  product  categories across Radio  that generates biggest revenues to  Radio and  consistently maintain a majority share of voice on Radio’s airwaves

July 10, 2014

Corporations Marketing Budgets: 10 Companies with highest Advertising Spends

Companies that spends the Biggest on ad and marketing
Marketing spends by industry : Forecast by Forrester 

In lean times, when markets are not doing well, amidst weak economy and sluggish demand , The one thing most companies do  is  to cut down its spends on advertising.
While many feel, this is not a great idea, as they reason, that in a bad economic climate when 90% brands have cut down spends, its is the rest 10% of the brands that continues to market during  bad times are the ones that " gets consumers attention, when the economy bounces back.
However during normal times , which are those global companies that spends the highest on their marketing and advertising ?
The List below  the chart shows the  Brands that spent the biggest on marketing and advertisin

  1. PROCTER &GAMBLE :                 $3.4 billion
  2. AT&T :                                                 $2.99billion
  3. GENERAL MOTORS:                      $2.87 billion
  4. VERIZON :                                          $2.45billion
  5. AMERICAN EXPRESS:              $2.22 billion
  6. PFIZER:                                             $2.12billion
  7. WALMART :                                     $2.06billion
  8. TIME WARNER:                           $2.04billion
  9. JOHNSON & JOHNSON:          $2.03billion
  10. L'OREAL :                                           $1.98billion  

June 23, 2014

Unilever India's Kan Khajura Tesan, Digital Campaign Goes Viral

Until a few years ago most companies looked at online as yet another platform to air their TV commercials. This is not the case any longer. FMCG companies are looking at digital media as a separate platform to engage with their target audience. 

  •  Perhaps the most successful digital campaign in the country by an FMCG company has been run by Hindustan Unilever (HUL). The consumer goods giant last year launched a free mobile radio entertainment channel called Kan Khajura Tesan, which can be loosely translated as Centipede Station, in Bihar and Jharkhand.
  •  To access the content, a mobile phone user gives a 'missed call' - the call here gets disconnected automatically after two rings - on a given number. The user is then called back and gets to listen to songs, jokes and, of course, HUL advertisements. The idea behind the campaign was to reach out to consumers who do not have access to TV, radio or the print medium but have a mobile phone. 
  • Over the past seven months the radio station has reached out to more than nine million subscribers and HUL ads have been heard 85 million times, the company says. HUL now plans to roll out the channel in other regions.

June 12, 2014

UK Online Users to spend $232.46 per year

According to the latest emarketing report this year UK digital ad spending per Internet user will increase to $201.59  Digital ad spend per user is expected to trend upward at a gradual rate year over year  In 2015, $232.46 will be spent per Internet user, while in 2016 this number will increase to $246.34Global
UK Online Shopping Forecast