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June 23, 2011

Smartphone and Privacy : Infographic

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 How Smartphone users stores Data infographic by Look Out

Online and  Mobile privacy  has been a hot topic lately, and has been debated across
both mainstream print media, Blogs and has been  across  everywhere where you managed to look . But does the companies and the people who matter really care ? You can't download an app these days without it asking for your location--and not just on check-in services like Foursquare and Gowalla. Google Maps, Instagram, Twitter, Square, MenuPages, Shazam--they all want to know exactly where you are whenever you're using the app. 

The Recent news that showed how  detailed location data is being collected by iPhones, and logged in an easily accessible file on the computer the device syncs with,  had spread like wildfire.The fact is that the Giant Tech Companies incuding Apple, Google, and Microsoft are able to retrieve data about our activities and whereabouts  anywhere  is something all users should be concerned about.

According to a report out today by Nielsen, a whopping 59% of females and 52% of males have privacy concerns when it comes to location-based services. Even more telling? Just 8% of females and 12% of males have no concerns about these apps, a surprisingly low figure given the popularity of check-in services.