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April 23, 2011

2011 Smartphone market share, by country

Data source : Kantar WorldPanel 2011

The Above Graph shows the Smartphone  Platform Marketshare in Italy US and Australia according to Kantar Worldpanel (formerly TNS Worldpanel) . While in US Android has reached a 54% Marketshare in just one year ( 2010 March-2011 March)In Italy it has increased to  18%  a rise of 17% in justs one year. And in Australia Android is up from 4.2% in 2010 March to almost 30%. Across all markets Android has clearly shown remarkable double digit growth. ( all data updated as of 31st March, 2011 )

Apple iOS  is on the verge of becoming a passe by Android devices. Not only in the US but in other countries, notably the UK, Germany, France and Japan, the iPhone saw double-digit falls in market share - which could mean that even if it is selling more phones, it is not growing the number as quickly as the market is expanding.

Meanwhile Microsoft's Windows Phone launch has made barely a ripple, with the company's share of the market falling in every country as the last of its previous-generation Windows Mobile phones are phased out. Kantar's figures suggest that only 1m Windows Phone devices were sold since they launched - around half the number that Microsoft has repeatedly said have been "shipped". 

Smartphone Market Share Update as on 2012

Japan Mobile OS ending Dec 2011

Italy vs Spain Smartphone Marketshare ( latest  Comscore update as on 24th Feb,2012 data)


Comscore latest update as on Feb,24th, 2012 Show EU countries  and their Mobile OS usage



2012 Comscore update ( as on Feb 24th,2012)


Analysis across European markets revealed that Nokia accounted for the largest share of total mobile handsets (feature phone and smartphones combined) across four of the five EU5 markets in December 2011, including the UK (24.4 percent), Germany (29.1 percent), Italy (43.8 percent) and Spain (40.7 percent), while coming in second to Samsung in France with 18.5 percent share. Samsung secured more than one-third of the total mobile market in France at 37.9 percent and led in the U.S. (25.3 percent) and Canada (24.3 percent). Apple, which was absent from the top 3 OEM rankings last year, made its way to the #3 position in the UK (13.6 percent) and France (10.1 percent) driven by continued smartphone adoption and the
recent introduction of iPhone 4S