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July 29, 2014

Google working on a gigantic 5.9 inch smartphone to be launched in November

Google may be working on a gigantic 5.9 inch smartphone to be released in November,2014 according to a new report from Android Police. The company is reportedly working with Motorola on the phablet, which will supposedly come with a fingerprint sensor and will launch with major US carriers. Google and Motorola are said to be calling it 'Shamu' internally. That size is unusually large for a smartphone. It's one inch shy from being the same size as most mini tablets, such as the Google Nexus 7. Samsung's Galaxy Mega, which comes in both 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch screen sizes, and LG G Pro 2 are the only other phablets that compare in size. Most phablets fall into the 5.3-5.7-inch range.

Million Android Users vulnerable to malicious attack due to a security flaw

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - OS Market Share

Android continues to be beset by problems whenever it just seems that its  all ready to blow competition away ..
Apparently Millions of people using Android devices could be left open to attack from malicious apps that appear to come from legitimate developers, due to a flaw in Google's mobile software. The flaw has been named "Fake ID" by security company Bluebox Labs, which discovered it.

The worse part as  globally Android's marketshare is bigger than its nearest competitors and this  affects almost all Android phones. 

Bluebox says the vulnerability dates back to the January 2010 release of Android 2.1 and affects all devices that are not patched for "Google bug 13678484," which was disclosed to Google and released for patching in April..The root of this vulnerability lies in what's called a "certificate chain," in which encrypted certificates that verify the identities of Android apps can trust each other to communicate and share data.

 However, Google says it has already issued a patch to protect Android users from attacks exploiting the flaw.

July 6, 2014

If you are using Android Purchased before 2011, You data is " not safe "

android data leak sends alarm bells ringin

Thoseof you who  are  using Android Mobile OS  phones  less that  3 years old,  that is  any Android phone purchase before 2011, Beware , it could be broadcasting the names of every Wi-Fi network you've connected to and in the process leak sensitive data  and compromise privacy 

According to findings by the Electronic Frontier Foundation,  which are reproduced across many tech websites   reveals that  Android device with Android 3.1 Honeycomb or later installed is in Preferred Network Offload mode, meaning it broadcasts the recent Wi-Fi networks it was connected to, allowing anyone within Wi-Fi range to figure out exactly where the user is based and where they have previously been.

Howeeve these no need to panic   There always a solution, as people who  use technology products are more often than not smarter than who makes them

 Just go to "Advanced Wi-Fi" settings and disable the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" option to stop PNO from checking for networks in sleep mode.  
Acording  to TheVerge Devices running iOS 6, 7, or 8 are not affected by the bug, although EFF reported some data leakage in iOS 5 devices.

July 4, 2014

On the Eve of 10 years of Android Here is an Face off Between Google vs Apple

Android  is ahead in terms of market share against apple's IOS

Android vs iOS  : market share comparison

Android vs iOS : Market Cap
Android vs iOS : Market Cap
ios app store vs android play store
Android Play vs ioS Store :  Revenues

Android vs iOS : Pricing
Mobile OS : Android vs iOS Comparison
Android vs iOS :Total Web Usage

Android vs iOS marketshare comparison since 2012 onwards
Android vs iOS: Market Share

Google had  acquired Android Inc. on August 17, 2005 with  key employees of Android Inc., including Rubin, Miner, and White. Not much was known about Android Inc. at the time, but many assumed that Google was planning to enter the mobile phone market with this move

As we  reach a decade of Android's existence the Smartphone Market continues to be controlled by Android and Apple.The first commercially available smartphone running Android was the HTC Dream, released on October 22, 2008 . It was not until 2011 that Android had established itself Google's success in its Mobile OS has come" in around 3 years.  

 The Mobile OS market  continues to  be a 2 ways street,  with just 2 brands  catering to a a one  million  first time smartphone users in a month 

In terms of Consumer choices   the Mobile OS market has seen RIM beaten to dust and Windows failing to rise from the dust

How are these 2 giants battling it up. How do they compare  across markets across devices and in terms of holding on to their marketshare .In terms of Click through rates and   revenue .  How do they stack up across Mobile Apps ?    How do the duo compete on CTR and Revenue? .  Why does an Android Phones comes cheaper than iPhone .   How do they compare across the Tablet  Devices .  While  the Giants fight it out, the infographic shows you how 

June 30, 2014

The European App Economy to provide 794,000 Jobs across Europe

According to a recent research report from Vision Mobile on The European App Economy  reveals the " impending Boom in the Mobile App Job Market Job Boom.

  1. Across  European Union, global revenues from the app economy reached $56B in 2012 with over a quarter of these revenues being generated in Europe.
  2.  With a 25% share  of the app economy,530,000 thousand jobs have been  directly related to the app economy in 2013
  3. By 2015 there will be 794,000 jobs across the whole economy  out of which 529,000 jobs will be  direct Mobile App Economy jobs
  4. Out of  529,000 jobs, 60%  will be for  developers and engineers
  5. Europe Mobile App  will churn out  Revenues of more than €10 billion per annum  EU28 by 2014
  6. By 2016  as the EU app economy matures and startups grow, the demand for functional verticals like  sales, marketing, customer relations, finance and HR  will grow by 35%

"Motorola Germany "Moto X and Moto G carring Android 5.0 L update turns out to fake

Mobile OS Android L
This chart from Techbuffolo shows the Fragmentation in Android Devices
A recent post on Android L being integrated on Moto X and Moto G Android 5.0 L update was confirmed by many technology sites

It said  "Although Google did not spill any important details about which handset will be carrying the Android L during its I/O keynote on Wednesday, 
Neither did it the name  new mobile operating system is, or its version number – and which handsets would be carrying the Android L"

The earlier post had claimed It said that   the android L would be available at Moto X and G

  • Motorola Germany confirmed on Facebook that the Moto X and Moto G will both receive the Android L update later this year, referring to the update as Android 5.0. “Android 5.0 arrives in autumn on Moto X and Moto G,” Motorola Germany wrote
However it seems that this news was fake Android Authority posted this last weekend

As it turns out, Motorola has yet to formally speak up about its plans for Android L, and the Facebook account for “Motorola Germany” has been outed as a fake.
 Here’s a statement from the real Motorola: 
  • "Unfortunately, we have found that a Facebook profile under the name Motorola Germany with the following URL was created. We would like to point out that this is not an official Motorola site and expressly distance ourselves from said content. All relevant information about Motorola can be found only here on this pag

June 27, 2014

Google most ambitious Mobile OS, Android L now ready for release

Google's most ambitious Android release codenamed 'L' , is now available in the Android L Developer Preview. Released  on June 25, 2014, in  beta , for selected Google Nexus devices ,Android L its expected  to be a part of selected Google Nexus device  and  is expected for  manufacturing rollout  in late-2014

This has been year.s not clear what the name of the new mobile operating system is, or its version number – somesay it’s Android 5.0 Lollipop. It’s also not known what devices will be able to run it. Some of the salient features are 

1.     The Android L Screen elements will be able to simulate depth, with automatic shadows and scaling, but will also inherit elements of classic magazine typography and layout.
2.     The Android L  includes a redesigned user interface built around a responsive design language referred to as "material design. Among the new features the notification, can  now be accessed from  the locked screen.
3.     Among  other changes include a  radical new design, 5000 new APIs,  going beyond the mobile form factor. Android L will be contextually aware of its surrounding, plus voice is going to me a major input source.
 Internal changes were also made to the platform, with the Android Runtime officially replacing Dalvik for improved application performance, and changes intended to improve and optimize battery usage

June 13, 2014

Google Fit , to enter your Gym, to collect data from your health and fitness devices

Google is about to enter the " Heath and wellness " industry by its new launch of Google Fit, which aims to aggregate data from user generated health and fitness requirements including   personal gadgets ,or  mobile apps .

Google wants to be the place where health data is collected.-related apps, which users can access across their devices . This is Google firsts attempt to enter the fitness and wellness vertical after wearable devices.

According to Forbes report Google is expected to announce a new service called Google Fit" Google Fit will be a service that collects all the data from all of your health-tracking gadgets."and help you store and access it across the cloud 

 This comes after the launch of Apple HealthKit framework, launched last week which plans to aggregate data from wearable devices and apps. Last month Samsung also unveiled Sami, a biometric data platform that collects health information from devices and apps too With.Google Fit , google would pose a direct competition to the 2 technology giants and the fight for the multibillion dollar health and Fitness market

June 11, 2014

Android users account for 56% mobile ad impressions in Millennial Media Platform

According to the latest  Mobile Media  Advertising Mix, out of 73% smartphone users where M Media reached , 56% mobile ad impressions were across Android users, and 37% were from iOS consumers. Impressions  across non phone connected device (( tablets, consoles,)  was  23% ( 3% rise  increase as compared to last year

Ad impressions across iOS OS increased by 3% ( 34% to 37% ) during last FY, while Android  users saw  4% increase in impressions served across their mobile device (  from 52% to 56%)

Android users accounted for 56% Impressions across millennial media


May 25, 2014

How much do "Chinese Mobile Users" worth to Mobile Service Providers

 Chinese Smartphone market
Chinese 3G Subscribers 

In the run-up to iPhone 5S/5C launch event, the “cheap” iPhone 5C and its price was a #1 topic of speculation. A close #2 was Apple’s deal with China Mobile. Why were pundits so obsessed about getting iPhone on one Chinese carrier? 

In its latest article, " speaks about the " often over estimated Mobile Market in China .Yes, China Mobile is humongous - it has 740 million subscribers. But most of those subscribers use cheap 2G feature phones and wouldn’t care much about an iPhone. China Mobile’s 3G subscriber base is way smaller – around 180 million. Still a huge number, but majority of those subscribers use cheap $100-200 Androids, and aren’t available to Apple either.

And if you look at the combined base of around 150 million 3G subscribers at current Apple partners – China Telecom and China Unicom, you may wonder what the China Mobile fuss was all about.

January 30, 2014

Why Google Re Sold Motorola at a $7billion Loss to Lenevo

By selling Motorola, Google is shifting to what it does best  and  is an acknowledgment that Google is better off focusing on its core competencies — making software and selling ads — particularly as the profit margins for phones are shrinking all across the world

Its the end of the  Google's Tryst with  Motorola Mobility".Motorola has just been jettisoned and dumped  by Google, which  the Search Giant acquired 2  years ago for a record  $12.6 billion .

Motorola's  new parent will be Lenevo ,who paid $ 2.9 billion   to Google  for  buying off the earstwhile Mobile Giant . So  does  that mean  that   Google  failed to  integrate  Motorala's patents and its hardware Legacy  ecosystem? Does this also signal the  end of " Google's Mobile  Web Initiatives to take over the " Mobile OS/.HS  specially the hardware ( operating system  and Hardware)

However Industry experts  remain baffled about Google selling Motorola phone business to Lenovo for $2.9 billion -  "Google is selling Motorola's smartphone business to Lenovo for $2.9 billion, a price that makes Google's biggest acquisition look like its most expensive mistake  according to  a tech journal

The sell off allows " Google " clear the financial mess  headache that has plagued the internet company since buying Motorola Mobility for $12.4 billion in 2012.However Google is also keeping most of the patents that came with the Motorola purchase.

In the "Meantime "Motorola has lost nearly $2 billion since Google took over, while trimming its workforce from 20,000 to 3,800. Google had previously sold company's set-top operations last year to Arris Group Inc. for $2.35 billion. Google is also keeping most of the patents that came with the Motorola purchase.

November 3, 2013

Top 5 Tablets with Longest Battery Life

5 Tablets with the Longest Battery Life: "10 Tablets with the Longest Battery Life"

Rank 1:

Apple iPad  4th Generation

The 4th-generation iPad leads the pack in almost every respect. Packing a 42.5-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery, Apple's latest iPad lasted an unbelievable 12 hours and 22 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test, well over the 7 hour and 7 minute average


Rank 2 :Apple iPad Mini

The LTE model has a life of 8 hours and 16 minutes (It can last during the flight from  New York to London )  The Apple iPad Mini  boasts among the most impressive Displays



Rank 3 :Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 almost lasts  whopping 9 hours and 59 minutes and probably  among the best “ device “ with the highest Battery Life

Rank 4 :Amazon Kindle Fire HD (8.9-inch)

Rank 5:Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2

September 23, 2013

The Best iPhone Today Money Can Buy :iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C


Its been a a tale of two Tech Giants competeing for Consumer Mindspace as BlackBerry has agreed to go private in a $US4.7 billion dealwith Fairfax Holdings Limited. The deal won’t go through for a few more weeks, and BlackBerry can still accept offers from someone else. 

The news comes on the same day Apple, the company credited for the disruption of the mobile device industry that helped cause BlackBerry’s downfall, posted record opening weekend sales for its new iPhones. Apple sold 9 million of them. 

These  9 million iPhones which have been sold in the lat week  are a mix of both models, the top-tier iPhone 5S and the cheaper plastic iPhone 5C. 

But even if most iPhones sold were the cheaper model, Apple brought in at least $US5 billion in revenue from its iPhone business last weekend. And that’s being conservative. So, in short, Apple generated more revenue from iPhone sales last weekend than all of BlackBerry will likely sell for.!

July 13, 2013

Lessons in Excellence : What Microsoft needs ro Learn from Google and Apple

The latest Trends on Web Marketing

Among The worlds biggest and the brightest, Technnology Companies  microsoft has beein the news more that any one else. While the world moves into cloud and open source, Microsofy has been favorite punching bag for its " Closed door ecosystem"

These org chart  of the tech titans showed how " Microsoft Org chart"  is responsible for the failure of the company  an has failed to launch innovative  products and get the first mover advantage.The chart shows Google, Apple, Oracle has been successful in the web2.era as their org chart  structure is robust and  innovative

A couple of years ago, the above satirical set of diagrams depicting the organization of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and other technology companies made the rounds on the Internet. The chart for Microsoft showed several isolated pyramids representing its divisions, each with a cartoon pistol aimed at the other.
However the structure at Microstf is all set to undergo a transformation and their  Internal Divisions will no longer gun down each other .

 Microsoft would dissolve its eight product divisions in favor of four new ones arranged around broader functional themes, a change meant to encourage a tighter marriage among technologies as competitors like Apple and Google outflank it in the mobile and Internet markets

“To execute, we’ve got to move from multiple Microsofts to one Microsoft,” Steven A. Ballmer, the longtime chief executive, said in an interview. 

June 11, 2013

App Store Downloads Crosses 50billion, more than $10billion paid to developers

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off today, and as usual, the keynote began with a bunch of Apple stats.
Before showing a video of the company’s latest retail store opening in Berlin, CEO Tim Cook revealed that a million people went to Apple’s retail stores per day last year. They now have 47 stores around the world in 14 countries. This particular store was opened in a hundred-year-old building.
On the digital side of things, Cook announced that people have downloaded 50 billion apps from the App Store. There are currently 900,000 apps in the store, and 93% of them, he said, are downloaded every month.
 Here are Some interesting App Store Numbers and Data that reveals " How Apple managed to change the Mobile Content Ecosystem

  • There are now 900,000 apps in the app store, with 375,000 of those  optimized for the iPad. 
  • Out of those 900,000 apps, 93% are downloaded every month. That's up from 700,000 apps announced at the September 2012 iPhone 5 event
  • Apple Crossed the 50 billion apps downloaded from the store, in May 2013
  • So far Apple has paid out $10 billion to developers, with $5 billion paid out in the last year alone.
  •  Apple claims that this makes up 74 percent of total app download revenue across all mobile