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September 26, 2012

The iPhone 5 Phenemenon on the web : Pre iPhone 5 launch vs Post Launch

Apple iphone 5 pre release
Apples products are always a rage  whether its the iPod iPhone or iPad..e Apple manages to arouse strange mix of anticipation, mixed with apprehension and shock value. No  other consumer company brand   have managed to come anywhere near Apple when it comes to  their product launch

The iphone 5 was  in the offing for almost 10 Months now, Last September, Apple launched 4S, and this year ..the Apple launch of iPhone 5 generated the same hysteria .. and share of voice associated with Apple

Crimson Hexagon  has posted an Infographic to show” how social web reacted to the iPhone 5 pre and Post  launch 

Pre iPhone 5 launch it had  600,000 pre-release opinions which ranged from

  • 41% of users expressing that they intend to purchase the new mobile device.
  • 41% of the conversation was positive, with users wanting to buy the iphone 5 
  • 33% of conversation focused on speculation of the iPhone 5’s features and capabilities
  • 7% of user sentiment was on whether or not they should purchase the new device

The Social  Web and Share of Voice post iPhone 5 increased to 1.4 million from 615,000 , which is an increase of  400 times  and opinion  ranged  from
  •  Post the event 38% of the conversation was positive
  • 18% of sentiment was on the anticipation and excitement for the iPhone 5 unveil
  • 13% of users expressed excitement for the iPhone 5 and indicated they intend to purchase or want the device
  • 7% of the positive sentiment was focused on the iPhone 5’s features, like 4G LTE