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February 29, 2012

Apple's Growth Across Retail Channels : The Story in Charts

Apple’s retail stores increased sales by nearly 60% in Q4. This is a dramatic though not unprecedented change from Q3
s 1% growth rate. The growth rate faithfully tracks iPhone releases as demonstrated in a post last quarter.

The above chart  published by Aysmco ,shows how Apple products have grown via  Retail  Channels  seen on a yearly basis 
  • There were 332 million visitors in 2011, an increase of 29%. (This total is greater than the population of the United States.)
  • The average  revenue was nearly $50 million/store
  • 38 stores were opened, in-line with 2010s 40 openings
  • Total 2011 revenues were $16.4 billion
  • About 34,600 (full time equivalent) employees were employed on average
  • There were nearly 1 million visitors per store
  • There were an average of 100 employees assigned to each store
  • Average revenue/employee was $473,622
  • Average profit/employee was $120,289
  • There were about 9,600 visitors for each employee
  • Each visitor generated about $50 in revenue
  • The revenue per square foot was about $6,500 across all stores.

February 24, 2011