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June 28, 2011

65% UK Smartphone Users Use iPhone Apps

New figures released by  Mobile Media Metrics report, compiled together with comScore GSMA and comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), in partnership with the UK mobile operators, today released the first monthly data showing how UK mobile consumers engage through mobile applications.

The data from the GSMA Mobile Media Metrics (MMM) application key measurements report reveals that nearly 8.8 million UK mobile owners used an app
that connected to the internet during April 2011, with Google Maps ranking as the most accessed app with 6.4 million unique users.

Share (%) of Connected Application Users by Smartphone Operating System
April 2011
Source: GSMA MMM Application Key Measures
  Total Unique Visitors % Share
Total Connected Apps Users 8,753,197 100%
Apple iOS 5,702,166 65%
Google Android OS 2,699,982 31%
Symbian OS 118,957 1%
Other OS 356,871 3%

Apple's iOS took a 65% share, with Android accounting for 31%, and other platforms (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile/Phone, webOS and feature phones) taking a 3% share.
Symbian accounted for just 1% of connected application users in the UK in April.

According to a recent study by
Flurry, consumers are now spending more minutes per day on mobile apps than surfing the web either on their desktop computer or mobile phone. 9% more time is spent using apps compared to the Internet. Mobile app usage has increased 91% over the past year, web usage has also increased but at the slower rate of 16%.( via :Pskf )

Connected Mobile Applications
Ranked by Unique Visitors

April 2011

Source: GSMA MMM Application Key Measures
Mobile App Total Unique Visitors
Total Connected Apps Users 8,753,197
Google Maps 6,419,503
Yahoo! Weather 3,567,047
Facebook 3,456,442
Google Mobile 2,554,329
YouTube 2,438,348
eBay 1,195,496
Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre 1,004,085
Yahoo! Stocks 959,289
WhatsApp Messenger 798,656
Sky News 732,374
Skype 609,091
Shazam 562,410
BBC News 495,394
Sky Sports 482,130
Talking Tom Cat 452,396
Sky+ 303,275
Rightmove App 289,221
Google Earth 269,502
IMDb Movies & TV 251,624

TuneIn Radio 227,343

UK Connected Mobile Applications  Statistics

In April 2011, 40 per cent of the 21.8 million UK mobile internet users accessed a connected application*.

Google Maps ranked as the top mobile app with 6.4 million users, reaching 73.3 per cent of all UK app users.

Yahoo’s Weather app ranked second with 3.6 million followed by Facebook’s app with 3.5 million unique visitors.

Another two apps published by Google - Google Mobile and YouTube - rounded out the top five, highlighting Google’s strong position among UK mobile consumers.

source : Comscore

April 7, 2011

The State of Mobile Apps in US




Most Americans can’t imagine leaving home without their mobile phones. Nearly all adults in the U.S. now have cellphones, with one in four having smartphones, pocket-sized devices more powerful than the computers initially used to send men to the moon. By the end of 2011, Nielsen predicts that the majority of mobile subscribers in the U.S. will have smartphones. With their rich features and capabilities, these devices have been fertile ground for the growth of mobile apps. As of June 2010, 59% of smartphone owners and nearly 9% of feature phone owners report having downloaded a mobile app in the last 30 days.

The Nielsen Company launched the Mobile Apps Playbook in December 2009. The most recent version of the study was released in September 2010 and was based on an August 2010 survey of more than 4,000 mobile subscribers who had reported downloading a mobile app in the previous 30 days.
This white paper summarizes some of the findings of the Nielsen App Playbook study
and was created for the first-ever AppNation Conference, held in San Francisco