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June 22, 2011

Top 10 Nations Having More than 50% Global Internet Users

Top 10 Countries by the Internet Users | WebHostingGeeks Infographics
 The List of Countries across the world who makes up for more than 50% of online users. This chart also depicts the Browsers use .Source: Web Hosting Geeks

June 12, 2011

Web Usage in Hong Kong : Top 5 Trends

Via Sources: World Development Indicators database; IANA: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority;

This chart from Statscounter clearly shows Facebook the " undisputed leader" in Social Media " Activity with almost 85% marketshare followed by Youtube and Stumbleupon

The most influential social networking site in Hong Kong is  Facebook. Hong Kong users have has grown to 3,700,320 users compare to 2,930,660 last year. Online Penetration is up 3.85% to 75.85% and Facebook users is up 10.19% to 52.19% compare to April 2010. The age group distribution didn’t change compare to last year at all.
This statscounter chart shows Google as the market leader with almost 50% Marketshare , followed by  Yahoo with 40% (  Yahoo seems to have done  well at HK  ) followed by Bing with less than 5% marketshare

June 11, 2011

Global Internet Traffic in 2015

RELIABLE data about internet traffic is hard to come by. One of the better sources is Cisco's annual Visual Networking Index, which was published on June 1st. Internet traffic, the world's biggest maker of networking gear predicts, will quadruple and reach 80.5 exabytes per month (80 exabytes would fill 20 billion DVDs) by 2015. That year, for the first time, Asia will generate more traffic (24.1 exabytes per month) than North America (22.3 exabytes per month)—although Amercia still beats China (6.9 versus 5.6 exabytes per month). Yet if traffic figures are divided by population, a somewhat different (and more meaningful) picture emerges: South Korea is and will be the world's most data-hungry country in Cisco's sample. Even Canada and France (and, by 2015, Britain) will consume more gigabytes per month per person than America. As for China, it drops down the list and will be overtaken by Brazil, but remains way ahead of India.