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February 23, 2012

August 31, 2011

State of Digital Ecosystem in Thailand: Mobile vs Internet

By the end of 2010,Thailand has a population of 67.5 million with a GDP per capita of USD 1,275. It is estimated that mobile telecoms spending is approximately 2% of GDP. As of December 2010, the total number of mobile subscribers reached 70.8 million, representing a penetration rate of 105% of the total population. This would be translated to a penetration rate of 75% with an estimated number of multiple SIMs of 25%.
There are five mobile operators in Thailand, four of which operate a GSM network(AIS,DTAC, True Move,TOT-3G) and one on a CDMA (Hutch-CAT) network. The top three major players (all GSM)command 98% of the total market share and all claim to have more than 80% population coverage nationwide.As of 2010, Thailand has 70.8 million mobile subscribers in total, a 105% penetration rate.

State of SmartPhones in Thailand
Smartphones account for 20% of Thailand's mobile internet in 2009. It is expected to take up to 33.2% of the market. With the soon-to-be ready 3G network and the surge of smartphone.

Internet Growth in Thailand

According to Internet World Stats, Thailand is ranked 10th in 2009 amongst Asia countries, in terms of number of Internet users. Compare to its population of over 66 million, Thailand has an Internet penetration rate of 26.3% with over 17 million Internet users in 2010).Thailand’s internet user population grew by 600% between 2000 and 2009. By 2009, more than 9.92% of all households in Thailand have broadband.

 % Population
Usage Source
12.6 %
24.4 %
26.3 %
Internet Usage and Population Statistics