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May 4, 2017

infographic on first chinese passenger jet comac c919

infographic on Chinese passenger jet c919

China has just built its largest commercial airliner since the defunct Shanghai Y-10. The made in china passenger jet comacC919 forms part of China's long-term goal to break Airbus and Boeing's duopoly, and is intended to compete against Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737 MAX, Bombardier CS300, Irkut MC-21, and other next-generation single-aisle airliners.The C919, regarded as China’s answer to the monopoly of Boeing and Airbus is expected to make its maiden flight on May 5,

The company intends to manufacture up to 2,300 aircraft of that type.The twin-engine C919 was can carry up to 158 passengers and has a range of 4,075 kilometers. A longer range version can fly up to 5,555 kilometers. COMAC has received 570 orders from 23 foreign and domestic customers, according to the Chinese media. However, the vast majority of orders is from local carriers. According to CNN, though the C919 is regarded as a home-made plane, many of the components are made in the US, France, and Germany. This includes the electrical system and landing gear, which are produced in the US by Honeywell International.The engines are designed by the US-French joint venture CFM International.Before China’s C919, only the US, Russia, Brazil, Canada, the UK, France, and Germany had developed large homegrown airliners.According to Airbus' 2016-2035 Global Market Forecast, Chinese airlines will need about 6,000 new jets worth $945 billion over the next two decades. China has a plan to overtake the US by 2030 as the world's largest commercial aviation market.

February 2, 2016

5 corporations whose profits depends on govt obligation

List of the 10 corporations whose profits are dependent upon Government Obligation-  InsideGov

Among the biggest industries that depends to a fair extent to government dole outs and obligations are the defence industry. In Lockheed Martin and Boeing  are among the  leaders  in this category whose profits and business revenue is related due to the  the undisputed government obligations.

Lockheed Martin builds weapon systems and the  fighter jets for the U.S. military, including the classic F-16 and newer F-35. According to latest data , F-35 jets can range from $148 million to $377 million — an average of $178 million per aircraft
Boeing builds Air Force One, the president’s personal, 4,000-square-foot aircraft. The U.S. Air Force has reportedly set aside $1.65 billion over the next four years to replace the two-plane Air Force One fleet, most of which will go straight to Boeing.

December 5, 2015

top 10 statistics and facts on jetblue airways

  • JetBlue fleet size 170
  • Total number of JetBlue employees 14,347
  • Jetblue Annual revenue (2012) $5,080,000,000
  • Total assets $7,070,000,000
  • Jetblue Historic highest stock price per share $27.06
  •  Historic lowest stock price per share $3.73
  • Jetblue lead the sector with a 21% rise in brand value to US$6.6 billion.
  • JetBlue was incorporated in Delaware in August 1998.
  • David Neeleman founded the company in February 1999, under the name "NewAir."
  • Several of JetBlue's executives, including Neeleman, are former Southwest Airlines employees.

June 11, 2015

the most unfriendly Airliner in the United States

Airlines with highest complaints"

The above list shows the top 10 airlines with the highest number of complaints  based on sample size of 100,000 complaints received

Spirit Airlines is US no 1  unfriendly airlines company with a complaint rater that is  almost 15 times more than the " airlines company with the least number of complaints.
Jetblue, Airtran, Skywest, Pinnacle are among those top 4 airlines wit the lowest number of compaints

May 13, 2015

Chart of the day :US Airline Passenger growth story

" US airline passenger growth story"

US Airline Passenger growth reach record levels since 2008

the latest data from the US Department of Transportation show that, on a rolling basis (year-over-year), monthly air passenger numbers on all airlines in the US have officially surpassed record levels last seen before the Great Recession. rankings
Around 841 million people flew on US and foreign carriers in the US (on domestic and international flights) between September 2014 and a year earlier. That beats the peak reached between March 2007 and March 2008, then the highest level recorded.

September 11, 2012

iPad is the first Tablet to be used in Aviation Industry

An IPad of Uses: Advancing the World of Business

American Airlines this month is expanding its iPad Electronic Flight Bag program, as 777 aircraft pilots begin using Apple's tablet during all phases of flight, helping to save an estimated $1.2 million per year on fuel costs.

The iPad is currently the only tablet approved by the FAA as an Electronic Flight Bag, and American Airlines is the first commercial carrier with FAA approval to use the iPad in all phases of flight, the company highlighted this week in a press release (via The Next Web). An Electronic Flight bag reduces or replaces paper-based reference materials and manuals usually kept in a pilot's carry-on kitbag. When stuffed with paper, those bags can way as much as 35 pounds.

Pilots with American Airlines will use mobile software and data from Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services. The FAA-approved Jeppesen application will replace paper operating manuals with real-time, up-to-date electronic information that will be easier for pilots to access.

The airline became the first commercial carrier to gain approval to use the iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag in June of 2011. And as of this month, American Airlines plans to use the iPad in all phases of flight.