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April 8, 2011

The Top 50 Indian Brands on Facebook

SocialBakers Top 50 Indian Brands On Facebook . The Above represents the fastest Growing Brands in India for the last 3 Months

April 2, 2011

UK Mobile Advertising Grows by 116%

New research from the IAB and PwC shows UK mobile advertising market grew 116% to £83 million in 2010

Mobile advertising grew by a  staggering 116% year on year growth (on a like for like basis), up from 32% growth in 2009. Advertisers spent £83 million on mobile advertising in 2010,

Research from Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC.  suggests that Smartphone adoption is among the many other facts that has led to this unprecedented growth.Entertainment and media has dominated the spend for the past couple of years, However other sectors like financial, telecom providers and consumer good brands  are increasingly spending more on Mobile.

Some other Insights are
  • Advertisers’ spend on search on mobile has nearly tripled from 2009, going up from £20.2 million to £54.9 million. 
  • Display advertising in the form of banner ads, text links, and tenancies experienced a rise of 62% to £23.7 million, from £14.6 million in 2009. 
  • The mobile format of pre-and post-roll adverts also experienced a rise of 492% to £1.1 million, up from £0.2 million in 2009, showing that the rich media opportunities that smartphones offer are being taken advantage of by advertisers.
  •  Banners and text links were up 62% year-on-year to £23.7 million (£14.6m in 2009).
  • Tenancies were up 18% year-on-year to £1.7m (£1.4m in 2009) and a market share of 2% (3.8% in 2009).
  • Pre- and Post-roll advertising was up 492% year-on-year to £1.1 million, (£0.2m in 2009) and a market share of 1.3% (0.5% in 2009).
  • Other formats - including display advertising within SMS / MMS - £1.6 million, up from £1.2 million in 2009, a growth of 32% year-on-year.